Chris Matthews interviews Elizabeth Warren — good for a laugh

Chris Matthews managed to do an entire interview of Elizabeth Warren without once mentioning the scandals now dogging her.  Instead, he offers, “as a journalist,” to help her.  See the video and read more about Matthews’ water-carrying at American Power.

I’ll add only that, while liberals like to sneer that “military intelligence” is an oxymoron (and I’ve heard similar sneering from some military types who were confounded when the battlefield intelligence they received was wrong), that oxymoron is a piker compared to “journalistic ethics” in the age of Obama.

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  • Ron19

    My, what a balanced, unbiased interview!  I almost shut it off during the intro to the segment.

    I’m not a TV watcher 99.9% of the time, and have been that way for the last two of my six decades.  This 11 minutes was absolutely jaw-dropping for me.  If I had read this as a transcript, with names and parties blacked out, I wouldn’t be able to tell which side they were on, they changed their strawmen, talking points, and orientation so fast.

    Although I lean strongly to the right, I get some of my news, analysis, and opinions from center and left sources, every day.  So it is just awe-inspiring how glibly and facilely they lie. 

    Hitler said little truth, little truth, big lie.  This interview had everything smeared together, like the finger-painting of a four-year-old.

    Herman Cain is right.  They think we’re stupid.

  • gpc31


  • jj

    “As a journalist?”  When did Matthews become one of those?  Although it must be seen as an improvement I suppose: at least he didn’t wet his pants this time, and feel something trickling down his leg.  Or if he did, didn’t find it necessary to talk about it.