Lynn Woolsey, unconstrained by reelection, lets loose, and it’s not pretty

There’s nothing like a Progressive who’s not worrying about reelection.  If you thought Barney Frank’s moobs were repellent, wait until you get a look inside Lynn Woolsey’s brain.  The 10-term House Democrat from Marin County is retiring this year, so she finally feels that she can speak freely.  It’s not pretty.

For example, we learn why Woolsey doesn’t like Michelle Bachmann, who holds, not just a JD, but an LL.M. from the prestigious William & Mary School of Law:

“[S]he’s an idiot,” Woolsey said. “It’s not very politic to say that of another member of Congress, but she is.”

As it happens, I’m not overly impressed with academic credentials, since I think they often train people away from decency, logic and common sense, but I feel obligated to point out here that Woolsey’s education consists of . . . well, it’s unclear.  According to Wikipedia, she attended a lot of schools, but doesn’t seem to have emerged with any discernible degrees.  That’s okay.  She clearly had enough education to lose her decency, logic and common sense anyway.

Woolsey doesn’t like Newt Gingrich either:

“He would be the worst president on earth.”

She does concede, though, that he’s got a brain, which would make him more dangerous than the “idiot” Michelle Bachmann.

The Tea Party crowd don’t fare well in Woolsey world, since she sees them as an impediment to saving the world from climate change (never mind that the climate change narrative is unraveling before Woolsey’s eyes):

“Half of them have never held an elected office in their lives; they don’t know nothing,” Woolsey said. “They don’t know why they’re against what they’re against. They don’t know what is happening to our environment. All they know is it’s not something they’re supposed to support.”

Poor Lynn.  She apparently missed the poll showing a wide-spread belief that Tea Party members are better informed than your average 10-term member of the House of Representatives.  I guess it’s axiomatic that the ill-informed are always the last to know to that particular truth about themselves.

Lynn may not like Tea Partiers, but she does love the Occupy crowd:

“I love the Occupiers,” Woolsey said. “They’re such a breath of fresh air for me. I’ve been waiting for them for a long time.”

There’s nothing like a gang of Apple computer toting, drug-taking, dirty, vomiting, defecating, raping, murderous thugs to excite an aging Progressive politician.

Interestingly, Woolsey is not a Barack Obama fan.  Not only is he too conservative for her (“He’s a moderate president. He’s not a progressive.”), she thinks he’s not a very nice person:

“He is kind of a cold, aloof guy.”

Back in 2008, she was rooting for Hillary, both because she thinks Hillary is a more principled Progressive than Obama (there’s a scary thought), but also because she thinks Hillary has the cajones Obama lacks.

Woosley, apparently, isn’t the only one who isn’t thrilled about Barry.  Although Woolsey was speaking to an “overwhelmingly liberal” crowd, I think she sensed a certain chill in the air when it came to Obama.  How else to explain the fact that she felt compelled to tell those in attendance that they must vote for him in 2012:

“Do not stay home,” she said. “Any one of those other people — we thought George Bush was a problem, huh.”

I wish I’d been at Woolsey’s talk.  Seeing the Progressive mind unfettered is kind of like wading in an old swamp.  It looks ugly and smells bad, but there are still interesting things swimming in the depths.

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  • JKB

    Never held an elected office?  Is that some kind of merit accomplishment?  Does that include the dog that was elected leader of, what was it, the Occupy Portland?

    And they have been waiting for the Occupiers for a long time.  It took generations to wipe out proper education in America and create a group who is no only ignorant but to self involved to know they are ignorant. 

    But then I support the Tea Party so according to Woolsey, I don’t know nothing.   

  • Charles Martel

    Woolsey is a life-long parasite, having drunk from the welfare cup along the way (not that a stint in Congress isn’t the ultimate welfare ride) and having never worked at a productive job in her life.
    This isn’t the first time she’s let the mask slip. A couple of years ago she was interviewed in the Pacific Sun, Marin’s reliably reactionary leftist weekly newspaper. In it, Woolsey said that most people don’t know what’s good for them and, by implication, that we should be thankful there are bright lights like her out there to show us the way.
    The woman is a brainless buffoon, which means that beyond blindly voting with the likes of Pelosi and Bawney Wectum, she hasn’t done any real damage. But waiting in the wings to succeed her are some real gems, folks with credentials (oooh!), and agendas, and vastly higher IQs.
    Think of Woolsey as Lara. Think of her successor as Strelnikov.

  • Spiff

    She must be a joy to be around at family functions. She sounds like a bitter old know-it-all who. God, liberals and progressives world view is just so skewed. It’s like they can’t even recognize that there is a differ t world view than theirs. And that just because people dont agree with their world view doesnt make them “idiots” and “morons”. Way to be a representative for everyone in your district… I guess she just represents the “progressives” ones. I mean she could at least pretend. Disgusting.

  • Ymarsakar

    Did anyone ever ask her what she thought of people like me?


  • Ymarsakar

    I disagree with Martel on her becoming a non issue after retirement. I think the Left does most of their damage in the shadows, out of the spotlight, as they march through the institutions. She will be given some task or role by the Leftist alliance, and the damage she does will be unconstrained by any committee or Constitutional ruleset.

    The most obvious threats from the Left are political: politicians in political office. But that is not the SOURCE of Leftist power. Something I think people are still having trouble understanding and accepting.


  • jj

    On the other hand, I find all this candor refreshing, and I have been indulging myself in refreshing candor with Barney Fart now for a month.  Now that he no longer has to be polite, since I pay him, neither do I: and the next letter his office receives from me to tell him precisely of what value I consider him to be to the congress, the United States of America, and the human race – will be the third.  (The plan is that ultimately there’ll be enough for me to publish a slim volume: Letters to A Walking Hemorrhoid, in time for next spring’s lists.)
    I am currently composing one – my first of what will likely be a series – to your local excrescence, who, through hard work and dedication has earned my attention almost as much as Mr. Fart.  She is far too tempting to ignore.  Among other things I have pointed out to her that her remark about Michelle Bachman is more than simply impolitic.  It is downright rude, to an extent that causes me to wonder in what barn she was raised, by what slattern of a mother, for whom the concept of “manners” was clearly a distant – and unattainable – city shining on a hill.
    The goal is to make the letters so impressively vituperative, yet mannered and impeccably expressed, that the staff bozo encountering them just has to pass them on.  (Daniel Patrick Moynihan told me years ago this is not as difficult as you might think.  All it really takes is literacy, which raises your output to a level well above the standard of the herd.)  Often enough remarks about one’s parentage – especially if true, as the evidence would indicate – will contribute positively to adding a few points to the blood pressure, with the goal of ultimately causing the head to explode.  But even if this does not happen in the case of your tower of ignorance Woolsey, I’ll enjoy myself trying.

  • Charles Martel

    Ymar, while it is true that many Demo congressional has beens are put to work as useful idiots once they reach pasture, you have to believe me that when I say (and Book would agree) that Lynn Woolsey is indisputably one of the stupidest women in public life today. The imagineers of the Democratic Party will be hard pressed to find anything this imbecile can do to help advance the leftist cause—unless, of course, they need a symbol of stupidity if they decide to lobby to have that condition become the latest victim category.  
    jj, the problem with your approach is that you use too many big, highfalutin words. Woolsey does not hire anybody who is smarter than she is, so the staff Bozo you refer to will not be able to make heads or tails of your insults.
    As for your fond expectation that your missives may cause Ms. Woolsey’s head to explode, you may very well succeed. Keep in mind, however, that said explosion will be very much like that of a dud firecracker. An empty head produces no entertaining spatter.  

  • Ymarsakar

    Well, you two would better know your own homegrown reps than I. I certainly make allowances for people’s personal experiences informing them on the truth of reality. Of course, at the same time I also make due consideration based upon personal biases against her precisely because she is too “close for home”.

  • bizcor

    Ymarsakar what part of the country do you live in? Where from originally? Just curious.

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  • Ymarsakar

    I’m in Georgia and I’ve been here for almost 2 decades. California and New York aren’t just far away, they’re a different culture entirely. That’s what people normally call having different accents, at least. In China, they even had two different dialects for the spoken language, and neither one was compatible with the other. But that’s because back then in 500 BC, China didn’t have the internet and video casting: or podcasting.