Thursday morning round-up

I’ve been dillying and dallying my morning away.  I’d like to blame the dog, who enticed me with her wagging tail and obvious request that I sit and cuddle with her, but that’s a cheap and easy out.  I’ve just been inefficient.  But I do have stuff I need to work on, and now’s the time.  So, a few good posts to fill the space:

I promised that I would no longer harp on Act of Valor, but I have to admit to feeling somewhat vindicated that one of the sharpest analysts in the blogosphere, J.E. Dyer, also found cause for concern with inserting a Jewish terrorist into the movie, although she too does not make an issue of covert antisemitism.  Her post is, as one would expect, ridiculously well-informed, well-reasoned, and temperate in tone.  (Hat tip:  Bruce Kesler)

Yesterday, my son asked me what a “hypocrite” is.  I told him that it’s a person who voices standards that have nothing to do with his behavior, because he thinks he’s too good for those standards.  They’re for the little people.  Bruce Kesler catches Obama in the act.

Although maybe Obama’s not a hypocrite.  Maybe he’s just arrogant to the point of being delusional.

There’s been a little bit of debate over at Commentary’s blog about whether the government should police the type of purchases food stamp recipients make.  I say, “Hell, yes.”  There are two expressions that come to mind:  “He who pays the piper calls the tune,” and “You dance with them what brung ya’.”  If the government pays, whether for health care or food stamps, it gets to call the shots.  That’s why the government should be paying for many fewer things in this world.  I want to be the one paying the piper for his tune, and I want to pick the music he plays.

Please free to add things that interest you.

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  • Tonestaple

    I’ve been saying “He who pays the piper calls the tune,” for years but I’ve never had a lefty concede that this is true.  I point out that if the government runs health care, they will decide who gets what care, and they persist in believing the government will take care of absolutely everything.  In point of fact, “He who pays the piper…” does translate into Sarah Palin’s notorious “death panels” and a whole lot more.  It means waiting lists for everyone but the designates of the state, old folks being eased out of life because the hospital or nursing home needs the room, children being forced to get vaccines that their (foolish) parents may not want, and so much more.

    Lefties would rather die (the government can arrange that!) than admit that government is not all-knowing and all-benevolent.  Admitting so would destroy their entire world view.

  • Ymarsakar

    Totalitarianism is the Left in all its original glory and more. Nothing has changed. Nothing will change. And the only thing people can look forwards to is either Civil War in the US or an absolute collapse of civilization’s standard of living. If people think this economy is bad… they haven’t seen hyperinflation yet.

  • Earl

    I’m old enough to remember when people too poor to buy sufficient food got surplus beans, rice, oatmeal, powdered milk, cheese, etc. And our family ate some of it, because a certain number of those folks didn’t want to take the trouble of preparing it from scratch, so they gave it away…we weren’t too proud, and we prepared everything from scratch, anyway.
    It’s interesting that I read your comments about the type of food purchased with food stamps (excuse me. but it’s an EBT card, these days) because at Winco about three hours ago, I was behind a young couple in they checkout line (they looked like college students – we’re in Chico) and the young lady told the checker that there were a dozen lemons in the plastic bag.  When it was pointed out that there were clearly more, she said 20 and the checker accepted that number and rang them up….. 
    It got my attention, and so did the big plastic box of “Organic Baby Arugula” among the other things they were buying.  The total bill was about $130.00, and all but eight dollars and something was put on her EBT card.  What I’m saying is……that food stamp recipients can afford Organic Baby Arugula, these days.  I have no clue what that stuff costs, but I can affirm that I have NEVER paid whatever they charge for it, and I don’t think food-stamp recipients should be doing so, either.
    Call me harsh and uncaring, but if I were the dictator of the Food Stamp program, college students wouldn’t be getting them without tough scrutiny.  There would be NO “organic” anything until scientific tests had shown that the other (cheaper) kind was significantly inferior in nutritional value.  No meat over $4.50/pound.  Plain food, baby….none of this high-end cheese, or fancy anything.  Basics and be grateful for them.
    I’m a taxpayer….I don’t want my tax money being wasted on fancy foods that I can’t afford.  If those kids can buy Organic Baby Arugula, they don’t need food stamps!

  • Tonestaple

    Interestingly enough, I put my statement to a test:  I got involved in a discussion on Facebook about the Catholic Church vs Obama issue.  My friend finally said if we had single payer health care, it would solve the problem.  I said it would not because “He who pays the piper calls the tune.”  And that was the end of the conversation.