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I’m very suspicious of “studies.”  As a liberal, I was ready to trust anything that came out of academia.  As a conservative, I’m suspicious of academia, because I know it’s more interested in specific outcomes than in the scientific method.  A good example of this is a survey that was sent around to Marin County women about a decade ago, based upon the statistical fact that Marin County women have a higher than average incidence of breast cancer.  Putting aside the fact that we have a substantial population of very elderly ladies (who are prone to breast cancer) and a lot wealth (meaning the cancer can be caught), one would think the survey would have looked into types of birth control, age of first pregnancy, number (if any) of abortions, breast-feeding history, etc.  It didn’t.  It asked about bacon and power lines.  I threw it away.  My daughter is in a study about how young girls grow.  They want to know about the number of chairs with cushions in our home.  I can think of more useful questions to ask.

There are definitely experts out there, but they’re really not in the colleges.  They’re working in the real world, amassing real information.  Which is all the more reason for us to be very worried about the way the Obama White House is morphing into Thomas Friedman’s wet dream:  an all-powerful entity that uses a small number of academic experts to control America.  His is the anti-democratic presidency.

Changing topics entirely, I’d never heard of Gregg Popovich before today, but I know about him now because he’s just joined the ranks of famous Americans who feel that it is incumbent upon them to insult the Americans who write their paychecks. I might not have noticed this bit of foolishness if it hadn’t fault on the heels of a virtually identical insult from Glenn Close.  My first thought was, “Glenn, why are you offending ticket buyers?”  My second thought was, “Oh, never mind.  You don’t have a career.”  (Of course, when she said we average Americans have the IQs of newts, maybe she was comparing all of us to the brilliant Newt Gingrich, in which case she’s forgiven.)

Speaking of Newt, this is why we like him:

Erick Erickson, of Red State, says Santorum is a big government social conservative, which jives with everything else I’ve read about him.  That’s the reverse of what I think is necessary in the White House and electable in the polling places.  Except for the fact that Quinn Hillyer at National Review says Santorum is also a true conservative who isn’t a big government guy, but respects individual freedom.  Two smart writers, two completely opposing views — what’s a voter to do?

I just want to say that I really, really like Tim Tebow.  I can’t help myself.  I just do.

We knew this, but now it’s in writing from a sycophant:  Obama is subordinate to his wife and doesn’t like the job he fights for so viciously.  Oh, goody.  Just what we need in the White House.


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  • Danny Lemieux

    Michelle “Mooch” Obama is a Chicago Entitlement Princess who learned to live rich on other people’s money. Unfortunately, there are far too many of these nouveaux-riches declassees in the Chicagoland area that define society’s standards down.

  • jj

    I always enjoy those sorts of studies, though.  I generally respond to stuff like that by answering that I live beneath a power line, and consume between 4 and 6 lbs of bacon a day, with orange juice in the morning, gin at lunch and dinner, and that’s my entire diet.  Except I have to put a lot of salt on the bacon.
    Back in my school days we had a gym teacher who was in pursuit of a Masters in something or other, and as part of this, for two years running we were put through a battery of physical tests every fall and spring, to measure progress.  Sit-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, snot pull, all the usual stuff.  He would meticulously enter the information garnered into color-coded charts and graphs, complete with footnotes and cross-references, which, if it didn’t earn him a Presidential Citation, would at least get him a couple of credits closer.  So, naturally, a couple of us – at my instigation, naturally, how could you suppose otherwise? – were always very careful to do worse in the spring tests than we’d done in the fall, just to louse up the statistics.
    I very rarely agree with Glenn Close, though she was a neighbor in both Westchester in New York, and when I was staying in the Pacific Palisades in LA.  But at this point I’m hard put to it not to agree.  I take a look at what’s in the senate, and what’s in the white house, and I suspect newts might be an overestimation.  By comparison with the American electorate, newts come out looking pretty smart.

  • Old Buckeye

    FWIW, Rush tried to debunk that meme about Santorum being a Big Govt. conservative by saying the Big Govt. he’s interested in is the one that does well what it’s supposed to as outlined in the Constitution: defend our borders, defend life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, etc. Not a Big Govt. welfare state guy.

  • Libby

    Glenn Close’s remark “…the average American tourist has the same IQ as a Newt” is a twofer because she managed to insult Newt and Americans – way to go, Glenn. 
    As for Popovitch:”Like we’re the cultured ones? Are you serious? Have you watched TV lately? Have you seen what Americans do?” Why is it that we’re always held accountable for the cr*p that Hollywood puts out in movies and TV? Last I read we weren’t buying tickets to movies (or watching as much TV) & Hollywood was depending more on overseas revenue (such as places like Spain, perhaps?). Maybe we’re rejecting their product because there are so many jerks in the industry like Glenn Close making products that insult our intelligence as well as our way of life.
    I’m am loving Tebow, too! It’s a fun time to be a Broncos fan.

  • bizcor

    I was rooting for Tim all season. Yesterday was the cherry on top. Denver wasn;t supposed to win that game. Judging from what I have been seeing on twitter today everybody but Steeler Fans were rooting for Tebow. Next week he come to New England to take on the Patriots and I suspect that eveybody but New England Fans will be rooting for him too. Beating the Patriots will be a daunting task at least on paper but on any given Sunday….

  • Indigo Red

    I’m highly selective in the studies I will believe and live by. Amongst my favorites is one that concludes that chocolate saves lives and another that revealed a breakfast of bacon, sausage, and eggs is far better for body and mind than cereals, pancakes, waffles, or even fruits.

    Like everyone else, I like studies that agree with me. 

  • Earl

    GO TIM TEBOW!!  What’s not to like?
    Newt Gingrich’s growing attacks on Romney for his quintessential capitalist activities at Bain Capital are making me mad….I’m liking Romney more and Newt less over this.  Newt is sounding like a flaming leftist and I don’t think that’s a legitimate way to win the primary.
    If Romney promised to run with Marco Rubio in the fall, I’d give serious consideration to getting on the bandwagon at this point.

  • Charles Martel

    There is such great irony here. I do some writing for a magazine directed at people who have diabetes. Along the way I’ve become familiar with the controversies in that vast community of people, number one of which is whether diabetics are served well by recommendations that they eat low-fat diets. To put it in a nutshell, diabetes is a metabolic disease where carbohydrates are the enemy. Yet the professional (academic) organizations in the field call for diabetics to eat a lot of carbs, on the assumption that fat is bad and you can always smother the carbs with insulin.
    Well, the conventional wisdom about fat is taking a huge beating. New studies coming out are unraveling the “fat is bad” meme that we’ve all been fed over the past 40 or 50 years is flat-out wrong. What’s bad is carbs, which goad to body into producing more insulin, and more insulin is the prime cause of fat accumulation. More fat = tissue inflammation, as in cardiovascular problems. 
    So when Indigo Red says that he likes the study that favors bacon, sausage, and eggs over cereal, pancakes, and muffins, he’s in the best of two worlds: The world of fact, where the study he cites is telling the truth, and the world of mirth, where his unconventional take on things may seem funny now but someday will have everybody soberly nodding their heads in agreement.

  • Ymarsakar

    Fat is the energy stored for use later. Stored fat is actually very pure in terms of toxins because the liver has already run it through. Carbohydrates are for endurance runners and people who always have a heartbeat in excess of 120 in their lives. If you are sitting at a desk all day, however, then you don’t need carbs. Protein is for body builders or anyone who uses and over stresses muscle. It allows the build up and reinforcement of muscle, which is why when meat was rationed in Asia, every Asian you meet is short and small but their sons and daughters raised on an American diet are 4-8 inches taller for some reason.

     Most people don’t exercise their core or use deep breathing compression techniques that increase hormone generation (hormones are like catalysts, they make burning up fat and protein easier), so whenever they get fat, they can’t use it up, they get low energy, they rely on coffee, and thus it keeps building. Sometimes their metabolisms are forever set on “winter starvation”, such as obesity. Once a survival method, over eating, now a short way to kill yourself.

     A fundamental of Qi Gong, Chinese energy manipulation, is the ability to super charge the body with lungs of oxygen, allowing the over production of energy via the metabolization of glucose. By manually forcing the body to use up fat for energy, you get power, longevity, health, vitality, energy, and a decrease in fat cells around the old tummy.

    The center of gravity is the guts. That is where power comes from. Because your abs are basically muscles overlaid over fat, and this layer repeats itself a few times. If you have ever seen someone get cut in the love handles and the blood cleaned up, you can easily see the “fascia” in medical speak. Deep breathing forces the lungs to expand from the diaphram, which forces the inner core of the abs to expand, then focused tightening expels the air and pushes CO2 out along the external surface of the body, where veins are. It’s why people often have to breathe in deep before they do sustained work such as opening jars or pushing cars. If they don’t get that air, they will run out very quickly. Qi Gong are breathing methods practiced over thousands of years, to force the body to metabolize energy and unlock stored fat. Martial Artists normally use it to sustain and project power. Religions normally use it as the path to inspiration and enlightenment. Doctors used it to heal and increase longevity in an age without modern Western medicine.

    The Left, like usual, tried to hijack the whole “Eastern” chi thing, thus rendering it incomprehensible from a Western stand point. That’s why I went back to the source, which is in the East, not the West, for direct translations of documents. The Left can corrupt everything it touches. Thus it’s not surprising there was more to a subject than they were able to understand. It’s part of the reason why Westerners have yet to accept Eastern interpretations. It’s been confused with “feel good” stuff and has been discredited by those Westerners focused on practical thinking. Westerners trust logic more than emotions. And those Westerners that base their decisions on emotion, call themselves the “Left” or the “reality based community”.  Basically a cult.


  • Jose

    I tend to agree with Gregg Popovich and Glenn Close, although I’ve never heard of him, and I’m not a fan of hers.  We have Americans shooting each other over Nikes, and signing petitions to stop women’s suffrage.  Just look at our voting record. 
    I recall bewildered English friends whose American guests quickly tired of “old castles and stuff” and ended up staying in and playing video games.  
    Interesting comments on carbohydrates.  My personal experience is that controlling cholesterol is easier than controlling blood sugar.

  • suek

    >>Marco Rubio>>

    Can’t. Marco isn’t natural born – his parents didn’t become citizens until he was 4 years old. Ditto Jindal (maybe different ages, same issue).

    They may have ignored it with Obama, you can bet they’d wait till he was in the final days of campaigning – or even having won the election – and then raise the issue to either blow up the election or deny him the VP. (What would happen if the House of Representatives wouldn’t confirm the election? Has such a thing ever happened? If there was a Romney/Rubio ticket, and Rubio was found to be ineligible, what would happen? would Romney still be President, but have to name a new VP? Would the ticket be declared void? If so, then what? We should definitely avoid the issue, but it does lead one to interesting speculations!)

    Do not step in this trap! No matter how tempting!