Double paying in Britain for health care

When I lived in England, those who could afford to escape from government medicine by paying twice did so.  I addition to their high taxes, they bought a private insurance that I remember rejoiced in the name BUPA.  Things haven’t changed.  I don’t know why I’m on the mailing list, but I just got this announcement in today’s email:

NHS Waiting Lists Soar by 50% in the Last Year !!

Can you afford to be without Health Insurance ??

With the NHS waiting lists out of control, it’s no surprise millions of UK residents are protecting themselves with medical cover.

Premiums have dropped dramatically in recent years and are now at an all time low due to increased competition.

There are more providers and more plans available which has had an impact on price. Providers also offer more flexible underwriting terms which means helps people switch even if they have pre-existing conditions.

For many people, medical insurance may seem like a luxury that they just cannot afford to have. The reality is that medical insurance is a necessity that they cannot afford to live without.

Whether you have still not yet taken out Medical Cover, or wish to review an old one – let us do the hard work for you and compare the leading providers for you.

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We’re actually all familiar with this situation. Everyone pays for public schools. Thanks to unions, though, even the best public schools indoctrinate as much as they teach. The worst public schools are dangerous slums where children learn basic survival skills. Parents who want out, in addition to paying high taxes, also end up paying tuition for private schools. Poor parents, of course, are trapped, and beg for vouchers, which their elite Democrat masters deny them. (And yet they still vote Democrat. Go figure.)

Socialized anything is low-quality, crowded anything. Only the rich, who can afford to double pay, escape.

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  • jj

    Isn’t it amazing that even in poor, benighted Britain, the last shreds of private enterprise have – perhaps with their last breath – recognized that prices go down owing to competition!  Of course, being illiterate products of British public education, they didn’t say it was owing to competition, which would be English;  they naturally said it was due to that – but they did make the connection between competition and price pressure.  Which is more than our geniuses seem to be able to do.  Want to lower the costs of health insurance, thereby making it more affordable?  Spend nine seconds signing your name, Mr. Jug-ears – or however long it takes you, you being a Harvard law graduate and all –  to an executive order knocking down the state barriers and allowing every health insurer to do business in every state.  Interstate commerce, something the federal government actually does have some power to address.  Prices would be cut in half overnight!  Wow!  And somebody other than you and your toadies would think you’re half bright! 

  • Earl

    “Socialized anything is low-quality, crowded anything. Only the rich, who can afford to double pay, escape.”
    But, it’s not “only the rich” who escape……..Catholic schools have all kinds of programs for poor kids, even where there are no vouchers to pay for them.  They actually offer (gasp) “charity”. 
    My own church does the same in most of its schools….and my home (while growing up) church in Ukiah, California still runs a “Temple Plan” where the K-10 school is funded completely out of church expense (“educating the church’s children”) and there is NO tuition.  Children of local church members attend for free – there is a charge for non-members, and several attend because it’s a good school and worth the money. 
    Anyhow, my point is that private schools are NOT the mean-spirited ogres turning away poor kids that the public school teachers’ unions want you to believe.
    The same thing happens with health-care….the hospital my grandfather founded in Penang, Malaysia still honors my grandpa’s promise, written in four languages on the outside of every clinic and hospital he established:  “Poor Treated Free”.  They’re doing open-heart surgery on impoverished little kids from Malaysia, as well as from four or five surrounding countries in my Papa’s hospital….today.  Despite the fact that government hospitals are available where poor people can get “free” care.
    What I’m saying is that it’s not true that if the government doesn’t take money from some people to do nice things for others that the poor aren’t going to be served.  Yes, people will fall through the cracks in a private system of charity — and that is different from the government’s system, how?

  • Danny Lemieux

    I suppose that, if Obamacare takes hold, there will be an explosion of private clinics across the border or in the Caribbean, catering to wealthy Democrats and other select members of the ruling classes.