Yes, I have gotten more commercial lately

One of my new year’s resolutions was to try to make more money from my writing.  If I don’t start seeing some money coming in soon, there’s really no way I can justify pouring so much time and energy into my writing.  Instead, I’ll have to start trying to build up my legal work again, work that’s been pretty much dormant since the recession hit.  The problem is that I love writing and that, when it comes to legal work, if I never do it again it’ll be too soon.

With that resolution in mind, I’m starting the process of making money be commercializing my blog more than I ever have or wanted to.  In addition to the usual plea for direct donations through PayPal that’s been living in the sidebar for years, I’ve also added several advertisements to the side bar and, as you all know, some wacky highlighted terms to the text.  I hope that they’re not too irritating, but they’re definitely an experiment that I want and need to make now.

Just a few more words on the subject, and then I’m done:

1.  If an ad intrigues you, please click on it. Otherwise, ignore the ads.  If they’re not intriguing you, they’re either not good ads or not good (or interesting) products.

2.  The Amazon widget is not random the way the Google and highlighted term ads are.  As to the latter, I have no control over the products advertised.  In the Amazon widget, however, you’ll see actual products I’ve used, like, and feel I can recommend.  As to each product, I’ve added a few words explaining why I like it.

3.  If you’re planning on making an Amazon purchase anyway, not of something I’ve recommended, but just of anything, consider getting to Amazon by linking through my widget.  I’m not certain, but I understand that, if you enter the Amazon portal through my widget, I get a very small percentage on anything you buy.  Incidentally, that doesn’t mean I see what you buy or know who you are.  All I know is that a few pennies come my way.

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  • kali

    Book, this blog entry by Dean Wesley Smith is probably the most blunt and practical advice on indie writing out there:
    The core of his argument is that writers must look on writing as a long-term endeavor. To make a reasonable return requires regular investment (ie, new writing) and patience. If you need income now, yes, you need that day job. But you have an incredible backlog of good writing with this blog, and rather than start a large project such as a new book (which can eat your brain) think about putting up articles and pricing them cheaply–for example, as Kindle Singles.

  • Bookworm

    Kindle singles? Kali, that’s a brilliant idea!!  I will definitely explore that, although I won’t give up on the book I’m writing now, because it definitely comes from a part of my brain that’s been yearning to get onto paper (or e-paper, I guess).

  • Ymarsakar

    The way to get income is to build a larger audience. Most of your work should be in self advertisement, and let the ads… advertise passively for themselves. They don’t advertise you, for example. They’re not building you a greater market segment, for example.