Topsy-Turvy Christmas Temps

Bummer! It’s two days before Christmas and there will be no white Christmas in Chicagoland, this year and the temperature will be above freezing. There’s not much snow north of here all the way to the Canadian border, either. Global warmening?

I called a good friend in Cali’s San Joaquin valley, today: turns out that their temperature right now is colder than here in Chicagoland. They are worried about pipes freezing at night.

I look at the weather maps and all the white Christmas weather appears to be south, in Texas and New Mexico. Even further south, the Aussies are suffering a record cold summer


So, what’s going on?

I know. Bush did it!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, everyone! May we all enjoy a happy, prosperous and very normal new year.


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  • Libby

    Sorry your Christmas won’t be white – we got 11 inches of the whites stuff in Denver yesterday.

  • 11B40


    I wintered over in northern Chicagoland (Waukegan, specifically) back in the early ’80s. It left me with two memories. First, the lawn went white in the first week of December and stayed that way until the end of March.
    Second, I was informed a number of times that I wasn’t really cold until my eyeballs were cold.

    Thus, my deportation to the San Francisco Bay area wasn’t a totally bad thing.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Libby, I used to live in the frontrange area. Chances are the snow could be gone in a week and you’ll be golfing again. I believe the only month that I was not snowed upon in Colorado was July. But I also remember balmy shirt-sleeve weather in January. Back then, they didn’t have much in the way of snow removal in Denver – they would just wait a few days for the snow to melt.

  • Bookworm

    Last night, Mr. Bookworm claimed that at 32 degrees, it had NEVER been colder here. He’s wrong. It has been. But it certainly is colder here than it’s been in a few years.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Maybe you should ask Mr. Bookworm how that global warming-thingey is coming along. ;-). 

  • jj

    Father in law lives in a golf community down the road.  (Not that he golfs, or cares in the least about golf.  But he does like that the place is maintained, the club-house has a heated pool and good food, and the “lawn” is pretty expansive – and mowed by someone else.)  Anyway, went over there a couple of days ago and the course was crowded.  We’re in the grips of an odd winter too – it should be chilly and rainy, especially in a la Nina year, and it’s been warm and may turn out to be the driest December on record.  We had a ton of snow – in the mountains – in November, very little since.  We talk to the gang back home on the New York/New  England axis, the ski areas are all closed,no snow on the ground anywhere, and it’s 60.
    You can play golf here most of the year, most years – but they usually don’t in Dec-Jan-Feb because it’s chillier than makes it comfortable.  This year they’re out there, whacking away.  The northwest coast is a climatological strange spot anyway, though.  There’s a small nursery down the road a half mile from the house that has a yard full of palm trees they grow for landscapers.  In town a pretty good Mexican restaurant, and the state liquor store both have landscaped with islands of palm trees n the parking lots.  There are palm trees all over town, and all over Seattle, too.  Given that we’re the best part of 600 miles north of New York, this seems odd.  (These are obviously not Royal Palms, Palm Beach or Beverly Hills type palms, more like the ones that grow in the Carolinas and Georgia – but they are most definitely palm trees.)  The roses out front have not yet decided to quit for the winter, they’re still making buds and blooms – and the neighborhood’s still feeding hummingbirds – all of whom are usually long gone by now.  At this point they’re here for the duration, dependent on the kindness of strangers to get them to the end of March.
    We never get white Christmases, but yes – an odd winter.   


    Odd winter – odd year and the next one will be somewhere between strange and bizarre (if we’re lucky).
    I guess you all saw the headlines today – Romney and Paul are the only two candidates that qualified for the Va. primary.  My understanding is that Virginia requires 10,000 signatures, but the GOP requires 15,000? Is this right? If so, do we actually have a choice, did we ever. I know lot of us held our noses in 2008.
    Gingrich, Perry, Bachmann, Huntsman, Santorum fail to qualify for VA ballot…

  • bizcor

    It is very mild in New Hampshire with temps in the 40’s. We got ever such a slight bit of snow yesterday. It is gone now. I am not a White Christmas fanatic so I don’t care but some folks here are disappointed. Honestly, these days I find the snow to be a pain in the neck. I could be quite happy having my Christmas breakfast in the shade of a palm tree.
    From what I have experienced during my winter visits to Colorado snow there doesn’t exactly melt it evaporates like dry ice. I love skiing in the Rockies because the snow there is like nowhere else.

    I have to go now…My daughter just surprised me with a visit from far far away….I can’t see past the mist…