Conservative academics — they do exist!

I find living in Marin County to be politically fraught.  Conservatives, after all, make up only 25% or so of the voting population.  The academic world, however, makes Marin look like an all-inclusive environment.  Depending on your area of scholarly expertise, if you’re a conservative academic, you might find yourself being tagged as yet another unloved One Percenter, not because you’re rich, but because 99% of your colleagues think that your politics are evil.

Although I enjoy the sniper’s anonymity in my own writing, I have an enormous amount of respect for those academics who are not only conservative, but are openly conservative.  That’s brave. I’d therefore like to bring two of these brave conservatives to your attention.  One blogs anonymously, which I totally get, and one blogs under her own name, which makes her a very rare creature indeed.

The first blog is Cogitating Duck, which is written by an academic who also happens to be a pretty fine cartoonist. He’s also a person after my own heart, because he is no friend to the mainstream media, which he enjoys deconstructing just as much as I do.

The second is YDS:  The Clare Spark Blog.  Clare is an iconoclast, searching for truth in a very untruthful world.  Her blog instantly appealed to me, because her latest post attacks yet another HBO Left fest, this one in the form of a staggeringly dull, almost amateurish movie purporting to show the “exciting” affair between Martha Gelhorn, a Leftist, and Ernest Hemingway, a Leftist.

Hat tip:  Doug

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  • cogitatingduck

    Thanks for the mention!  I’m not sure if I’m an “academic” in the strictest sense.  Depends what the meaning of “is” is.  But I do work in a university setting and follow the goings-on more closely than most.

  • Marica

    I am proud to bring to your attention another conservative Libertarian academic, my husband, John Bickle! He does’t blog (although I do). He’s a Philosopher– which means he’s very good at detecting the weak premise in an argument, and he’s a neuroscientist– which means he can challenge the “scientific experts” on their turf. He’s an old-fashioned Texan (i.e., not from Austin!) and one who is not shy about about calling bull shit on the politically correct received view in front of a crowd. 

    John’s latest research project involves investigating the “conservative brain” stuff.  Book, you & the folks here might find this interesting. As you know, there has recently been some “research” using surveys tied to fMRI studies suggesting that conservatives’ brains are wired differently than liberals’. It doesn’t take much digging to discover some fairly serious bias in the samples’ composition– for the most part the samples are composed of either undergraduates or man-on-the-street folk, where the street is the corner of Haight & Asbury (did I get that right?). John’s project (in collaboration with a guy at Scripts College) is to develop a demographic of real conservatives, i.e., the folks who belong to hunting clubs and go to church and bitterly cling to their guns and such. At issue is the Aristotelian virtue, courage, and what areas of the brain are active when one behaves courageously (or cowardly). Fun stuff.

    You are correct, Book. It does take a certain sort of courage to stand up for what you believe in. John’s been tenured for years. He was the Head of the Philosophy Department at Univ. Cincinnati for 9 years, and now Head at Miss. State for the last three. He’s “safe” in the sense that he’s proven himself as a first rate philosopher & scientist, and administrator. But coming up through the ranks, he could easily have been steamrolled for his Libertarian views– were it not for his convictions.

    Sorry to prattle on. But I think it’s very important the *we* not fall into the trap of stereotyping academics. And by the way– John loves teaching. Your children are safe in his classes!