Stereotypes, the “N” word, and our decadent popular culture

It’s a long post title, but actually quite a short post.  What I really have is a matched set.

First, an image that’s been circulating on the liberal side of facebook:

For those of you who aren’t too conversant with popular culture, the one on the left is Snoop Doggy Dogg, who has avoided arrest, while the one on the right is Martha Stewart who was, I think, unfairly convicted on a very technical financial technicality.

Stewart has dedicated her life, obsessively so, to bringing beauty into people’s homes. She believes that every aspect of home-making can be made meaningful. She has a charming screen presence and, apparently, an . . . um . . . assertive off-screen presence. People resented Stewart’s success, especially because they felt that someone who was a harsh-task master and arrogant should be brought down a peg. Me, personally? I think she has uplifted American culture.

Snoop? He’s a gangsta and proud of it. Indeed, he’s one of the original gangsta rappers. He may have avoided the law, but everybody but gang members, wannabe white boys, and record executives, knows that Snoop is a profoundly damaging influence on American culture. Considering the lives he’s probably destroyed, jail is too good for him.

Don’t believe me? Check out Zombie’s latest (serious content warning) which takes a look at what our children are listening to and seeing, courtesy of Snoop and the gang(stas).

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  • Earl

    I never did like Martha much*….she’s a big lib, and I’d heard about how tough she was on people around her.
    But her conviction for “lying to a federal officer”, or whatever it was, still appears to me to have been a misuse of the prosecutorial power given to the government.  They were unable to amass sufficient evidence to charge her with insider trading, which is what the case was about.  Instead, they asked to “interview” her, and when she cooperated, she fell into a “perjury trap” they set.  So, she was convicted of lying about something which was never proved one way or another in court.  It stinks to high heaven.
    I’ll be honest, when I first heard about it (superficially), I fell for the temptation to schadenfreude because of my distaste.  But the more I learned about it, the more upset I became.  She was (IMO) railroaded because they wanted a high-profile scalp to make themselves look like they were “doing something”.
    *But her beef jerky recipe is the one I ALWAYS use — it makes a product that is JUST like I remember the jerky I used to buy when out on my paper route in the late ’50s.

  • Ellen

    I remember watching Martha Stewart once when she was doing a show on how to poach eggs.  She began by saying that to get perfect poached eggs, you had to start with very fresh ones.  Then she smirked at the camera and said, “I have my own free range flock”

    Well aren’t you special.

    I couldn’t help but contrast that with Julia Child’s show on how to poach eggs.  After she explained that the eggs must be fresh, she said that since most of us don’t know how fresh our eggs are, if we add a spoon of vinegar to the poaching water, that will help produce a better poached egg.

    Martha Stewart comes across as such a haughty, elitist snob.  And Martha, please get your hair out of your eyes. 

  • Libby

    More bumper-sticker “wisdom” from the Left.
    Prickly, snobby personality aside, Martha Stewart is an incredibly accomplished woman who has leveraged a catering business into a multimedia empire (called Omnimedia, no less). She took what was considered passe and uncool – home skills and crafts – and made it interesting and desirable again. Her books, magazines, TV shows and website are an incredible resource for recipes, crafts, entertaining, etc.. For those who enjoy her products and ideas, she has enriched their lives.
    And then there’s gangsta rapper, pornographer, uber-pot head Snoop Dogg. He’s not a felon, so I guess he’s a good guy, right? The guy’s a creep who has who has helped coarsen our culture.

  • Beth

    I read the Zombie article, skipping the majority of the lyrics–no need to read beyond the first few lines.  Filth.  Utter filth. 
    The saddest part is the 14-y-o who not only spends a very large amount of time listening to this garbage, but is also surrounded by others her same age, all day, over 180 days a year, who are listening to the same thing.  Will any peer be able to lift her out of that gutter–it sure seems like the parents don’t even know she is in a gutter!
    Yeah, I’m the parent who is prohibiting the socialization of my children….by homeschooling.  No stereotype there…

  • JKB

    I am so broken. It took me a while to get that. Just reading the first line, I thought they were making a comment on expecting women to be in the kitchen and black men not cooking. Then, reading the second, it took me a moment to realize who I’d read about going to jail. I would make such a terrible Progressive.

    In my defense, I’ve been slow on these issues all my life. In college (early 80s), a good friend and his girlfriend got pregnant. I was one of the first they told. Big scandal for her mother. At the reception, the bridesmaids wrote “They had to” on the top of the car. I was coming down the hill to help “decorate” and had to ask what that meant. The bride’s little sister reminded me of the “unfortunate” sequence of events. I forgot to be scandalized and judgmental.

  • JKB

    I was clicking through a link a Yahoo a bit ago. It was a photo essay of Teenage girls and their rooms. I found the last slide sad.

    To live in a room decorated like a bathroom stall at the local beer joint with vulgar graffiti?


    Music has charms to soothe the savage breast To soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.
    And rap-crap creates statistics.
    Children in single-parent families by race – Data Across …

  • MacG

    Izit just me or is there a tinge of green in Snoop’s brownie mix…

    Sadie can you explain this footnote to me:
    S: Data estimate has been suppressed. Estimates from the American Community Survey (ACS) are suppressed when the total confidence interval (upper bound minus lower bound) of the percent estimate, is 10 percentage points or greater.

    THe Black stats have the highest incidence of this supressed data.  I wonder why this is?


    MacG, I hadn’t noted the ACS, but the survey itself is mailed to 250,000 lucky people every ten years. How do I know- you’re asking yourself. Well,  it just so happens I was one of the lucky for the 2010. Imagine, my WTF surprise look on my face when a rather long survey, which must filled out or else fines/prison, the usual stuff, came on the heels of the “census”. The ACS is more intrusive. I asked my neighbors, who are active in party politics locally about it and they had never heard of it. Since the survey is self-administered, like the general census, I wonder if it’s a mechanism to cross-check data. Other that my brief Sadie story, I haven’t a clue to the reference.

    To your second question – that would be a brief answer as well.    

  • MacG

    Thanks Sadie.  Sorry for your trepidation.  Perhaps there is a Statician in the blogosphere that can explain in High School 2.01 english :)

    The whole thing made me think though that maybe it is where there are the lowest concentrations of Blacks e.g. Connecticut that it is statistically impossible to reconcile the low numbers wiith the margin of error.  HEY! what’s this trail…if that is so then is it no wonder that when these geographic regions that have such a low density of blacks that when the whites see videos of gangstas rappin bout thier bichin hoe Crystal nigga bitches that there might be a reason for them to not to be interested in establishing a meaningful dialogue? I mean it would stand to reason that in high density white communities the whites tend to act alike then why would not this other segment of society all act alike as well?  It’s not a race thing as demonstarted in the Michelle Piffer movie about an inner city teacher…Dangerous Minds…where behaviour and attitude out in the world are seen as threatening when the same is not within a clique of society.

  • Ymarsakar

    Every single person on various committees in Congress is guilty of insider trading. They simply found her out because she lacked certain public assets and political influence to get out of it. That’s it.

  • Ymarsakar

    Earl, of course they needed some high profile case. Who else were they going to prosecute? Chris Dodds the chairman of the MPAA? Barney Frank? Other Democrats? Hell no.