• http://OgBlog.net Earl

    “He didn’t lower his standards to fit the company he was in.”
    Nice to have that said about one……
    I remember the fear I felt as a fan when the ‘Niners had to play the Bears!  And Dick Butkus was the biggest part of the reason for that fear.  He was just awesome.
    A worthy role model for the political battles ahead.

  • Ron19

    Watching the clips, Dick Butkiss obviously believed in and trusted his helmet and padding.

    When my daughter was in high school, one player played like that for both offense and defense.  He was a star for four years, and his mother was the team’s biggest fan!

    We need to believe in our Constitution and trust and support our election processes, and get out there for the team.

  • weathtd

    Greatest linebacker in NFL history.  I was a Colts fan growing up and remember Butkis knocking Unitas and Couzo out of game on same day.

  • Beth

    Thanks for posting!  I have two boys playing football–one lineman (o & d) and one linebacker. 
    No doubt we have to be trained and ready for the fight ahead!  Our boys win because they practice hard.  But a good point to remember is that a football starting line-up is only as good as the pride team they practice against everyday.  I consider the Bookworm and followers as a sort of pride-team for each other.  So many great rants, position clarifications, information and reality checks from all over.
    GO TEAM!  Let’s get out there and kick some butt!