Monday morning Open Thread

I must be very wicked, because it hasn’t been a peaceful few days, nor has this morning been peaceful.  Sitting down, reading, thinking, and writing haven’t been a part of my agenda.  (I’m being a little dishonest there, for literary purposes, of course, because I actually had some pleasant moments this weekend, which seems inconsistent with wickedness.  Even the pleasant times, though, kept me away from reading and writing.)

While I continue to be busy for the next couple of hours, please feel free to share your thoughts and news stories.


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  • Randall Woodman

    Today the Texas voter ID law is being heard in court.  The argument is that this disenfranchises minorities and the poor because they don’t have the resources to obtain and ID and this is the same thing as a poll tax.   Seriously?  Is that the best argument you have?  What are some of the things you need an ID for just to function in society?

    Driver’s license
    Buy alcohol
    Buy cigarettes
    Apply for welfare
    Apply for food stamps
    Cash a check
    Purchase a firearm
    Make any large credit card purchase
    Open a bank account
    Rent an apartment
    Be admitted to a hospital
    Get a marriage license

    The other argument being advanced is that voting is a “right” and that you shouldn’t have to show an ID to exercise a right.  Ok, so next time I go to purchase a gun I’ll try that argument and see if they sell it to me.  I mean, it’s my right to own a gun because it’s in the second amendment. 

    My clearer heads prevail in this court case.


  • JKB

    Must be some selective lawsuits. I just got a new Tennessee voter id card in the mail, I’ve been redistricted. Printed in red, “Photo ID required”

    In 2010, I forgot to sign my voter id card after changing my address. I asked them if I should sign or if they wanted to see my photo id, they took both.

  • JKB

    I was checking out a TCM pre-code movie collection. I was struck by this movie description and how it would be impossible today

    “Shopworn (1932) is a class-conscious melodrama in which a waitress (Barbara Stanwyck) falls in love with a wealthy college student (Regis Toomey) but his mother resorts to devious means to end the relationship. ”

    Today, the waitress would have two masters but a $100,000 student loan debt. So the mother would be resorting to devious means to keep her son from taking on that debt.

    Let’s see

    Shopworn (2012) is a class-consious melodrama in which a waitress with two Masters degrees in art history and performing arts falls in love with a wealthy college student but the student’s mother resorts to devious means to end the relationship before her daughter takes on her lover’s debt through marriage.

  • bizcor

    Randall you forgot to put on the list getting on an airplane. Truth of the matter is the left doesn’t want voter ID because it will go a long way in eliminating voter fraud. They can’t dsay that though so they have to invent reasons.

  • Marica

    And Randall, don’t forget getting your concealed handgun license which, as it’s issued by the state, conveniently counts as a state-issued photo ID. 

  • Old Buckeye

    This post was rather alarming to me: (see my comment on the site)
    I e-mailed my Congressman and one of the Tennessee Senators to ask them to take a look at it and if it is as bad as I think it is, to take action to lessen the impact. Since it takes a 2/3 majority to rescind it, I don’t think that’s possible, but it’s my understanding there may be a way they could add in restrictions through legislation. (?)


    This post was rather alarming to me …

    Everything this administration has been doing and undoing is alarming. Just as and even more alarming is the shrug and silence from conservatives.  As far as I am concerned every EO should be explained by our reps – thoroughly. I have yet to hear one peep from the chicken sh*ts about 30,000 drones to be up and buzzing about. I did, however, hear a story that a university in Texas was able to redirect their course by confusing/hijacking the GPS system. 

  • Old Buckeye

    Exactly right, Sadie! When I read that a drone might hover over my house either to spy on or kill me, I got chills. I guess I should have said this latest EO was even more alarming than all the previous actions that have caused my hair to stand on end! I caught about two seconds of Rush today and I think that’s what he was talking about–that people have become complacent, these kinds of actions are completely ignored and have become the norm. I really think Romney needs to HARP ON every one of the unconstitutional and freedom-stripping acts from this administration.

  • gpc31

    What do you think about this strategy for discussing partisan politics?
    I’m off to my wife’s family annual reunion in two weeks, where I will be outnumbered 30-3 by doctrinaire liberals.  You know, the tolerant sorts whose nostrils quiver eagerly at the merest whiff of “Islamophobia” while blaming racist Israel for all of the Palestinians’ problems.  The kind, like my wife, who respond to my observation that the Great Society has been a fiscal and cultural disaster by indignantly demanding “What would YOU do–just let them [inner city blacks] starve?”  (Oh, the patronizing bigotry of low expectations.) You get the picture.
    In the past I’ve tried silence, bemused looks, noncommittal smiles, innocent questions, jokes, a raised eyebrow here, a sardonic aside there, pithy epigrams (some shamelessly stolen from this site), mini case studies backed by facts, exhortations to read key books, exasperated rejoinders, and ultimately lots of Italianate hand-waving.
    This year I thought about handing out a pre-printed ledger of facts comparing 2008 and 2012, one page each for economic, foreign policy, and constitional issues.  Nah — too wonky; won’t work.  (Although I might print a few as back up.)
    Another idea was to print out business cards that say “If you actually haven’t read the [fill in the blank], why should I talk to you about it?”  Too snotty.
    But now I’ve got it.  When some one asks (accuses) me about an issue, I’m going to smile and say:  “I’d be DELIGHTED to talk about XYZ with you — it will be great to have an intelligent and nuanced discussion.  Let’s make it even more enlightening:  Why don’t YOU argue the conservative side, and I’ll be happy to state the liberal side.”  I can recite their arguments in my sleep.
    I look forward to their open-mouthed aporia.  This is going to be fun.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Gpc31, I would say,

    “Look, I know that you think that you think good thoughts and do good things so all must be well, but the fact is that you destroy peoples lives – mind, body and soul. Everything that you Liberal/Democrat/Progressives touch turns to s***. You bring death, decay, despair and degradation to people, all for the moral vanity of your good thoughts and intentions.”

    And you think that it is us conservatives and libertarians that are the heartless ones? Get real! I could try to explain it to you why that is, but your blend of arrogance and ignorance makes you invincibly ignorant of the consequences of your thoughts and actions. However, the one thing that we conservatives know how to do is to forgive. So, person to person, I forgive you and so…let’s enjoy the party.”

    Gee, answering your question for you made me feel pretty good. Now I have to go use that on the Libs in my own circle of family and acquaintances.

  • lee

    And you need a photo ID to buy spray paint.



    Bring plenty of Tums, Maalox and any other anti-acids  on the market.  I always like to ask from this “ilk” a list of successful programs that are not in the red. I am particularly fond of bringing up The Great Society and the staggering single mother stats (list below) over the past 50 years and how these stats have impacted every facet of life for everyone since. I can’t think of one Federal brain fart other than the Federal Highway Act (1956) that accomplished what it promised.


    1965 7%

    1970 11%

    1990 28%

    2012 41%
    LBJ’s Great Society: 40 Years Later



    Randall Woodman

    One more for the list… 

    Via Town Hall’s Katie Pavlich:

    Earlier today, Attorney General Eric Holder addressed the NAACP Nation Convention at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. What did media need in order to attend? That’s right, government issued photo identification (and a second form of identification too!), something both Holder and the NAACP stand firmly against when it comes to voting. Holder’s DOJ is currently suing Texas for “discriminatory” voter ID laws.      

  • MacG

    Sadie and Old Buckeye,

    Now ya know why they wanted front door GPS locations during the census…



    A real trifecta. Google Street View, GPS and drones. Visuals plus coordinates = a very ominous knock-knock joke.   

  • Caped Crusader

    If you are a pacifist, just don’t go or get sick at the last minute.
    If you are not a pacifist, poison the punch, for 10:1 is a good kill ratio. Make sure you and your wife drink only bottle beer.
    Life can be frustrating, n’est pas?