Stop the OPUEM trade!

DQ raise very important points about the power of language. The examples of “austerity” and “stimulus” certainly need to be addressed. But, let me address another problematic term: “government spending”. Far too many people seem to equate government spending (syn. taxes, benefits, welfare, rebates, investments, stimuli, grants, outlays, funding, etc.) with “free” money.

All these terms that reference government spending also generate warm fuzzies with large portions of the population that cannot or will not equate such activities with government expropriation of the labor, sweat, money and intellectual capital of “other” people without their express permission.

Thus, I would like to propose a new word, “opuem”, an acronym for “Other People’s Unfairly Expropriated Money”.

It’s a far more efficient use of language to distill so many different terms into a single, comprehensive concept and thereby change the nature of public discourse in very positive, enlightening ways, as for example:

“The Democrat Congress, with the support of the President, voted to drastically increase opuem for dispersal to favored but potentially restless constituencies in order to keep them quiet, loyal and dependent. The Republican opposition voiced its concerns that there is far too much demand for opuem by society today, and that excessive opuem dependency will prove detrimental to economic productivity and societal well-being.”

This term, opuem, should not to be confused with a similar term, “hopium”, conceived by Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass as a descriptor for current White House emanations.

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    OPEUM Addiction and Treatment:
    Demoxification and withdrawal symptoms [weaning Democrats].
    I highly recommend a new drug –


    Dosages should be dispensed prior to OWS gatherings. With all addictions, chills, hallucinations, vomiting are normal, but are not to be confused with the addict’s displays and antics such as; relieving your bowels on police cars, wearing pink and throwing pixie sparkle dust. Followed up with:
    A 10-step program:
    No, you can’t.
    Yes, they lied to you – it’s not free.
    Because I said so.
    Clean up after yourself.
    No, your student loans cannot be forgiven.
    Yes, you signed on the dotted line.
    No, you can’t play Peter Pan into middle-age.
    You broke it, you pay for it.
    If you’re old enough to smoke, you’re old enough to buy them.(includes all purchases/commitments).
    Screaming on the top of your lungs will only get you blue in the face and no “green” in your wallet.

  • Bookworm

    Brilliant idea, Danny!

  • Ymarsakar

    Heinlein once wrote a story in Assignment in Eternity about a manufactured language designed expressly to make human logical thought more efficient and less wasteful. He did this by designing a language where each sound was a word, each word a sentence. A sentence similar to how letters form a sentence, i.e. POTUS or SOCOM. Yet this would be used for every concept in existence.

    The Japanese language is said to be a beautiful kotoba, and in some fashions it is because a kanji can contain many meanings, thus communicating more bulk content per letter than an English sentence could. Yet English is more precise in meaning, with Japanese being far more ambiguous. A Kanji can also be painted in calligraphy, thus it utilizes artistic portions of the brain not solely devoted to verbal processing.

    A language that is able to borrow the processing power of the entire brain, not just a specific center, while at the same time super compressing data transfer so that the very act of thinking makes thinking more efficient, is a theoretical product of social sciences. However, with the likes of Chomney being in charge of America’s Linguistics evolution, the result is not a language that aids in thinking but a language that… makes people easier to acclimate themselves to doublethink. And we all know what doublethink was formed for. 

  • bkivey

    Re: OPEUM. I like the allusion to a drug that makes people feel good when they use it, and stifles ambition, but I’m not sure that all government spending is ‘unfair’. Most people might think that Constitutionally-mandated expenditures like delivering the mail and defending the country are ‘fair’ uses for taxpayer dollars. I’m willing to contribute to relief programs for the truly needy/unfortunate, because not every individual trial is the person’s fault. Stuff happens. There are other government expenditures I’m OK with, although not nearly as many as a lot of people seem to think are necessary.
    I propose another acronym, one that already has negative connotations: Other People’s Expropriated Cash.