Eric Allen Bell: Once blind about radical Islam and the Left, but now he sees *UPDATED*

Eric Allen Bell, a former Daily Kos contributor and an independent filmmaker for Left-leaning outlets, had an epiphany recently:  Islam is not a nice religion.  Indeed, it’s a very un-nice religion, one that sees the embodiment of human perfection in a child-raping, misogynistic, antisemitic crime lord.  When he tried to share that epiphany with the liberals who made up his work and personal life, he was blackballed, maligned, and threatened.  He writes about his experiences here.

Bell’s essay is an important one, because it shows that, armed with information, people can change their minds.  However, it’s also a depressing essay because it shows that the Left is bound and determined to keep that information away from the American public.

In that same depressing vein, if you haven’t already read the Daily Caller expose showing how Media Matters (very successfully) works closely with the Obama White House to provide talking points for the mainstream media, you should.  Again, it’s a reminder that, in an information age, lies are precisely as mobile and far-reaching as the truth — more so, in fact, when the liars control the White House, the Media, and the educational institutions.

I frequently remind myself that a conspiracy theorist is someone who takes the absence of evidence as proof of something.  We in the new media are not conspiracy theorists.  We are truth-miners and truth-spreaders.  We don’t need to make up things or weave fragile stories made up of unrelated, and often imaginary, “facts”.  Instead, our responsibility, as Eric Bell has discovered, is simply to break down the media filter between their artificial reality and the facts on the ground.

Troops, we’ve got a fight ahead of us.  A tough fight, but a good one.  Our weapons in this good war are facts, truth, and words.  There are times when we’ll want to give up, but Eric Bell’s story reminds us that the truth can set people free.  Even if we can only achieve victory one person at a time, we still have to fight that fight.

UPDATED:  And since I mentioned the Media Matters expose, here’s another post about David Brock,

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  • jj

    “Armed with information people can change their mind”?  So – who’s unarmed?  Who doesn’t have the information?  It’s not ignorance, and it’s not an accident: you have to be complicit about Islam.  Everybody knows its origins – the information’s out there, everywhere.  Everybody knows what it’s really about, and everybody knows what Mo was really about.  You’re only ignorant about this because you want to be.  I don’t know who hit Eric Bell – whoever he is – over the head, but he didn’t find out anything about Islam he couldn’t have found out a century ago, from readily available sources.  Ignorance is not an excuse.  I mean, welcome to the real world, Bell, but you’re going to have make an effort to keep your head out in future, okay?

  • bizcor

    I read Bell’s piece in Front Page… Now he knows about the spin for Islam perhaps he should look into the Media Matters Story… It is a beautiful thing to see a liberal as they go through “the change”.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Eric Allen Bell is just experiencing the baby steps of his great awakening. It’s a nice start, but he still has a long, long way to go. Innocence lost. 

  • Charles Martel

    My liberal mind, which is like malaria in that it occasionally flares up, tells me this: How can we be bothered by the presence of a few peaceful brown-skinned Muslims, victims of racism and Fear of the Other, when there are millions of  white Jaysuzz freaks in the hills and hollers just a waitin’ to sweep down and unshod every woman in America, kill gays, burn libraries, and talk funny. All at the behest of money-grubbing, Bible-thumpin’, pompadoured hucksters on the pulpit.
    Wake up, America, the Religion of Peace is not our enemy! It’s the Christers (and forelock-wearing Jooos)! Anybody with a credential from a first-rate college knows that Muslims don’t want to bring on any of horrors I described above.

  • Ymarsakar

    Media Matters is a Leftist, and Soros, propaganda arm. Thus it is natural for them to work wit hDemocrats and the Obama Regime.

    Anyone that expected differently, will get purged by the Left, incidentally. 

  • Ymarsakar

    This just goes to show you more of the Leftist hypocrisy. They, being the aristocracy, can have guns if they think they can use them, but at the same time they are extremely accident and dangerous prone with them and their hired goons. Also, the Left once again shows that the media is full of cowards and will bend knee to any power or death threat, so long as you have the will to carry it through. Whether Media Matters or Islamic brotherhood, they will bend their knee in subservience. That is the face of the Left, but it isn’t the body of the Left.

  • Mike Devx

    Well, all I could say to this fellow is, welcome to the club.  Glad you (finally) showed up.

    I do know this:  It took ME far too long to confront and abandon my liberal convictions.  I knew the truth long before I finally admitted it to myself. It should NOT have taken a 9-11 to cause me to begin my switch.

    And it shouldn’t have taken this fellow, Allen Bell, as long as it has taken him either.