I’m shocked! Shocked! The Obama administration has been lying again.

Conservatives of all religious stripes have been attacking the ObamaCare mandate regarding birth control and abortifacients on religious grounds.  The Obama administration’s response was to introduce an “accommodation” under which the insurance companies will henceforth offer these medicines and services for “free.”

Anybody past the age of five understands that, in this life, nothing is free.  The same opponents immediately pointed out that religious institutions and people of conscience will still be funding an insurance package that includes morally reprehensible products.  After all, someone has to pay, right?

Wrong! says the administration.  No one has to pay because all “health care” products have a negative cost effect on the insurance companies.  By forcing the companies to provide preventive services for free, the Obama administration is actually saving the company’s money.  Never mind the fact that, in the real world, if there really was a cost savings, the insurance companies would already be offering these products and services for free — and then, in order to compete in the insurance market, they would be passing these savings along to their customers.

Aside from ignoring marketplace realities, the Obama administration is apparently lying as well:

[T]here is no evidence that a mandate on insurance companies to provide contraception is cost-neutral. A search of PubMedturns up nothing.

Tory Bunce, policy director at the conservative Council for Affordable Health Insurance, told IBD, “In our research, we’ve looked at the cost of mandates on the state level. We’ve asked our members to price these mandates in their actual policies. What we’ve been told from the actuaries is that the contraceptive mandate costs 1%-3% of premiums.”

Read more here about yet another administration lie, one that a complicit MSM cheerfully passes along to a credulous public.

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  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    The point is that “insurance” is designed to cover unexpected and rare events – that’s why young people can buy cheap life insurance, but if you’re 80, it’s very expensive.
    Contraceptives are take regularly by women of a certain age who don’t want to get pregnant — they have a known cost, and are taken at a known rate, so the insurance company simply divides the cost up among all policy holders.
    Imagine if the Admin told your auto insurance company that from now on, it would be paying for your tires when you needed new ones….and that no charge would be made to policy holders because having good tires would avert so many accidents that their cost would be covered by fewer payouts on repairs.  Who would accept that without a horse-laugh? 
    Yet they not only want us to swallow THIS “s**t sandwich”, but somehow expect us to say “Yum”, besides.
    Not happening here.