The real message behind the race hustlers’ manipulation of the Trayvon Martin killing *UPDATED*

The usual crowd of race hustlers, including Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the New Black Panthers and Barack Obama, have been making as much hay as possible out of Trayvon Martin’s death.  Clearly, they think that this episode has ballot potential in November.  I can see only one way in which it does have that potential, and I’ll get to that in a minute.  But first, a few reasons why I think their ham-handed attempt to paint America as a racist nation will be a bust.

First, in terms of characterizing America as a racist nation, the fact that we have a black president kind of, sort of, a little bit, makes it stupid to try to paint a whole nation with the “racism” brush just because a big Hispanic man in a bad neighborhood pulled a gun on a big black guy in the same neighborhood.  That’s true whether the killing was motivated by self-defense, insanity, or racism.

Second, people are beginning to catch on to the media’s games.  In a way, it’s useful that the Martin killing followed on the heels of the Toulouse massacre.  It’s a reminder that the media has a few templates for murder:  When a black person dies at the hands of a non-black person, it’s a front-page racially motivated crime.  When a non-black person dies at the hands of black person, it’s a bottom of page 27 story.  And when a Muslim kills people while shouting “Allah is great,” Islam has nothing to do with it.  Here, the media is sticking to its narrative with regard to both the Martin and Mohammed stories, despite pesky little details that put the lie to the media narratives.

Third, this was a one-person crime.  Zimmerman didn’t belong to a White (or Hispanic) Supremacist movement.  He wasn’t a corrupt small town sheriff.  This wasn’t just another in a long line of racially motivated murders in the same community.  It’s awfully hard to make a serious case for institutional American racism based on a sordid neighborhood dispute.

Fourth, crying “racism” is losing its impact.  I read the other day (and I can’t remember where) that every time the President dips into the strategic oil reserves, the price of fuel drops.  But here’s the kicker:  With each successive release of oil from the reserves, the price drop has less staying power than it did during the previous release.  Within an ever shorter time, fuel prices return to the price at which they were before the President used the reserves.  In other words, the market is getting smarter at recognizing that the sudden influx of oil is a Band-Aid fix that doesn’t repair the deep problems with our oil supplies — so prices remain the same.  With the racism cry, there’s a similar phenomenon:  Americans are getting smarter at recognizing that the sudden screams of racism have nothing to do with the fact that America is, overall, a non-racist country, something that is true regardless of pockets of racism that may pop out here and there.

There you have it:  four very good reasons why the bleats of “racism” are not going to convince Americans that they are still deeply racist and that they must reelect Barack Obama to continue to expiate their sin.

However, I’m not sure directing manifestly false insults at the America people is really going on here.  I think the New Black Panthers gave the real game away when the announced a bounty on Zimmerman’s head (dead or alive.)  What the race hustlers are telling Americans is that, if they don’t reelect Barack Obama, there’s going to be rioting on the streets, and that those who haven’t gotten with the pro-race program, can expect to have a bounty placed on their heads (dead or alive).

This isn’t about racism; this is about threatening American voters.

That’s all.

UPDATE: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, who has a real knack for connecting the dots, has collected all the dots into a single post and come to pretty much the same conclusion I did.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Until you drop a bomb on these people and wipe them from the face of existence, you will never get rid of them.

  • Ymarsakar

    People ask about this on the internet too.;_ylt=AuWvgOuuSGJ1.mrbOwzTL0vty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120324225448AASAoRr

    The responses should be enlightening. 

  • Gringo

    When the murder rates per 100,000 are  6.57 black victims  killed by black offenders, and 0.53 black victims killed by white offenders, the only conclusion is that  Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and the Black Panthers are just scamming us.  Especially when the alleged killer is Mestizo.   

  • 11B40


    Well, one thing’s for certain; it won’t get President Obama any more of the Negro vote. He kind of had Saddam Hussein numbers in that regard his last time out.

    Lately, I’ve been mulling a bit about propaganda campaigns. What I’ve come up with or down to goes something like this. What starts of as a kind of “Big Lie” (or Big Mistake) is repeated and reconfirmed as much as possible as quickly as possible before any opposition can organize and provide its alternative. Then, the burden is on people to sort out the issue, and, (as the Sisters of Mercy used to say about the Devil tempting you to sin, viz. he almost always has ease and/or pleasure on his side) so, from that point forward, any perfunctory mention tends to reinforce, in an almost Pavlovian way, the original “Big Lie” contention. I think that this is kind of where we are in regard to climate whatever it now is. All kind of TV programs make passing reference to the climate warming trope in ways that preclude further thought or examination of the issue. The opposing forces have been marshalled and positioned, but the advantage remains with those who struck furstest with the mostest, so even a passing mention, in the “a nod is as good as a wink” kind of way, is enough to keep the initial confusion going and correcting it is the hard slog.

    So, only those who have the inclination and resources to follow issues and acquire information will get the full and true story. And that’s probably not a very big part of our demographics when compared to the alternative. 


  • Charles Martel

    Regarding the Black Panthers and their implicit threat of armed struggle against the rest of us: I remember when the bad boys of South Central went slinking back to their s**thole neighborhood during the Rodney King riots after they ran up against of a bunch of heavily armed Korean storekeepers. If those parasitic bastards are spoiling for a fight, they will be very surprised when they learn just how many of people in these United States have put their Korean on.

  • JKB

    This is going to blow up on them because it is manufactured and shoddy union work at that.  The incident is unfortunate but it was self defense, two witnesses put Martin on top of Zimmerman pummeling him just prior to the shooting. Strangely, the media are just now finding one of these witnesses even though he was interviewed in a news story the next day.  The other reveals her information during the course of the 911 call, inadvertently.  The operator catches a side comment and asks questions to clarify what she saw.

    I listened to CNN’s manipulation of Zimmerman’s voice trying to make it where he said, “f’ing c**ns”.  But I swear it sounded like “punks” to me even after they filtered and distorted it.  But CNN did a whole segment in their sound lab trying to manufacture the story.  

    What we may see is a political prosecution by DOJ.  If that’s the case, it will out them even more.  Especially since we won’t see a DOJ Civli Rights division investigation into the Black Panther’s whose motivation is clearly racist and vigilante with the flyers they’ve posted.

  • Mike Devx

    I’m hoping Latinos wake up to what Blacks have decided it is OK to do to them.  When it’s only the “evil white oppressor” who is the target of Black hate and the increasing violence, that’s one thing.  But now they’re going after Latinos/Hispanics too.  Verrrrry interesting!

    A bounty has been put on a Hispanic’s head.  From what I can see, that Hispanic man is now in hiding, in fear for his life.  But the black haters are not done!  They are organizing to try to hunt the Hispanic man down.  What will they do when they find him???  From all indications, when this court case begins, Mr. Zimmerman, the Hispanic, has every intention of showing up and meeting all of his legal obligations.  So *that* is not what these black haters intend.  They’re not going to “deliver him to justice”.  What are they planning to do?  Hmmmmm.



    The left has been ratcheting up the violent rhetoric for some time.  We’ve seen quite a few *acts* of violence as well.  To this point the acts of violence remain scattered.  But this bounty – on the Hispanic man – is a significant escalation.  We’re like frogs in the slowly boiling pot of water: We don’t feel the outrage over the bounty, BUT WE OUGHT TO!!!  We’re becoming conditioned to accept the ever increasing acts of leftist and black violence.

    It’s going to keep increasing.


  • Jose

    The race hustlers are fomenting civil unrest.  I’d say they are edging towards terrorism.  If they were Muslims passing death fatwas we’d recognize it for terrorism.
    Were they on Janet Nepolitano’s watch list?  I remember it included white supremicists, military retirees, tea party members and people who stocked up on food.  Maybe it included the New Black Panthers and I just forgot.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Actually, the black community is very closely allied with Islam and CAIR. Just so you know.

  • Ymarsakar

    For example, Malcom X was killed because some blacks with Islamic connections didn’t like him mouthing off.

  • Charles Martel

    Mike, Zimmerman (say, isn’t that a Joo name?) is a white Hispanic. Once you attach the modifier, the man is automatically an untermensch and justifiable target in the Black Panther universe.

  • Jose

    This article explains it: “His killing has ignited racial tensions. Martin was black; Zimmerman’s father is white and his mother Hispanic.”

    Which is why everyone refers to POTUS as a “black white”.  Don’t they?

  • Ymarsakar

    They know not what they are unleashing. Sure, for the moment they are gaining advantages through cooking and shaking down the white majority, with the help of white Democrats and race mongering politicians. But eventually their prophecies of “institutional racism” will become reality and the pogrom they used to scare their black slaves with, will become the reality that they created. Then, with law and order destabilized, they can no longer bring it back and will have to face the full might of a nation armed with guns and several heavy munitions “people” either secreted in hidden caches or raided from NG armories.

    Ireland’s “Time of Troubles” will look like a picnic then. 

  • Ymarsakar

    The black communities are already under the power of gangs and those with guns, including their beloved Democrat unions that control their own police force, whom they claim are killing blacks. I am aware of what certain factions in America are doing to prepare, given my social connections from H2H training. You could call them “Survivalists” for short and their primary goal is to survive: anything. Right now they’re just minding their own business and providing a lot of business to knife, sword, gear, and army surplus and black market arms dealers at the moment. If black communities allow themselves to be allied with the “Left” and the “Left’s” Civilian Militia Security groups, the survivalists will eventually be pushed by government regulation, SWAT raids, more WACO mass murders, more Hasan mass murders, more child sex filth espoused by government Czars, into doing something proactive and doing what they have not done before. Organize.

    Right now they’re just minding their own business and buying stuff and just stockpiling em like a mother hen or beaver. Right now. The moment the Left comes in and starts killing their children like they did at WACO… you won’t know what the hell hit you, America. This ain’t 1990 any more. 

  • Charles Martel

    Regarding Ymarsakar’s comment above: “They that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind.” Hosea 8:7

  • Ymarsakar

    The entire world sees America as a “Gun Society”. That Hollywood perception is often accurate, although not as pervasive as the stereotypes would suggest. The world may soon see what happens when a “Gun Society” has an internal dispute it can’t solve peacefully, using law or “talking”. Boy, will that be an entertaining sight for the world. This time they’ll be watching the war of the century, and it won’t be happening at their own homes and backyards.

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