Obama serves the useful purpose of revealing hypocrites in all their glory

I quote Glenn Reynolds in his entirety:

IT’S AS IF ALL THAT HUMAN-RIGHTS CONCERN WAS JUST PARTISAN HACKERY: Liberals ignore Obama’s Guantanamos: The same people who excoriated Bush’s war on terror are letting Obama do as he pleases.

Let me be clear: All you people who were playing the have-you-no-decency card under Bush, but who aren’t screaming just as loud now — which is pretty much all of you people who were playing the have-you-no-decency card under Bush — were and are miserable lying hacks. And I thank Obama for making that perfectly clear, at least.

Hat tip:  Earl

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  • Cheesestick

    I always knew they were being overly dramatic because Bush was in office.  However, I did think they cared a little bit or that the things we were doing in the war really were some strongly held beliefs they had.  But they did prove that a lie a long time ago w/ the drone stuff and the kill teams and other war crimes that got zero coverage.  And once this became evident, it made me (and still makes me) so incredibly angry I could spit nails.
    The worst part about it though is they don’t even know they have changed their position.  (And by extension, are not aware the conservatives have not changed theirs.)  They are blissfully unaware that any of this stuff that Bush did has become even more extreme under Obama.  And they can be that way because there is nothing in our society that forces them to confront this reality.  The volume level of they hysterics under Bush was deafening.  It cannot and will not be that way w/ Obama.  The “noise-makers” simply won’t do it.  It is very frustrating.  

  • Danny Lemieux

    But Cheesestick, they are being entirely consistent.

    The Democrat Left doesn’t care when other communists and enemies of the U.S. of A. kill innocent civilians or torture people (witness what is happening in Libya and Egypt and what the Jihadis and Al Qaeda were doing in Iraq). Ditto when the communists were committing mass slaughter in the Ukraine, Russia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia… 

    They are “one for all and all for one” when it comes to promoting their agenda, which includes the destruction of the U.S. of A to give way to their utopian Nirvana. 

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Being anti American means denying American morale in wars against their allies, Islamic Jihad. When Obama inherited his various liked and disliked wars, being anti-American meant denying American morale by downplaying the casualties in the war started by their stooge and ally Obama.

     “This” is what we all know people meant when they called Democrats unAmerican, but nobody wanted to prove it. Because the bodies were hidden too well by the Demoncrat mobs. Sent over the border by Holder type policies one way or another.

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