Three things I found interesting

I’m processing (that’s a euphemism for “paying”) bills, which is hogging a ridiculous amount of the space in my head.  Nevertheless, there are three things I wanted to bring to your attention.

First, you’ve probably heard already that Obama, as part of his proposal to cut military spending, is slashing military health benefits, even while leaving civilian health benefits untouched.  All the obvious stuff about his animus towards the military and his effort to steer military personnel into the ObamaCare scheme has already been said.  My thoughts headed in a different direction.  One of the things that happens every election is that the Secretaries of State in Democrat strongholds somehow can’t get their act together so as to get timely absentee ballots to the military.  When I read a report saying that the military is less monolithically Republican than everyone (including those Secretaries of State) had assumed, I wondered if that would speed up the absentee ballot process.  Now, I’m thinking that the military will be lucky if it gets its absentee ballots by 2013.

Wikileaks is now publishing Stratfor emails.  Stratfor is responding by suggesting that a lot of the material being published has been falsified, but is refusing to comment as to any of it.  I think this is a smart tactic, since it induces a note of doubt about the reliability of any of this stolen material.  As far as I know, Stratfor deals only with publicly available information, from which it draws its conclusions.  However, to the extent that its clients provide it with information in their requests for services, this is a devastating commercial blow, not just to Stratfor, but to corporations around the world.

AIDS isn’t a naturally occurring biological phenomenon.  AIDS also isn’t a product of historically anomalous rates of promiscuity and intravenous drug use that allowed it to spread throughout the Western world with unstoppable force in the early 1980s.  Nope.  AIDS is the fault of Western Colonialism.  But you knew that, didn’t you?

Please feel free to add in your comments anything you find interesting.

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    Must be AIDS theme week. According to the author, it was money (a swipe at capitalism?) that drove the infection rate up higher.

    In Uganda, he says, the HIV rate went up when Western organizations began pumping money into the country.
    “There was this remarkable five-year period where [Uganda] literally saved hundreds of thousands of lives by heading off the spread of HIV [themselves],” he says. “A few years later, when Uganda became this hot nation to give AIDS money to, it went in reverse. HIV started going back up. The HIV [infection rate] is higher than it was 10 years ago. … It stopped being something that Ugandans themselves felt like they owned.”


       Timberg tells Fresh Air‘s Dave Davies that the simian version of HIV — which is called SIV — has been around for thousands of years. It was only when colonial powers migrated across parts of Africa — where the SIV virus existed among the chimps — that the virus started to spread among humans.

       ‘Tinderbox’: How The West Fueled The AIDS Epidemic

  • neocon hippie

    I skimmed the first page of comments of the AIDS article and righ taway folks were challenging the PC Spin. On the Washington Post!

  • beefrank

    The ‘western colonialism’ angle of the ‘Tinderbox’ article is a well-written conjecture to deflect blame from Patient Zero, the male airline steward who infected homosexual bath houses from Europe to the US, hence the epidemic explosion in the 80s. If HIV, or even ebola, was around during the colonial period than why did the HIV infection not explode throughout the ‘dark’ continent as it did since the 90s as a sexually-transmitted disease since the sexual norms of multiple partners, wives and rapes was just as prevalent as it s today.  Lets not forgot the numerous African civil wars and bloodshed since the 1970s and still no African HIV epidemic. South Africa has long been tagged as the rape capital of the world. Epidemic?  The old ‘witch doctor’ cure for sexual diseases was to have sex with a virgin had to be debunked by education since 2000.  It was one of the poblems the Bush Administration combated with its African AIDS relief program.  The ‘anti-colonialism’ angle was used by the Left to justify socialism and communism in Africa.  Dinesh D’Souza wrote in his Forbes article to explain Obama’s anti-colonial worldview, passed down from his father, and his ‘blame America first’ positions.


    “The old ‘witch doctor’ cure for sexual diseases was to have sex with a virgin …”

    Indeed – coupled with sex with albino women to cure AIDS.    

  • Ymarsakar

     They still haven’t dealt with the amateurs at Wikileaks?

    All they had to do was generate 50% in bulk disinformation, feed it to Wikileaks, and watch them implode from trying to figure out truth from fiction.

    The world’s spy organizations are this rigorlocked with bureaucratic red tape and cowardice they can’t even take out some traitorous wannabe billionaire clowns at Wikileaks? No wonder they fed Bush II bad info about Saddam’s WMDs, before and after he moved them.

     I wouldn’t have let some organization like Wikileaks be standing around as long as it has.


  • Ymarsakar

    This actually looks like blowback as a result of US policies on SOPA and the confiscating, by the FBI, of various servers belonging to some New Zealand underground family that was making money off of peer download content via sites like Fileserve. Only reason, if you ask me, why a hacker group like Anonymous would suddenly decide to release 5 million emails of this nature. Half of them they got just by screwing around in the years before.

    It makes sense that something like Wikileaks, created by the work of traitors both large and small, gets to be Obama’s greatest ally in breaking the US down to task.