Bully, meet Victim. Or, the two-sided story of sexual slavery in Great Britain

The British are starting to wake up to a problem in the Midlands and in Yorkshire.  Pakistani men are cultivating and pimping non-Pakistani British girls.  This video explains more:

Hat tip:  FrontPage Magazine

This problem has been obvious to many of us who have followed blogs that Chronicle the way in which Muslim men view the European around them.  Because the women go about unveiled and unescorted, the Muslim men automatically view them as prostitutes, and then treat them accordingly.  Wait, that’s not true.  One can treat prostitutes “accordingly” simply by paying them for sex.  These Muslim men treat them abusively (raping, acid attacks, murder, pimping, etc.), and then justifying it by claiming that, owing to their attire, the women deserve what happened to them.  It’s classic abuser conduct, carried out on a vast and brutal culture scale.

That’s the problem with the Muslim side of the equation.

The video above, though, hints at a reality few what to acknowledge — bullies don’t exist in a vacuum.  I remember reading aeons ago that someone, observing schoolyard activity, noticed that it wasn’t always the bullies who sought out the victims.  Sometimes, the victims gravitated to the bullies.  It doesn’t mean anyone deserves to be or is asking to be a victim.  It does mean, however, that sometimes there can be a complex dynamic between bully and victim that goes beyond the garden-variety situation in which a predator randomly seeks out prey.

Beginning at 2:55, Former Labour Home Secretary and current Blackburn MP Jack Straw starts a very laborious analysis of the problem.  Both as a matter of decency and a matter of fact, he tries not to implicate the entire Pakistani community, even though he admits that there is a significant segment of men within the Pakistani community that views non-Pakistan British girls as legitimate prey for their sexual desires and appropriate fodder for their prostitution business.  But the key language shows up at 3:50.  There, Straw says the following:

These young men are in a Western society.  In any event, they are like any other young men; they are fizzing and popping with testosterone.  They want some outlet for that, but Pakistani-heritage girls are off-limits and they are expected to marry a Pakistani girl from Pakistan typically, so they then seek other avenues, and they see these young women, white girls who are vulnerable, some of them in care, who for sure and [sic] are not being subject to normal parental support, who they think are easy meat.  (Emphasis added.)

“Some of them in care” and “are not being subject to normal parental support” are both polite ways of stating that, while Pakistani girls may be over-protected by Western standards, white British girls are being under-protected by any standards.  I’m too lazy to find links now, but if you’re not as lazy as I am, you’ll be able to confirm that, in England, women are drinking more, drugging more, having children out-of-wedlock more, sleeping around more, etc.  More than what?  More than before and more than in most other Western countries.  They “are not being subject to normal parental support,” and they are raising second and third generations of girls who also “are not being subject to normal parental support.”  The Pakistani men in England may be plucking this fruit, but the politically correct, morality free, socialist English society is growing it.



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  • LSBeene

    It is verboten to say this in our PC society, but often victims DO seek out individuals whose behavior they have come to expect.

    People who witness and / or experience DV (Domestic Violence) growing up have it normalized in their minds and often seek it out, do it themselves, or it’s mutual in their relationships.  Some people who experience or see it learn that it is wrong and do not seek it out or commit it.

    These girls, many who grow up in fatherless homes, seek out male approval, even if by a purely sexual expression.

    Again, and this must always be said, these girls do not deserve this, nor truly understand what they getting involved in, but due to PC influences (don’t “blame the victim”) we often cannot address that part of the problem.

    Also, on a side note – often (I just saw the AWESOME movie “Courageous”) fatherlessness is laid squarely at the feet of ONLY men.  I grew up without my bio-father due to an acrimonious divorce whereby my mother kept me from any contact from my father as a way to hurt him, discounting entirely what this did to me.

    We condemn absentee fathers, as we should, but never seem to want to in any way in our society blame mothers for anything.  A man walks away from his child he’s a cad – a woman walks away from her child it’s called “safe haven” laws or adoption.  In many other cases single mothers, often the product of single mother homes themselves, grew up thinking this was a norm.

    Parents need both children, but woe-betide the person who argues about our feminist courts, dare to bring up both genders in our child rearing problems, or tries to make a balanced approach in laws or policy.

    Also – due to our PC culture, and Britain is in far worse shape vis a vis PCism, pointing out that immigrants, and (shudder) muslim immigrants, are causing huge harm to anyone is often met with crimes of “Islamaphobia” and/or “racism”.

    It’s sick – people are literally willing to sacrifice the mental, emtional, physical, & legal health (these girls end up with a record) of CHILDREN on the alter of an ideology and to pander to their utopian multi-cultural dream-world-in-the-making.

    I’m glad this topic is being addressed – but, it seems we constantly address the symptoms and not the root.  The PC ideology is deeply rooted in the Marxist ideology of tearing down the dominant culture so as to replace it with their utopian dream.

    That ideology killed almost as many people IN-PEACE-TIME in the last century than all our wars combined.


  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    Careful, BW….the next thing you’re going to be saying, to college girls who get boozed up to the point that they haven’t any real clue what’s going on, that the solution to the problem is to avoid getting blotto!
    How Un-PC of you!!

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    I’d just kill them. I prefer my solution. It’s quicker. It’s more efficient. It produces more good and ends evil sooner. The only thing is, it require something called guts and will to do. And that’s something sorely missing in Leftist controlled Britain at the moment. Here in the US as well. Where evil rules supreme, yet will you never find strength of character or will.

     Leftist strategy requires the break up of the family. It’s not due to PC  that the courts are ruling unwisely. It is actually intentional and PC is just one of the “methods” they use to achieve their ultimate goals.

     If you offered to extend the vitality and life of a Leftist by 50 years past their normal expiration date, but the cost was harvesting organs from weak and ignorant third world individuals, the Left would only have one answer for you. “How much do I have to pay to make it look like I’m innocent and my opponent is harvesting organs illegally”.