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  • gpc31

    Re: Obama cuts military spending by $487 billion over 10 years, a cut of about 8% according to the WSJ.

    I fear that those are REAL cuts as opposed to NOMINAL Washington “cuts”, i.e. reductions in the rate of announced spending growth.

    1) Open Question:  Can anybody verify that they are real cuts?  If so…

    2) Rhetorical Question, delivered with resignation:  Why are real military cuts described as leading to a “leaner”, more “efficient” military that does not compromise the mission, WHEREAS merely slowing the rate of growth of entitlement spending is denounced as draconian spending cuts?

    3) Rhetorical Question II, delivered with real outrage:  How come the entitlements don’t extend to those who most deserve it, the men and women of our Armed Services?  From another WSJ article at  Opening quote:

    “This holiday season, the Air Force has “separated” (that is, fired) 157 officers on the eve of their retirement, including pilots flying dangerous missions, to avoid paying their pensions. According to Department of Defense Instructions, those within six years of their 20-year retirement (with no disciplinary blemishes on their record) have the option to remain in service. Nevertheless, the Air Force is committing terminations of airmen a few years away from retirement en masse, citing budget constraints.”

    4) Finally, an Observation:  Even apart from Obama’s socialism, these cuts were perfectly predictable from an historical perspective.  Niall Ferguson gave a brilliant overview in May 2010 entitled “Fiscal Crises and Imperial Collapses”.  See

     Thank you.  I will now step off my soapbox.

  • Ymarsakar

    I told you guys he was going to cut the military to the bone and reroute the money to his goons, his own pockets, and his lackey’s bank accounts.

  • Ymarsakar

    When you lose so many experienced people from the payrolls, they are going to flood the markets and cut out the jobs lower qualified people will have, pushing unemployment, real one, up. After 4 years, you will find that the next time you need to win a war, there won’t be anyone around who knows a thing about actually fighting, because you fired their REPLACEMENTS years ago.

    Intentional, engineered, collapse, chaos, destruction, and crisis, producing glorified Leftist power and unmitigated wealth (for them). This is what happens when you don’t kill evil.