Is Obama’s Fast & Furious executive privilege claim a tipping point?

It seems to me Obama erred badly.  Very badly.

As long as Obama kept out of the Fast & Furious issue, the MSM also ignored it.  By interjecting himself in the matter, and by doing so in a way that shows either that his administration is stupid, that it was involved in a past cover-up, or that it is now covering up something too terrible to reveal, he’s made himself a front page story, with nice Nixonian overtones.

Put another way, there is no good spin to put on the meaning behind his executive order.  The only conclusions that one can possibly draw reflect badly on the President’s intelligence or his honor.  Democrats understand that because, as best as I can tell, rather than defending the President, they’re simply attacking Congress and any high-profile Republicans they can think of.  I’m unaware of any substantive defense of either the President’s or Holder’s conduct.

In a way, Democrats are wise to use this tried and true smear approach.  Think back to the Clarence Thomas hearings.  Although he was ultimately confirmed, they besmirched him so thoroughly that the thought of a Supreme Court vetting doubtless daunted many otherwise good jurists.  And of course, the attack on Thomas, one that sought to destroy him personally, as opposed to examining his professional qualifications, was just a continuation of Ted Kennedy’s appalling, and baseless, challenge to Judge Robert Bork.

Democrats don’t mind getting their hands dirty by smearing people in indefensible ways.

The problem for the Dems this time around is (a) that there are documents implicating Holder; (b) that Holder provably lied; and (c) that an alternative media exists, preventing the MSM from controlling public discourse.  The tried-and-true tactic won’t work this time.

That’s why I think we’re at a tipping point here.  Obama parachuted himself right into a large field filled with horse pucky.  He cannot move in any direction without getting himself mired even deeper in the stuff.

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  • Ymarsakar

    I think in a nation that politicians and hate monger Black Panther groups can nail Zimmerman using the legal system as their weapon, is a nation that is no longer governed by laws or the US Constitution. And if you don’t think so, that may be because you haven’t suffered yet under their yoke. But that’s coming soon in the future. If they can’t kill you with Fast and Furious and if their thugs can’t kill or rape you in real life, they’ll get you if you defend yourself afterwards. They will get you, one way or another. That is the essence of the Leftist alliance. That is why they achieved power. That is why people allowed them to achieve power.

  • JKB

    Well, given the documents in question relate to retaliation against whistle blowers and the internal deliberations on developing a response to Congress since shown to have material errors and subsequently withdrawn, how can it be bad for Obama to claim privilege? 😉

    The best part is the assertion, Congress has no right to oversight of an agency that exists solely by Congressional will. The President has Constitutional duties by the Departments and Agencies do not. The President oversees the conduct of the Departments and Agencies but only in the execution of legislation.