Walker wins; repercussions for unions and Progressives to follow

From Drudge:

Harbinger or anomaly? I say the former. It’s not just that the voter tide is turning. It’s that the Obama-ites, who once looked invincible, now have the stench of failure and incompetence settling in around them. That becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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  • bizcor

    I certainly hope he does.


    9:57 p.m. east coast

    FOX calls it for Walker and Kleefish. 

  • JKB

    Looks like the close part was just a bit of wishful thinking.

    I’ve seen numbers like 60/40 for both Walker and the LT governor. And that was with rumors of out of staters bused in and same day registrations that weren’t verified eligible before being permitted to vote. Yikes, can’t even win with Chicago style get out the vote.

  • MorowbieJukes

    Government employee unions, along with crony capitalists and most politicians are the American nomenklatura – exempt from all of the rules while they ostentatiously feast at the public trough while the hoi polloi starve.  They are badly outnumbered and the more that is known about them the more they are despised.
    All the union goons, money, fraud and that criminal cabal known as the Holder Justice Department couldn’t steal this election.  My vote is for it being a ‘harbinger’.


    Tuned into MSLSD – they looked rather gray and pasty looking as if  they had just seen a ghost. It must have Reagan’s, he died 8 years ago today.

  • Libby

    Big enough win to beat the margin of fraud. Now that’s how to defeat the Left.
    The other thing that must have organized labor sweating bullets and the candidates they’ve bankrolled:
    “Wisconsin membership in the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees — the state’s second-largest public-sector union after the National Education Association, which represents teachers — fell to 28,745 in February from 62,818 in March 2011, according to a person who has viewed Afscme’s figures.”

  • swedishlady

    I heard it in the news here as well and it made my morning glorious. The Obama machine starts to screech. Then add Bill Clintons statements about prolonging of the Bush taxreliefs and his appreciating words about Romney ( sterling businessman). Rats leaving the ship ?

  • Danny Lemieux

    To build on what swedishlady said, this is the latest of a string of rebuffs (Pearl Harbor, Philippines, Wake Is.) suffered by the Obama administration. Will the Obama administration recoup in its corner, give proper due to its opponent, listen to advice, assess its mistakes, quickly reconfigure its strategy and respond with a better, more sophisticated attack strategy (Midway, Guadalcanal)?

    Nah. Character counts. 

  • Zhombre

    No, Danny, they are delusional.  Watch for the meme that the election Wisconsin was bought by the Koch brother and corporate America. And, Book, I think the first whiff of failure and incompetence came when His Nibs made that fool’s errand to Copenhagen trying to get the Olympics to Chicago.  


    The “blame” went to SCOTUS and Citizens United if you listened to MSLSD last night. Wheww…I was sure that the loons were going to blame ATM’s, Euro, a tsunami and global warming.

    What I found more curioius was the O’s absence from the recall, other than a last minute tweet. Then again, the O’s absence from most of what’s happening is not news –  today is the D-Day.   


    p.s. D-Day in 2012 for Obama is “donations” – pretty much like the other years.

  • Charles Martel

    “Nah. Character counts.”
    It’s like that Star Trek episode where barbarian alternate-universe versions of Kirk and several crewmen accidentally teleport to our universe, while the real Kirk and his sidekicks wind up in a grotesque Roman Empire-style parody of the Federation.
    The folks in our universe quickly figure out that the Kirk they’re dealing with is a savage. Why? Because he and his cohorts do not know how to act as civilized men. The notion of civility and the frame of mind required to sustain it are beyond them.
    Danny’s right: character will out. The vile little men and women who are now squatting in our White House simply will not be able to help themselves.

  • jj

    Zhombre, I suspect you’re right.  We’ve already seen What’s-her-face – the idiot who desperately needs a hairbrush – out there babbling about how it’s purely a local deal, doesn’t mean anything for the larger stage, is an implication-free zone, etc., etc.  She was doing it last week, as the polls began to look bad.  They got their disclaimer in early.  Though, of course, every adult in the country knows if they’d won and Walker had lost then this whole exercise would be positively dripping with implications for the larger issue to be decided in November.  It would be a knell for republicans, the beginning of the end, etc., etc.  Since the democrats lost, well of course: purely local, unimportant, means nothing, irrelevant on the3 national stage…  Amazing.
    But what’s even more amazing is how many liberals buy right into this BS.  That, I think, is pretty much always the story, and lends credence to the theory that liberalism is a form of mental disease.  A few months ago this election was a huge deal – just huge.  It’s been getting steadily smaller and less important since then, as the polls have increasingly indicated that the democrats, unions, and their pals weren’t going to win.  It’s so transparent it’s hard to believe even they believe their own BS any more.  You have to be willfully disconnected from the real world to believe – and the astonishing thing is: they are!  The real question for democrats has moved from “why do you believe what you do” to “what the f*** is wrong with you?”

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Evil is pretty easy to see. But most people close their eyes to it. They find excuses to do nothing. Or say that war is too costly. Well, they’re going to find out what’s more costly than war soon enough.

  • beefrank

    I love how in Bookworm’s state, the cities of San Jose and San Diego overwhelmingly voted for public union pension reform.  The rest of the citizens in the state to need to wake up and correct the mistake of voting Brown, Newsom, Villaraigosa and other liberal snakes into office by electing conservative candidates.



    Short of voting the snakes out, maybe a good Pungi player or a Pied Piper Band for the Demorats.

  • beefrank

    The liberal talking points are hilarious specifically the ‘7-1’ campaign donations and attacks on the ‘Citizen United’ decision but they ignore the millions pumped in by the labor unions with illegal recall signatures and votes.  The Libs are so entrenched in ’60s mindset that marching, yelling, camping, waving signs and mayhem in the streets translates into viable candidates and votes.  They should examine the Tea Party movements as a case study but they are too busy snickering at ‘tea-bagger’ jokes to note how a republican democracy works and what it looks like.