The origins of homosexuality explained

In America, there was for some time a nature versus nurture debate regarding homosexuality.  I think the current view is that sexuality runs along a spectrum, with some people fixed firmly at one end or the other, and others, in the middle, who may be affected by the culture around them.

Folks, we’re all wrong.  As this cleric explains, the explanation involves God, the Devil, Shia Islam, Sunni Islam, anal worms, and semen treatments:

And I think that effectively puts an end to all debate. Next week’s debating topics include Earth’s role at the center of the solar system, the number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin, and the existence of mermaids and sea serpents.

That is all.

Hat tip: K.K.

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  • Earl

    I’m guessing that in any Islamic country, this puts an end to all debate….because if you decide to “debate”, they push a wall over on you!!
    Explain to me how the left squares the circle of simultaneously entertaining a robust “homo-philia” and giving political support for the Palestinians and all other enemies of Israel……

  • Ron19

    Nature, nurture, or, AHA, Supernatural!

    The left can handle this without conflict, because they know that there is no devil because there is no God, and anyone who is not a western liberal left scholar elite just needs to be re-educated to the real, relative truth of the universe.

    Watch for this on BBC, NPR, and Sesame Street.

    I wonder what happens when an adult converts to Shia?

  • Charles Martel

    Is there any religion, aside from Marxism, as pathetic as Islam?

  • Danny Lemieux


  • shirleyelizabeth

    This makes me fear the fate of any newborn that is considered to cry “too much.”

    But then it may be better this way. It seems with a religion that is law they could easily say, “this is the gay gene” and just start killing off people and babies.

  • Earl

    Thanks, Danny — my sentiments exactly.

  • Mike Devx

    If a devil inserted a finger (talon?) up your anus, you’d probably cry too!

    My question is, if a baby has been crying on and off for days, is it just in a bad mood sometimes, or is that devil paying the baby repeated visits?  I thought one visit was enough to turn a baby boy into a passive homosexual, and a baby girl into a raging whore!  It sounded from his exalted presentation that the devil need only do a quick insertion to accomplish the act.  What does it mean, then, if a baby is crying for, say, an hour?

    And then there’s the Disease AND The Worm!  Both!  One might expect this exalted fellow to hold up a specimen jar containing such a worm… but that would be actually *scientific* and we can’t have any of that!  Why haven’t I heard of The Worm that terrorized the forensic pathologist?  I guess when a passive homosexual dies, one of the devils pays him another visit and, via insertion, retrieves The Worm.  I guess.

    I think it’s time for a T-Shirt slogan:  “If you’re not Insatiable, you’re just Faking It”


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  • USMaleSF

    One thing I notice about those Shia mullah’s is how nicely dressed they are.

    And aside from the life-changing revelation in the video, this piece does remind us kaffirs that the Shia and the Sunni probably hate each other as much as they hate us. That’s often how it is in life. Most of the violence in Iraq after Saddam was internecine religious killing. And American liberals hate American conservatives far more than they ever hated Osama bin Laden.

    It’s a shame that Shia are only 10% of Islam. If the numbers were higher, maybe the two sides could kill each other off more effectively.