While the cowboy’s away, the scary mice will play

Yes, that’s a wildly mixed, virtually unintelligible metaphor in my post title, but I can actually explain it.  Iran is pranking the U.S.  Considering the way in which we were assured that an Obama in the White House would inaugurate a new era of foreign policy, what the Iranians are doing is funny, but it’s also terribly frightening.  One of the good things about George Bush’s presidency was that, even though he wasn’t really a cowboy, the bad guys thought he was, and that kept them in line.  Now they know that America is under the control, not of a paper tiger, but of a paper cat, so these wacky, nuclear-armed mice are out to play.  No good will come of this.

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  • MacG

    For some reason I thought of this form our buddies at Monty Python  May we have our drone back? Pbbleeease?

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Cats are still apex predators. Obama’s more of a snake, except even a snake has fangs and can bite or choke people. Obama can’t even choke an aluminum beer can.