The Trayvon Martin killing, while sadly generic, is twisted into a platform for the Left’s usual crew of race mongers *UPDATED*

Sequestered here on the Left Coast I hadn’t paid any attention to the Trayvon Martin murder.  Today, though, it forced itself into the forefront of my brain.  As the media spins the story, it’s a horrific case of a very wholesome, very young black man cruelly executed in a “safe,” “white” neighborhood by a ferocious non-black man (sold by some as white, admitted by others to be Hispanic), with the man clearly acting in a racial fury.

Here are reports on some other racial fury the story, as the media sold it, has stirred:

Fla. shooting stirs memories of civil rights era

Sharpton, seeking to relive his glory days, gets involved.

Farrakhan, seeking to relive his glory days, gets involved.

High school students, seeking to relive their elder’s glory days, get involved.

What’s missing from all this racial hysteria in Obama’s America is the truth.  I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that the truth does not involve a wholesome black boy, in a “safe,” “white” neighborhood, randomly killed for being black by a non-black man.  Instead, the truth involves a very large black kid on a five day suspension from school, in a dangerous, mixed-race neighborhood, pounding a Hispanic man into the ground.  Whether the Hispanic man was sufficiently in fear of his life to justify a self-defense shooting remains to be seen.  What’s clear, though, is that the media narrative is a lie.

I leave it to all of you to figure out why this story was the platform for the big lies.  Is Obama’s base quietly deserting him?  I don’t think the numbers support that.  Is the media trying to deflect attention from more significant stories about Obama Administration failures and malfeasance?  This seems like a peculiar way to go about it.  Were Sharpton and Farrakhan bored and looking to stir things up a little?  That, actually, I can believe.  These men are increasingly marginalized by the younger generation of agitators.  Perhaps these are the last roars of the old lions.

UPDATE:  For those who thought I was being reflexively anti-Obama when I made reference to “Obama’s America,” I wasn’t.  Right on cue, Obama waded in, with language more temperate than he used when the Henry Louis Gates story broke, but still obviously siding with the race mongers:

“If I had a son he would have looked like Treyvon,” Obama said shortly, addressing the victim’s parents. “I think they are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness that this deserves and that we’re going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.”

Obama is now, and always will be, a racist: that is, he views everything through a racial prism, and seems unable to believe or understand that, for most people, race is only one small part of the myriad biological, genetic, and social factors that make them who they are and that guide what they do.

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  • JohnC

    I don’t know if George Zimmerman is guilty or not. I wasn’t there. But I had noticed that Zimmerman was always referred to as White but every picture I had seen of him looked Hispanic or Latino. I assumed that this the old “White on Black crime fits the narrative” trick of the media we’ve all grown used to. But it was brought to my attention that there may be an insidious official aspect to this matter that no one has mentioned.
    Look at this PDF file.
    Notice that it’s located at That’s as real as it gets. Look at page 122 and 123. It shows copies of Hate Crime Incident Report (Form 1-699). Compare the middle section titled “Bias Motivation” with the bottom section titled “Race of Offender(s) as an individual or group”. Notice anything that appears in the middle section but not in the bottom section?
    Hispanic/Latino is not one of the available options for “Race of Offender.” Nor is Other. Any police department using this form would be likely to report George Zimmerman as being White if he were the offender but Hispanic if he were the victim. This would seem to me to skew the offender data collected away towards White. And this is an official form located on an FBI server. (Yes, I know it’s from 2004. No, I have no idea if it has been revised. I do know that it’s the very first hit if you Google “UCR handbook online.”)
    —It has been said to me that this discrepancy is because the government considers Hispanic/Latino to be an ethnic group and not a race. Really? Seems like some very convenient hair-splitting by the government at just the right time the achieve a desired result. To be honest, the first thing that occurred to me was “I wonder what everyone’s Hispanic/Latino friends would say when asked if they are White?”.

  • Jose

    The last news report I read referred to Zimmerman as a “White Hispanic”.   Hmmm.  I wonder what race he would be if he was shot by a Caucasian?
    The press is spinning this as an abuse of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law.  And the police may have released Zimmerman on those grounds.  But that law, or any concealed carry law, doesn’t permit pursuing someone, which is what Zimmerman did. 

  • Bookworm

    Thanks for the info, Jose.  Even if Zimmerman’s behavior doesn’t stand up to legal scrutiny under criminal law standards, I have a hard time believing it’s the racial morality tale that the Leftists are currently spinning.  Instead, it sounds like just another generic murder, distinguished by violence unrelated to racial animus.

  • Jose

    Over 40 people were shot in Chicago last week.  I’m surprised Sharpton and Farrakhan were able to work Florida into their schedule.

  • Charles Martel

    I am half-Spanish, descended from dirt-poor Andalusian farmers who were recruited to repopulate northern New Mexico in the 1680s after the Spanish army was finally able to subjugate the Navajos. I qualify, according to our government’s official racist categories, as both white and Hispanic.
    If I were to kill a person of a different color, I would be classified as white, with no accompanying or qualifying adjective (“Hispanic”). If I were to be killed by a white man, I would be classified as Hispanic, the better to elevate my death to a politically useful racial victim status.
    If I were to be killed by a non-white, I would still be classified as Hispanic, but my death would be explained as a result of the senseless intra-racial (Hispanic on Hispanic) and inter-racial (black on Hispanic) violence brought on by the white man’s racist relegation of non-whites to ghettos, barrios, and discount outlets.

  • pst314

    If Farrakhan is going to threaten some “law of retaliation”, then what about the 2011 recreational murder of an elderly Asian (Vietnamese?) man in Saint Louis by young racist blacks playing the “knockout game”? What about all the other racist attacks by mobs of young black monsters? Should some sort of “law of retaliation” apply? Somehow I think Sharpton and Farrakhan and other racist demagogues would find “reasons” why not.
    We don’t know enough yet about the Trayvon shooting to draw any conclusions, but we do know that the all-too-common black racism and thuggery are what Sharpton and Farrakhan should be angry about.

  • jj

    Too many facts not in – though it’s reflexive to suppose that when Farrakhan and Sharpton show up it’s BS.  Add in Obama running his mouth, and you can be almost certain nothing untoward happened here.
    But, I don’t know that I’d take Kyle Rogers or the Examiner to the bank, either.  Obviously Zimmerman is not white, plainly the press is as full of the old narrative and general BS it always has been – but I wasn’t there either, and I don’t know.  (And, face it: even if the Examiner version is 100% true, we’re never going to hear about it, the MSM’s too heavily invested in their own propaganda to retract it now.)

  • Gringo

    Charles “Dale Clavo” Martel:
    I am half-Spanish, descended from dirt-poor Andalusian farmers who were recruited to repopulate northern New Mexico in the 1680s after the Spanish army was finally able to subjugate the Navajos.
    From what I have read, there were a fair number of conversos who ended up in northern New Mexico: safer to be as far from the Crown as possble. Do you know of any of that in your family?


    What are the chances of getting Obama to have a ‘beer summit’ with Louis Freakakhan and Al-not-too-Sharpton here in the City of Brotherly Love.
    March 22, 2012

    A South Philadelphia couple were charged with murder Wednesday after their 6-year-old son died Monday night at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, police said.
    Tina Cuffie, 44, and Latiff Hadi, 48, of 22d Street near McClellan Street, allegedly abused and malnourished their son Khalil Wimes, police said.
    “Police informed us that the child was 29 pounds,”

       Couple charged in death of son, 6

  • Charles Martel

    Gringo, what a great question! I’ve never even considered whether my ancestors might have been conversos. You’ve planted a seed: It may be time for me to contact the Mormons and see what records they might have of the Baca clan going back to Spain. Thank you!

  • Indigo Red

    This is a tough case for race centric Liberals. At first, they wanted Zimmerman to be white, therefore a racist. Zimmerman turns out to be Hispanic, so not a racist. But, the 911 call indicates racist utterances – “f*ing coons” – so Zimmerman is … what? AH! White-Hispanic and – voila! – racist. This is so because Sharpton, Farrakhan, Jackson, et al, have told us only white people are racists.

    The baby-faced picture of Trayvon Martin is meant to play on our sympathies although it is not a photo of a 17 yr old, 6’2″ high school football player. I’ve read that Martin was on a 5 day suspension from school, which is a Level 2 discipline problem or 10 day suspension which is Level 3,4,&5. From the the Miami-Dade School Dist policy manual:

    Seriously Disruptive Behaviors 
    • Cheating/Misrepresentation 
    • Confrontation with a staff member  
    • Defiance of school personnel  
    • Distribution of items or materials that are inappropriate 
    for an educational setting* 
    • Failure to comply with previously prescribed corrective 
    • False accusation  
    • Fighting (minor) 
    • Harassment (non-sexual or isolated) 
    • Instigative behavior 
    • Leaving school grounds without permission 
    • Joining  clubs or groups not approved by the School Board   
    • Libel 
    • Petty theft (under $300.00) 
    • Use of profane or provocative language directed at someone
    • Prohibited sales on school grounds (other than 
    controlled substances) 
    • Possession and/or use of tobacco products 
    • Slander 
    • Vandalism (minor)

    The discipline Plan 2 includes these option:

    PLAN II 
    • Parent/guardian contact ** 
    • School-based program that focuses on modifying the 
    student’s inappropriate behavior or promotes positive 
    • Suspension from school for one to five days*** 
    • Diversion Center

    However, Level 3, 4, & 5 discipline options include suspension for 1 -10 days. Trayvon could have been suspended for any of the following:

    Offensive/Harmful Behaviors      
    • Assault/Threat against a non-staff member  
    • Breaking and Entering/Burglary  
    • Bullying (repeated harassment)*  
    • Disruption on campus/Disorderly conduct  
    • Fighting (serious)  
    • Harassment (Civil Rights)** 
    • Hazing (misdemeanor)  
    • Possession or use of alcohol and/or controlled 
    • Possession of simulated weapons  
    • Sexual harassment** 
    • Trespassing  
    • Vandalism (major) 

    Dangerous or Violent Behaviors 
    • Battery against a non-staff member  
    • Grand  theft  (over  $300.00) 
    • Hate crime 
    • Hazing (felony)  
    • Motor vehicle theft  
    • Other major crimes/incidents  
    • Sale and/or distribution of alcohol and/or controlled substances 
    • Sex offenses (other) (including possession and/or 
    distribution of obscene or lewd materials)

    LEVEL V 
    Most Serious, Dangerous or Violent Behaviors 
    • Aggravated assault 
    • Aggravated battery against a non-staff member  
    • Armed robbery 
    • Arson  
    • Assault/Threat against M-DCPS employees or persons 
    conducting official business 
    • Battery or Aggravated battery against M-DCPS employees 
    or persons conducting official business* 
    • Homicide 
    • Kidnapping/Abduction  
    • Making a false report/threat against the school* 
    • Sexual battery 
    • Possession, use, sale, or distribution of firearms, explosives, 
    destructive devices, and other weapons.*  

    Some commenters to local Miami newspapers claim Trayvon was suspended for multiple tardies and multiple absences, but tardies or unexcused absences do not carry any suspension penalty. I’m left to understand that Trayvon Martin was not innocent cherub he’s being painted to be.

    George Zimmerman, for the little info we have on him remains in my mind a wannbe cop with a chip on his shoulder who failed police entrance wanting to prove to the police dept they made a mistake by not hiring him.

  • pst314

    Indigo Red: Do you have a link for the 911 call?


    At first, they wanted Zimmerman to be white, therefore a racist. Zimmerman turns out to be Hispanic, so not a racist.

    Fits the narrative of need, rather like mohammed merah in France. Whatever the outcome in Florida, the LEFT is at war – open war. They’re in search of a Victim-of-the-Month Club.   Fluke was last month’s flavor and it didn’t go as well as they had hoped, although they’re still trying their Ben & Jerry best to ‘get a Rush’.


  • 11B40


    One of the things that the Jesuits managed to deposit in my long-term memory is how much better it is analytically to go from the general to the specific than vice versa.

    In that regard, I offer the following.  In the USofA, a Caucasian has more than three time the chance of being murdered by a Negro than a Negro has of being murdered by a Caucasian.  That statistic is something I came across several years ago on one of my internet safaris to what is now Eric (My People) Holder’s Department of Justice’s web site. And, that statistic was based on a straight comparison of the number of murders with no alteration based on the large difference in the size of the described groups. Since, that time, I have come across a media reference to that disparity only one time, by Michael Barone in, if I remember correctly, Newsweak. 

    So, certainly, there is a “MAN  BITES  DOG” aspect to this incident/story even though that will never actually be mentioned because that is a bit too explicit to fit the left’s narrative well.  Thus, the coverage quickly morphs into another sermon on white male racism and firearm fetishism. And the media and our rulers get yet another chance to reinforce their subjugation of most of the members of that group while bolstering the world-view of their fellow travelers and supporters. 

    Interestingly, I skimmed an article earlier this week that reported that 10 people had been murdered in Chicago over the last weekend.  The same Chicago whence came our President Obama. Not a peep about that from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. A suitable opportunity for a sermon about “thug” culture is foregone. All narratives are not created equal.


  • Ymarsakar

    A narrative is only necessary when people run out of bullets, bombs, and nukes.

  • Indigo Red

    pst314 –  I’m sorry, I intended to link, but forgot. There are many examples on You Tube, but I used the story from The Blaze article which uses the CNN tape. CNN does some CSI type magic to clean up the audio. Plus, I just like the pairing of Glenn Beck and Anderson Cooper.

  • Libby

    There is clearly a lot more to story than what has been reported. I doesn’t help that we can no longer trust the MSM to provide all of the facts without shading it in such a way to fit a pre-determined narrative.
    However, I resent Obama bringing his own race into in – by saying that if he had a son, he would look like Travvon – and then advising us all to do some “soul-searching”, as if this is a wide-spread cultural defect.  I would have expected the president to counsel everyone to remain calm until it had been thoroughly investigated & to let Zimmerman have his day in court, if charged. Disappointing.

  • Zhombre

    I’d prefer to wait and see and not pass judgment now, though I’d agree I doubt Zimmerman’s actions don’t seem to pass muster under Florida law.  However, Zimmerman alleges he was attacked by the kid.  Why would a 17 year old attack an older man who might be an off duty cop or security guard and might be armed?  Simple answer: he wouldn’t.  But he would confront and attack an older man who was stalking him and might be a sexual predator. Reports I’ve seen indicate Martin was aware this other man was following him.  Might this whole sorry incident be a case of mistaken perceptions: a wannabe cop mistaking an unarmed black youth for a petty criminal, and a young man mistaking the other for a cruising homosexual?

  • pst314

    IndigoRed: Thank you very much.


    I am quite sure the grand jury has been called to review all the information. “All” does not include what POTUS thinks, what Al shouts, and certainly not what Louis the lout plans.

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  • Jose

    Charles M,  would you be connected to the Bacas in Trinidad, Co?  There is a large house there, built in the 1870s, and purchased by the Baca family.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Heh, heh…them ol’ Democrats up to their lynch mob tricks again. Some things are just too culturally ingrained to wash clean.

  • Charles Martel

    Jose, I don’t know. I know that my grandmother, who is as far back as I can go for sure, was born in Las Vegas, New Mexico, in 1893, nee Dorotea Aurora Baca. Before her, I know not. Baca was a fairly common name, so the clan probably ranged from Colorado to southern New Mexico.

  • JKB

    While being exploited by the anti-gun movement and now the usual suspect of rabble-rousers, this incident is unlikely to be settled cleanly.  There is a lot of focus on Zimmerman’s zealous watch activities.  And they did produce the conditions that led to the later incident.  

    However, as the “the truth” like in the post reveals, via eye witness statement, prior to the use of deadly force, Zimmerman was on the ground, Martin was on top of him, hitting him and Zimmerman was calling for help.  The witness yelled for them to stop and that he was calling 911.  He went inside, heard a shot and when he looked out, Martin was lying on the ground.  

    On the face of it, at the time of the shooting, Zimmerman has a plausible argument for a reasonable fear of death or serious bodily injury which caused him to use deadly force (firearms are always deadly force regardless of lesser intention) to stop the threat.   

    How the physical altercation started, how Martin gained the upper hand in the physical altercation and why he continued his actions beyond stopping any threat he perceived is unknown.   Unfortunately, when he pressed his attack, he created the situation where Zimmerman felt he needed to use his firearm to stop the threat of serious bodily injury.  The incident is the essence of chain of events and the tragedies they can create. 

    This incident does not fall under any “stand your ground” law.  Once you are on the ground being pummeled, you may defend yourself as retreat is not possible.  Such laws were enacted to permit law abiding citizens to not be forced out of places the were lawfully allowed to be in the face of aggression by criminals and bullies.  Prior to such laws, if an aggressor punched you in the face, you were obligated to leave the area and could only defend yourself if they followed or you couldn’t retreat, such as being on the ground being beaten.  

    The lesson of this incident is how fast situations can turn about.  By all appearances, Zimmerman with his zealous neighborhood watching, was the aggressor in following Martin.  Eventually, they confronted each other.  Some how a physical altercation started.  During the altercation, Martin got the better of Zimmerman, had him on the ground and was hitting him.  Even if we assume Zimmerman started the physical altercation, once Martin had stopped the threat he should have stopped his attack.  By continuing the altercation past that point, all to common in a heated moment, Martin became the aggressor and allegedly created within Zimmerman a reasonable fear of serious bodily injury to which Zimmerman used his firearm to stop.  Regardless of earlier actions, the use of the firearm in self defense is going to hinge on the moments just prior to the discharge and whether the fear of serious bodily injury was reasonable in those moments.  

  • Danny Lemieux

    Here is the March 24th Chicago headline news to which Jose referred:

    Chicago Weekend Shootings: 10 Dead, At Least 40 Wounded 

    From Chicago’s Demagogue in Chief, not a word. The Jackson family, quiet as usual. There’s no political or financial (I repeat myself) gain to be had from stoking-up a black-on-black lynch mob in the hood. 


  • JKB

    Danny, that is a light weekend in Chicago, land of gun control.  Wait until summer, when it really gets going

    But down in Florida, Obama made not mention of this “neighborhood watcher” who killed two “suspicious” individuals a year ago.  Shawn Tyson is said to have murdered James Cooper and James Kouzaris in Sarasota, Florida | Mail Online  I guess Tyson doesn’t look like Obama’s mythical son.  But Tyson sure showed those British tourists who missed the Ihop and didn’t realize in America there are places white people don’t go.  At least if you aren’t from around there.

    Prosecutors have told a jury Tyson lay in wait for Cooper, 25,and Kouzaris, 24, as they stumbled drunk through The Courts housing project after getting lost.

    Both men pleaded for their lives but were shot multiple times as they attempted to flee from Tyson and another man who has never been caught.

  • pst314

    “Chicago Weekend Shootings: 10 Dead, At Least 40 Wounded”
    There is a campaign to persuade black kids to stop the violence.
    The slogan is “replace black-on-black crime with black-on-black love”.
    No mention of blacks killing whites and Asians and Hispanics, because that doesn’t matter. It’s all about racial pride, NOT about morality. So: If if you are only willing to appeal to blacks in racist terms, or if blacks are only willing to listen to racist appeals, then what should the civilized citizens conclude?

  • Gringo

    In that regard, I offer the following.  In the USofA, a Caucasian has more than three time the chance of being murdered by a Negro than a Negro has of being murdered by a Caucasian.  That statistic is something I came across several years ago on one of my internet safaris to what is now Eric (My People) Holder’s Department of Justice’s web site.
    Not quite. Here are the numbers I worked up from  the DOJ link at given at the below PJ Media article.
    Using 305 million for  2009 population, 80% white and 13 % black, we get the following figures:
    For 100,000  whites, 1.21  are killed by a white
    For 100,000  whites,  0.19 are killed by a black
    For 100,000  blacks,  0.53 are killed by a  white 
    For 100,000  blacks,  6.57  are killed by a  black
    For 100,000 whites,  1.21  will be the  killer of a white
    For 100,000 whites,  0.09  will be the  killer  of a black
    For 100,000 blacks,  1.15  will be the killer of a white 
    For 100,000 blacks,  6.57  will be the killer of a black 
    So, certainly, there is a “MAN  BITES  DOG” aspect to this incident/story.
    Yes, there is, as the odds of a black murder victim being killed by a black are over 12 times the odds of a black murder victim being killed by a white. [6.57/.53]
    Currently, blacks are about 5 times more likely to be murder victims than whites. While that is a disturbing figure, 20-30 years ago  blacks were 10 times more likely than whites to be murder victims. Progress has been made.
  click on “site at the Department of Justice.”

  • Gringo

    However, I resent Obama bringing his own race into in – by saying that if he had a son, he would look like Travvon – and then advising us all to do some “soul-searching”, as if this is a wide-spread cultural defect.  I would have expected the president to counsel everyone to remain calm until it had been thoroughly investigated & to let Zimmerman have his day in court, if charged. Disappointing.
    This reminds me of the POTUS jumping in with his “police acted stupidly” with regard to the Gates/police kerfuffle in Cambridge MA, which led to the Beer Summit and the photo of the “racist” cop assisting Professor Gates, while the POTUS strode on ahead.

  • Gringo
  • 11B40

    Greetings:   especially “Gringo” at #29

    I admire both your level of effort and your facility with numbers, but I’m not sure that I understand your meaning.

    What I was trying to convey was a similar statistic, the actual number of murders of members of one group by members of the other. I thought that to be sufficient to establish such a disproportionate incidence as to question why this encounter was generating so much heat (vs. light).  I had hoped that bringing the differences in the demographic sizes of the two groups, as in rates per 100K, would be more confusing than enlightening to most readers, as it is to myself.

    In my analysis, the “Sturm und Drang” the left is calling forth is undermined by the fact that blacks murder many more whites than vice versa.  So, if cross-racial murders are such terrible events, why is it that there doesn’t ever seem to be similar brouhahas when the victim is white.  My answer is that that’s the “DOG BITES MAN” story and so does not suit the hectoring purposes of our progressive rulers and media.

  • JKB

    I was just over at Big Journalism.  They have a link of Ed Schultz blaming Jeb Bush for Martin’s death.  I’ve been curious about the real hype to this story on the Left and the insistence to continue to make it a “stand your ground” issue.  Ed let the cat out of the bag when he cited that the NRA was just up on Capitol Hill promoting the national reciprocity law.  So they are starting this fire for their gun control fight 

    Ed Schultz: Jeb Bush To Blame For Trayvon Martin’s Death 

    Oh and check out this MSNBC clip for naked Liberal totalitarian desires.  

    MSNBC: ‘Lock Up’ Zimmerman ‘For His Own Safety’ 



    MSLSD is a preview of tactics and talking points that will and do emerge from the WH. I would hope that GOP operatives would be listening closely for clues. It is no coincidence that Jeb Bush is being sullied in the very same week of chatter that he may be the VP choice. It is no coincidence that the events that have been flamed by the WH are intended to weaken Florida (Rubio is the other name being bandied about for the VP slot).

  • Gringo

    My answer is that that’s the “DOG BITES MAN” story and so does not suit the hectoring purposes of our progressive rulers and media.
    We agree on “MAN BITES DOG.” [see my comment #29. You originally used “man bites dog” in comment 14.]  The presentation and interpretation of statistical information is problematic, because different people have different levels of comfort with statistics.  
    Your off-the cuff recall was essentially accurate. More than two times  as many whites/Caucasians are murdered by blacks compared to blacks murdered by whites/Caucasians. [2009: 454/209; 2003: 501/226].
     I was responding to your putting in “chance,” which may mean something different to a numbers person such as myself. If it was overkill, I apologize.
    As others have pointed out, it is ironic for sharpies such as Sharpton and Jessie Jackson to get all bent out of shape regarding a black being killed by a white/Hispanic, as the odds of a black being murdered by a black are over 12 times that of a black being murdered by a white. As if it is OK for blacks to kill themselves, but not for a white to kill a black. Sorta like the current use of the N-word: OK among blacks, but verboten for whites.

  • jj

    A problem with all of this is, of course, that there aren’t any “white” people in the deal.  Martin wasn’t killed by a white guy.  As a name “Zimmerman” sounds pretty white, but the fact of the matter is that he’s Hispanic.  This was two minorities thrashing around here.  Sharpton and that other crazy a**hole can take their protest down to South Miami, see how they make out with the Cubans.

  • Ari Tai

    Curious political dilemma the dems face. They’ve got those on the plantation in the bag (even happy to proclaim they have “Mr. O’s back.”). But they are now offending the larger population of the Hispanic and Latino voter. Here’s someone doing what he can for his family and neighbors’ security and a ton of bricks is about to fall on him for doing his part in helping voluntary (civil) society sleep a bit easier at night.
    Will make a good movie someday. Neighbor sees what appears to be a stranger, perhaps a gang-member hiding his identity in the area, at a time and in weather that raises questions. Gets out of his vehicle and asks him if there’s something he can do to help, offers to drive him home or to wherever he’s going. He’s met with vitriol and language that would make anyone but Maher blush. As he turns to return to his vehicle he says something in kind under his breath at the stranger who has just reconfirmed what a large number of his family and neighbors believe about the underclass of any race (while they are working three jobs to make ends meet, helping each other and paying their taxes, they have to worry about the safety of their neighborhood and children because of these types).
    Next thing he knows he’s been hit on the back of the head with a can of soda and knocked senseless, kicked in the face and then beaten while he’s waking up on the ground.
    Assuming the facts support the above, it’s time for an “I am Zimmerman” campaign. And the dems to lose what few Hispanics remain in their camp.
    Not that what happened to Martin isn’t its own tragedy – and all those in his life that contributed to him wandering where and appearing in a manner that he would naturally be a “person of concern.”

  • Mike Devx

    I am getting angry again, over the MSM double standard.

    This George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case hardly seems to be a case on which to mount a campaign against deadly white racism.

    George Zimmerman is not white. He is Hispanic.  THAT ALONE means, ’nuff said, everyone please shut up.

    And we know so little about what really happened. Zimmerman has a history of aggressive neighborhood “watching”.  Apparently Zimmerman trailed Martin.  Apparently he called 9-11 and in the course of talking, said the word “coon”.  A Hispanic man showing racist tendencies!  People of color are supposed to stick together against the evil white oppressor!   Apparently the two of them had a confrontation and began physically fighting – but we do not know one fact about how the confrontation occurred.  During the fighting, Martin won out over Zimmerman, had him down on the ground, and was beating the holy Bejesus out of him.  That’s what a witness said.  The witness ran inside his house to call 9-11, and less than a minute after he reported viewing Martin beating the hell out of Zimmerman, the shot rang out, and Martin was dead.  What happened in that minute – or less than a minute?  We don’t know that either.

    The Black Panther party has put out a bounty on Zimmerman of tens of thousands of dollars.  Look out Hispanics, you all better get ready! The hard-core black activists are coming after you!  It’s Blacks declaring WAR on Hispanics now!

    But all this is not really why I’m angry.  I’m angry because of the story, which occurred in the first week of March, that I highlight below.  I did a search on the web for occurrences of this story.  CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC… not a peep.  Not a word!  Not a word!  Not a word!  This is why I’m angry: 

    A 13-year-old boy who police say was doused with gasoline and lit on fire last week while walking home from school is recovering from first-degree burns to his face and head.

    The boy was just two blocks from his home in Kansas City Tuesday when two teenagers began to follow him and then attacked him, his mother, Melissa Coon, said.
    Police have described the suspects as black 16-year-olds, while the victim is white.

    According to the report, while setting the kid on fire, the teens said, “This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.”

    It’s hard to get the facts about this story too.  But I have read comments and heard on the Laura Ingraham talk show that yes, these black boys likely went to the same school as the white boy they stalked, doused and burned.   That school is a hotbed of black racism.  Apparently the teachers say racist comments against white people all the time.  Apparently white girls are harassed IN THE CLASSROOM, and the teachers just sit back and laugh while it happens.

    And the MSM is silent about this story.  Yet they are drumming up like crazy a hysteria over Zimmerman/Martin, and lying about Zimmerman being white, when he is Hispanic.

    Reverse the races in the story I highlighted.  Two white punks stalk a black kid and when he nears the safety of his home, rush him, douse him with gasoline.  They say, “This is what you deserve, black boy.  This is what you deserve.”  And they light him on fire.

    Where would the MSM be on that one?

    Remember the Duke Lacrosse players rape incident, where they raped the black girl all night?  Lots of people remember that story.  Ask them what the end result was.  How many of those same people know that the incident never happened, that there never was a rape?  Remember the national hysteria about these evil white boys and their outrageous racism leading to such an incident of horrifying racist gang rape?  Never happened.  Where was the MSM once the truth came out.

    Yes, I am angry again.  I am so damned sick of it.


    Mike Devx, the dye was cast a long time ago. Remember how the press covered, OJ Simpson. You do remember all the riots by “white” people. No, you don’t remember them?  Because they never happened! 



  • JohnC

    Spike Lee has now Tweeted George Zimmerman’s home address and asked that everyone spread it far and wide.
    If 1000 people show up at Zimmerman’s home, drag him out into the street and beat him to death what will happen to Lee? Nothing?

  • Gringo

    Mike, that Kansas City incident may not be as it was initially painted. 

  • Ymarsakar

    Zimmerman was some kind of neighborhood watch officer from one article I read. That means that if the Left can destroy the ability of neighborhoods to arm themselves, this will open the way for their SEIU style thugs to come in and loot, murder, and rape whenever it pleases them.

     The Left is always setting up these kinds of things. And most people are blind to the sequences.

  • Mike Devx

    Gringo #41,

    Yes, I understand there may be reason that the boy is lying and accidentally burned himself.  It is puzzling that you can’t get ANY further information about that story corroborated, one way or the other.  It seems to me we ought to know a lot more about the truth of this story by now, whatever the truth may be.  The boy who was burned – I would like to know how he really got burned, if he is lying.  Similar to the Matthew Shepard story – once the entire truth of that one came out, the entire truth was a *whole* lot more complex than the media’s liberal rush to judgment had everyone believing.

    However, the behavior of the teachers within the school is corroborated and multiple people are on record.  The culture within that school does appear to be very hostile towards whites.

  • Gringo

    Mike what puzzles me is how long this has dragged on.  You would think that the truth would come out  a bit faster.

  • Ymarsakar

    The only truth I need to know is 

    1. Who are the enemies of human progress?

    2. Who is making money off of the evil they do to others?