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I’ve noticed something interesting over the last week or so: the absence of Obama bumper stickers. (And I’ve been in some very fierce Obama strongholds over the last few days, ranging from San Francisco to Los Angeles.) I’d actually noticed this absence before, but I figured that Democrats were sitting tight, waiting for the Republicans to finish up with their circular firing squad (aka the primaries).

“Surely once there’s an official Republican candidate, the Obama bumper stickers will appear,” I thought to myself.

I thought wrong. We’re in election season for real now, and the bumpers on the cars on the road are peculiarly silent. I see a lot of faded Obama 2008 stickers, but only the smallest handful of Obama 2012 bumper stickers. Maybe, with the Obama economy, people cannot afford new bumper stickers and are recycling their old ones. Or maybe, just maybe, the Obama’s supporters aren’t quite so supportive this time around.

I don’t think Obama’s former supporters, the 2008 enthusiasts, will ever vote for Romney. What I think will happen is that, actively or passively, they’ll abstain. The absentee ballot will never emerge from the junk mail pile, the clock will tick by on voting day while the voter keeps being “too busy” to vote yet, etc. Some will just say “a plague on both your houses.”

Obama’s margin in 2008 came about because of voter enthusiasm. With that enthusiasm gone, no matter what the polling shows, I think his former fans just won’t be showing up to pull the lever or fill in the bubble.

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  1. stanley says

    I think a lot of the enthusiasm you mention from the last election is coming from middle-age white people. I was playing golf yesterday with a stranger. He was white, middle-age, happily married with 2 grown sons. After the financial collapse one son was laid off and had to move in with them bringing his wife and 2 children so he was directly and personally impacted. Normally I don’t talk politics while enjoying golf but he was friendly as am I and the subject came up. He articulated his disappointment in Obama and his disillusionment with “hope and change”. My thoughts were that these were the people who elected Obama, whites, not flaming emotional liberals (because they were already full in), but regular people who wanted to see a black man succeed. They are disappointed and disillusioned because they were victims of events that Obama contributed to and to which he offers no practical solutions. My only comment was I was not surprised because it was obvious what he was and is today, an ideologue with an impractical ideology. One need only to look at his history (what is known) and his associates (who work in shadows), and his work and experience record (nothing of consequence to the real world) to know what to expect. So this time around he does not have these (mid-class whites) people, and I think there were a lot of them. They are contemporaries of mine, and while they still don’t get it they do get that this guy is not the answer going forward. The people I really feel bad for are Black Americans because they got f*cked again. They finally have the opportunity to show what a member of their race can do and he trashes the system under which they live to be replaced with a 3rd world system which will serve them poorly. Yet according to polls over 95% of Black Americans will vote for him again.   

  2. Libby says

    I’ve seen a few around town, but only 1 neighbor has a bumper sticker that looks like it’s from 2012 instead of 2008. I’ve noticed on the new ones that there’s a line that reads: Est. [O logo] 2007. Is he a president or a brand? What happens to the logo when he leaves office – will this be stamped on everything of his going forward (materials for the Obama presidential library, future Obama books, etc.)? Weird.

  3. says

    I’ve seen a fair number of Obama 2012 bumper stickers, though without a message.  Bumper stickers really don’t get going until after the conventions, when we know who the vice-presidential candidates are.  Sitting presidents love to generate a little interest in their convention by not committing as to whether they will change VPs.  And you can’t really sport an Obama/Biden/2012 sticker until you know for sure it’s Obama/Biden. 

    I agree that lots of people won’t be as enthusiastic this time.  The novelty of a black president has worn off and “hope and change” have not exactly made everything magically wonderful again.  Furthermore, I admit I was wrong when I thought that Obama could keep the bad economic news from hitting until after the election.  Turns out he couldn’t control events in Europe and our markets and measures of economic confidence are grossly overreacting to those events. 

    On the other hand, Obama now has all the advantages of a sitting president, from bully pulpit, to being the devil you know, to an amazing war chest.  I remain very skeptical that Romney can beat him, at least unless Romney sells the public on a coherent vision of a way out of the mess we are in.  Does Romney even have such a vision, much less the ability to sell it?

  4. groman says

    I live in southeast NC and there  is a large population of blacks as well as a local university full up with left wing professors and young minds full of mush. In 2008 there were tons of Obama/Biden stickers and various other Obama 2008 stickers on what seemed like 80% of the cars on the road. Now? No. There are a few 2012 stickers, mostly on your typical lib-mobiles (Prius, Forester, Volvos) and of course of the blacks who will bother to vote, 95% will pull the lever for BO. I agree with Stanley, the white middle class that had been brainwashed by the media knows that there’s something wrong with this guy. He’s not the man for the job. They may not know his background or be able explain what an ideologue he is but in their gut they know he’s not the solution.

  5. Gringo says

    I don’t think Obama’s former supporters, the 2008 enthusiasts, will ever vote for Romney. …Some will just say “a plague on both your houses.”
    Three decades ago, my initial reaction on turning from Demo to Third Party was also “a plague on both your houses.” It took me a while to realize that Demos would plague MY house more than the Pubs would. The lesser evil,and all that.
    I have also noticed fewer Obama bumper stickers. Given his four years of unfulfilled promises, it is hard for Obama supporters to retain their enthusiasm.  There was a bumper sticker from 2008 that had but one word- “Obamos”- which is a play on the Spanish imperative for let’s go: Vamos. To rehash an old ad jungle from long ago: Obama voters’ get up and go has got up and went. [Which may also be from an old Weavers' song.]
    All it takes is five percent to change their minds and change their vote.

  6. Charles Martel says

    I know I am a voice shouting in the wilderness about this, but Obama is not black. He’s half-white and half-black. The Democrats long ago sold us on the Jim Crow fiction that the eensiest drop of black blood makes a man totally black. But the eensiest drop of white blood can never, never, ever make a man white.
    Barack Obama is America’s first mixed-race president. Our first black president will have to wait until a black man wins that office.

  7. skullbuster says

    I’m cautiously with stanley.  I also play golf with a transplant to this area (deep south) from Detroit.  He describes himself just a little bit left of Nancy Pelosi, but says he will not vote for OBama because of his foreign policy.   He precieves him as weak in the world.  Notice Putim meeting with  Peres and Netanyahu and other leaders like the American President used to do.

  8. Danny Lemieux says

    I, too, have noticed the same trend in my limousine liberal North Shore Chicago neighborhood. It’s too bad, because I usually like to take an intellectual and anthropological peek at the drivers of the Piouses or Volvos or whatever to see if I can see any distinguishing characteristics (bad or colored hair, piercings, tattoos, bad color combinations, etc.) that could explain their obvious lack of judgment. I also look for any evidence that they may be forming an evolutionary tangent from the rest of us, homo sapiens evolving away from us into homo youwretchedass, for example.

    It will be more difficult this time around, I suspect. 

  9. says

    A fair number of Obama stickers around here (DC metro area), though I don’t think as many as last time around. I was in Santa Fe recently, and saw a car with the following collection of bumper stickers: –AGAINST genetically-modified crops –FOR “peace” –FOR “the Palestinians” Pretty well encapsulated The Compleat “Progressive” Idiot, especially the last pairing. My most recent post…Retrosupercomputing 


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