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    Two very good articles that were good reading. Thanks for sharing these, Bookworm.
    Regarding the “United Nations”… in it’s current form, that organisation is a completely disgrace. Not all it does is necessarily bad, but a lot is, as stated in the article, just incompetent. There’s also a few good things underneath all the manure.
    I also think the basic idea of an organisation like the UN, and of countries working together on certain goals (like peace) is not necessarily bad. One major area where the UN went wrong, was in allowing a whole number of ‘bad countries’ to become members. First, dictatorships and communist countries have been allowed in (Belarus, North Korea, China). Second, one of the biggest (if not the biggest) voting blocks in the UN is the OIC, the organisation of Islamic Cooperation, consisting of 57 countries and with it’s HQ in Jeddah, Saudi-Arabia.
    Building on something Pat Condell said in his video about the UN (‘Human Rights Travesty’), the OIC is a cartel of third-world dictatorships and theocracies, a gathering of the most barbaric, unfree and oppressive countries in the world, and a collection of serial human rights violators. Countries like Iran, Saudi-Arabia, Pakistan… don’t need to say more, I think.
    Another disgrace… Iran is part of the UN commission on women’s rights. Can you imagine that? Women are second – nay, 10th class citizens in Iran. Saudi-Arabia is on the UN Human Rights Council. Disgraceful to allow such a country even near such a council, let alone serve on one. I guess you guys know SA’s human rights record. 
    The OIC has also tried (and probably succeeded) to push a revolution in the General Assembly, decrying the ‘defamation of religion’, by which of course they mean telling the truth about islam. And there’s much more.
    The UN has become a disgraceful organisation, and is used as a pressure organisation by disgusting countries and evil cooperations like the OIC. The UN would be good if it consisted of decent, or as the article calls it, ‘morally and politically serious nations’. But in it’s current form it does not, and the UN in it’s current form is beyond being a disgrace.
    Regarding the so-called ‘Arab spring’… ‘Islamic winter’ would be a better name. ‘Islamists’ and ‘radical muslims’ have been behind these uprisings from the beginning, or have quickly co-opted them for their goals. Perhaps liberals may have been at the onset or part of these ‘revolutions’ at some points (and unlike in Western countries, the ‘liberal’ forces in the islamic world actually make some sense), but the islamists were in the majority or soon took over. Just look at the ‘demonstrations’, and you’ll see.
    I also read an article about the uprisings in Syria, which said that those behind it were in the great majority “conservative Sunni muslims” – you know, the kind with angry bearded shouting men in dresses and women in nikabs/burkas. No good can be expected to come from this ‘Arab spring’, at least from a western point of view. This whole thing is about the rise of ‘true islam’ – you know, the Saudi/Iran kind of islam. Which is exactly the way these nations will go.

  • Charles Martel

    I know that the notion of a league of democracies has been floated as a reformed version of the United Nations. As Kevin_B points out, the current organization is a collection of kleptocracies and dictatorships. A league of democracies (the United States, India, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Canada, the UK, Israel, Poland, maybe New Zealand) would become the security apparatus that the original UN was supposed to be, and its mission would exclude living high on the hog in Manhattan, raping children, and hating Jews.
    Assuming the U.S. returns to sanity in November, we will see a return to the pursuit of energy independence—full-scale exploitation of natural gas, coal, oil shale, and nuclear power. American energy independence will devastate the Arab states. Also assuming that somebody—us or Israel—has taken out the Iranian nuclear threat, I think we could just leave Muslims to do what they do best: brutalize each other. Keep our hands off unless they decide to dismantle the pyramids, which I think would justify a little League of Democracies whup-ass.