With the 2012 election heating up, it must be “cry racism” season again

Despite the fact that Republicans are currently busy working the circular firing squad, making outside efforts to destroy them somewhat redundant, the Progressives/Democrats/Media/Usual Suspects aren’t taking any chances about the November 2012 election and have already brought out the big gun:  They’re crying racism.

The racism claim that got the biggest headline this week is the study that purports to show that conservatism, racism and stupidity are a package deal.  If you’re conservative, you must be racist and stupid.  If you’re stupid, you must be racist and conservative.  And if you’re racist, you must be stupid and conservative.

Cedric the Entertainer — well known racist (and idiot and conservative?)

Hold in your mind for a second that last thought:  If you’re racist, you must be stupid and conservative.  Racism, of course, means to hold a negative belief about someone, or to insult someone, based solely upon their race (although I’ll have more on that definition in a minute).  That being the case, how do the usual suspects account for the fact that Cedric the Entertainer, that noted Progressive, launched a foul mouthed attack against a black woman — which focuses solely, and negatively, upon her race, a race that happens to be African American?  And no, as is so often the case when I’m talking about lunacy from the Left, I’m not kidding.  As John Nolte says

Crystal Wright is an accomplished commentator and writer who holds a  Masters from Georgetown. But she just happens to be black and female and Republican, so therefore …. this gets fired out to nearly a quarter of a million people:

African-Americans, especially African-American women, pay a very high price for stepping off the Progressive plantation.

It’s going to get worse, too, before it gets better, and that’s because the Left is now taking the Orwellian position of remove race from racism entirely, so as to ensure that all conservative words or acts can be properly castigated as racist, justifying ostracism, insults and reeducation.  Incidentally, I understand that the preceding sentence makes no sense, but that’s not my fault.  When Newspeak controls the discourse, the issue isn’t sense, but censorship or, more specifically, getting conservatives to shut up:

Color Blind Racism” was the title of a recent article in the Henry Louis Gates, Jr. on-line publication, The Root.  Henry Louis Gates, Jr. last appeared on this blog for his outrageous charge of racism against a policeman for following protocol, and The Root was last mentioned on this blog for its list of blacks whom they would like to see erased from history.  The list was a who’s who of murders, cannibals and despicable people, and included both Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and right wing black politician Alan Keyes.

So what is “color blind racism?”  According to The Root, it is “a racial ideology that expresses itself in seemingly nonracial terms. As such, it is most practiced by people who never see themselves outside their own myopic worldview. ”  What that means in practice is a redefinition of racism from its actual meaning, a belief that a particular race is inherently inferior, into a wholly new arena, where, mirabile dictu, criticism directed towards blacks, and indeed, the mere mention of any inconvenient fact, is inherently racist.  The “Orwellian term, ‘color blind racism.'” is, as James Taranto at the WSJ describes it, “the pithiest summation we’ve ever encountered of the absurdity of contemporary left-liberal racial dogma.”

Read the rest here, so that you can fully understand the brave new world in which you are about to live.  George Orwell wouldn’t have been proud — since what he feared has come to pass — but Big Brother would have been very proud indeed.

No more smiles from George Orwell in our Newspeak world
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  • MacG

    “As such, it is most practiced by people who never see themselves outside their own myopic worldview.”
    Seems that this would fit anyone that identifies as a minority (a fraction of the whole).

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  • jj

    I’ve often wondered who finds Cedric entertaining.

  • Libby

    Color Blind Racism = We decide what’s racism, even when it’s identified by “dog whistles’ known only to the accuser or the redefinition of racist-sounding words & phrases (e.g. niggardly) as “racist”.
    Along with a rise in racism charges, it’s looking like we’re going to be inundated with stories on how much racism and disadvantage our first family has had to overcome. Here’s Michelle lamenting her disadvataged life:
    ‘I mean, growing up the way that I did — kid from the South Side (of Chicago), going to public schools — the more my career developed, I realized how much I didn’t see, how little exposure I had to opportunities.’

  • Mike Devx

    The redefinition of racism will be crucial to the liberals in stopping the advancement of Col. Allen West’s political career.

    The media must buy in, the educational elite must buy in.  Then it will permeate our American culture.  Then the media will set the tone that defines Col. Allen West – a black man – as a racist.  Because the groundwork will have effectively been laid, all kinds of people will nod, claiming that somehow “it makes sense”.  That is because of this effort, by which they will have been culturally programmed to accept.

    It will work against all black conservatives, actually.

  • Wolf Howling

    Book:  Nice post and thanks so much for the link.

    Mike:  It would appear that the leader of the Republican redistricting effort in Florida (who is also Romney’s spokesman in Fla.), Will Weatherford has apparently agreed with the left to redistrict West, for all intents and purposes, out of existence.  See http://legalinsurrection.com/2012/01/allen-west-being-redistricted-out-of-existence-in-effort-led-by-romney-florida-spokesman/

    At this point, I am seeing a split in the Republican Party that I’ve never before seen in my lifetime.  It would seem that many of those holding power and many of what passes as right wing pundits do not have the best interests of conservatives at heart.  The decision to redistrict West out of his position is so fundamentally antithetical to the interests of the Republican Party as a whole, I just sit in pure horror.  I am very pretty much done with the Republican Party at this point.  I will support them for strategic reasons in 2012 and thereafter, but the Tea Party really needs to start looking at running third party candidates at the local level to build up a base from which to challenge the Republican party thereafter.  This is not the party of Reagan.  It is once again the power of Rockefeller. 

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of racism.

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