An online computer dating site that leaves you scratching your head

The Sun, a Canadian newspaper, took a few minutes to travel to a Muslim online dating site (, and noticed something a bit perplexing about the site.  I have to agree:  this just doesn’t make sense.  Nevertheless, as the Romans so wittily said, de gustibus non est disputandum.

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  • lee

    The eyes are the window to the soul! 

  • Caped Crusader

  • jj

    Clowns.  I’m sick of their whole stupid act.

  • Kevin_B

    Great talk by Michael Coren. I agree with what he’s seeing, and there’s some humour in his comments about the muslima pictures as well. Michael Coren is pretty nice to watch/hear, by the way.
    “The eyes are the window to the soul!”
    Not in this case. These eyes are way to pretty for all the filth and rotten stuff in the minds of these “people”, thanks to islam. The islam which also requires these women to wear those suffocating black bags, because men aren’t supposed to elevate themselves above their animal nature, or show any self-control.
    “Clowns.  I’m sick of their whole stupid act.”
    I only wish it were a clown’s act. It’s not… these guys and girls are not only sincere in their insane beliefs, they also want to make sure to whole world submits or is made to submit to their seventh century desert ideology. Submission, incidentally, is what the word islam means.

    On another note… it’s surprising to see muslims being able to choose their own spouses for once (although marrying after 6 days doesn’t sound wise at all). Usually, muslims like to arrange marriages… often between first cousins. And sometimes between middle-age or old men and young girls – after the example of Muhammad himself, of course, who married a 6-year old girl at age 54, and consumated the marriage when she was nine. I saw a video recently of a case in Pakistan, of a couple who choose their own spouse. They were condemned and very nearly killed for “honor”. What can I say… barbarians. Worse than animals.