America is buckling under the tyranny of bureaucracy *UPDATED*

When we think of tyranny, we tend to think of it in sharp, dramatic, bloody terms.  Tyranny is the stark economic divide between a corrupt leader and his starving people, or it’s the day to fear of citizens in a police state.  Few of us recognize, or are willing to acknowledge, that tyranny, at it’s most fundamental level, is the loss of individual freedoms, with a concurrent increase in state power.  When people must bow to the state’s dictates all day every day, without recourse, they are subject to tyranny, even if they’re neither starving nor physically brutalized.

The soft socialism that increasingly characterizes the United States sees us increasingly in thrall to a bureaucratic dictatorship.  A plethora of agencies at all levels of American life (local, state, and federal) ensure that every breath we take comes within a government function.  The Founders tried to balance the need for a functioning society with their fear of tyranny by making our federal government one of specifically enumerated powers, while leaving all other powers to state governments.  They understood that state governments, by virtue of their relatively smaller size compared to the federal government, are more responsive to their citizens needs and desires, and have less power.  In addition, it’s fairly easy to leave a state that is becoming oppressive, and very difficult to leave a country that is doing the same.

Today,  I reached critical mass in my email, with people apprising me of four separate posts and articles, three of which look at the dramatic increase in bureaucratic tyranny in the last few years (something prominent in, but not limited to, the Obama administration), and one of which offers some hope that there may be a way out of the soft socialism that is strangling America’s liberties:

To get a handle on the issue, begin with Wolf Howling’s magnum opus describing the way in which the federal government is stifling us with regulation sans representation.

After reading that, you’ll be able to appreciate Patrick O’Hannigan’s article detailing the way in which the Obama administration using its bureaucracy to avoid Congressional and judicial oversight, in order to carry out foreign policies and to target specific groups and ideologies at home.

Because those two articles are broad in scope, let me throw in here an article about local bureaucrats run amok, just so that you can appreciate that, once a bureaucracy takes hold, and when it becomes self-serving and corrupt, your life will be destroyed by something more than just a thousand bureaucratic-form paper cuts.

Finally, there is hope, although it’s only the smallest flicker of light at the end of a long bureaucratic tunnel.

UPDATED:  It turns out I’m not the only one with bureaucracy or, more precisely, concern about bureaucracy, on the brain.  Michael Phillips has written two delightful posts on the subject.

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  • Michael Adams

    Yup!  You are absolutely right.I just threw away forty minutes of my life taking the annual written exams about OSHA and HIPPA.  I scored a hundred percent, and have done so for years.  The last changes were minor, and made three years ago.
    Since F. Nightingale RN signed the first nursing note, a hundred and fifty nine years ago, we signed our notes that way.  Nw, for the past seven years or so, we must sign every entry with the full name. “Peri care for small BM.  Skin clear. Michael F Adams…….” I do home care, where I have a fair amount of slack time, usually.  In the hospitals, of course, every minute must be used, twice. Keep in mind, all the time we are signing for s**t, literally, is time we are neither caring for a patient, nor engaging in real communication about what is happening with that patient. I can tell you for absolute certainty that bad communication is what kills hospital patients. 
    Yeah, I know, they say it’s nosocomial infection.  However, a huge number of those are Clostridium dificil infections, which are not infections but an overgrowth of bacteria that are ubiquitous in the bowel, and proliferate when a course of antibiotics has killed the favorable flora in the gut.So, the number is inflated to carry some point, probably about the need for the proposed new Federal Bacterial Oversight Agency. (I did just make that up. However, watch this space.  Today’s joke may be next year’s newest lunacy from DC)
    But wait, there’s more: In Berkley-on-the-Colorado, aka Austin, Texas, they have just outlawed plastic grocery bags.  That came just two weeks after they voted to ban drive-through parking, in private parking lots. My Property Owners’ Association, (the smallest unit for regulatory tyranny) has an agent  of the Grass Gestapo inspecting the neighborhood for mowing and edging violations.  I got cited in JANUARY, for a “weedy yard.”  She drives pretty fast through the neighborhood, on Monday mornings at 08:30, and gets the house numbers wrong. People seeking to mind other people”s business for us are not the majority, not yet, anyway. They are mulitplying, though.

  • Ymarsakar

    This is only the beginning. People haven’t seen anything yet. If anyone thought that I was going to say something like “The End is Nigh”, they’d better re analyze their conclusions. The US, if obama gets overthrown, will have 50 years before civil war is almost certain. If Obama gets re-elected, it’ll still be another decade or two, barring Critical Point being introduced earlier by unforeseen circumstances like the Sun going nova or something.

  • Ymarsakar

    Asked Mitch, “What did you accomplish other than wasting the city’s money, the county’s money, our money, and then all the mental and emotional anguish? What did you accomplish?”

    They put the peasants in their place. What else did you think they were doing?

     Remember what I said before, years or months ago on this very blog. 50%, minimum, purge and execution of all bureaucrats. Remember what kind of a situation would make the public demand such a Solution.