What do you make of Romney’s comments on problems with Olympic security?

Romney finds himself in a bit of hot water after going to London and criticizing the Olympic security he found there.  The British Prime Minister, and other Brits, took exception to the remarks.  Romney thus found out the hard way what he should have already known — even when something is absolutely true, the wisest policy is often to refrain from saying it.

Of course, Romney is retreating and all will end in smiley faces.  But does this rather surprising (to me, anyway) bit of tact and common sense illustrate a deeper problem?  Shouldn’t someone with Romney’s experience have known better?  Shouldn’t he have been better prepared by his advisors?

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  • Danny Lemieux

    It certainly didn’t hurt Obama to behave like a boob whenever traveling overseas to represent our country. These Romney gaffes are so minor by comparison.

  • http://ruminationsroom.wordpress.com Don Quixote

    True, Danny.  But, of course, Obama is held to a different stand. 

  • jj

    Been down this road already.  Romney’s not rich enough to go through life this clueless – he doesn’t come from generations whose only dealings with the peasants was to tell them to fetch something.  The man is beyond tone-deaf.
    On the other hand, is there someone on the planet who owns a radio or TV who didn’t know that London, particularly in the security department, was running into trouble?  When your private security people are so inept they have to be replaced by the army, you’d think that would represent a hint to most sentient creatures.  (Not NBC News, of course – I did say “sentient” creatures.)  And when they ask for volunteers to help out, they run up against the long-held British city idea, a concept wherein the idea of “volunteering” for anything vanished a couple of generations ago.  But it’s hard to believe Mitt hasn’t noticed, by his age, that it’s wiser not to say some things out loud. 
    Is London ready for the Olympics?  Of course not, and there are so many dingbat Muslims running loose over there that if England gets through these games unscathed that will be a considerable miracle.  And everybody half smart knows that – that’s a given.  And a whole lot us from the normal end of the planet – I’m sure including Bookworm over in Japan – are watching this performance with fingers crossed and some degree of breath held.  I would not personally be happy about finding myself much closer to London than I am right here in Seattle this summer.
    But you can’t say so when you’re out in front of the closed doors, Mitt.  You idiot!  How do you not know this? 

  • Charles Martel

    If some Muslim savages manage to attack the games, I have no doubt that the media will say they were goaded and encouraged by Mitt’s intemperate remarks. The beauty of the modern leftist mindset is that you can have things whichever way you want:

  • http://thoughtyoudneverask.blogspot.com/ zabrina

    He was being polite while being honest. I guess that’s too much for some people to handle anymore, primarily the media, I suspect. I didn’t see anything really wrong with his comments. But anybody who didn’t like him in the first place would take the opportunity to jump all over it.


    Much ado about nothing. Mitt was the ‘shiny object’ of the week to feast upon. The MSM demands that he behave flawlessly without any imperfections and then castigates him for appearing so robotic and squeaky clean. No such demands of POTUS. Crap, he can screw up everyday in everyway and not a mention that he rarely shows up for work – period.

    And just yesterday the CSM ….

    Right before North Korea was set to compete in an Olympic women’s soccer match yesterday, an introductory video showed the South Korean flag instead of the North Korean one — prompting the team to walk off the field in protest. The Olympic organizers have since apologized to North Korea, but according to the Christian Science Monitor, this will “go down in Olympic history as a major insult”  

    I don’t give a damn what the UK thinks. They’re still cranky about losing the Colonies. They have opened their doors for the islamic beasts that roam their streets and villages and can call themselves FGM Central now.

    About 20,000 children in England and Wales, and about the same number in France, are deemed “at risk” every year.
    The laws which made FGM illegal were introduced in France and England at about the same time, in the mid-1980s.
    But whereas some 100 parents and practitioners of FGM have been convicted in France, there has never been a single prosecution in the UK.
    Because you do not care

  • Allen

    Let me see if I have this right. A political candidate that makes an observation that is common knowledge has made a mistake? I suppose we should castigate him for noticing the state of our economy.

    Are we now so afraid of these fools that we won’t point out the obvious?

  • Oldflyer

    Of course Romney’s big problem is that the self styled conservative critics join the chorus of the Obama loving leftists and the thin skinned Brits.  If they could get past their Romneyphobia and just shrug at the shrillness coming from the left, it would all been seen in perspective.  But, they don’t.
    The Brits are screaming because the truth hurts.  The leftists are screaming because that is what they do.
    Romney could have responded with some even more innocuous and PC words than those he chose, but he is too honest.  That is his character.  The knee jerk critics could at least keep their mouths shut.  but, they don’t.  That is their character.

  • skullbuster

    I heard  the phrase “tempest in a teapot” twice today; once comming frow Carl Rowe.  This makes perfect sense but I wonder how many average voters in the USA know what it means. 
    I think this will be nothing since the average Brit. doesn’t vote in America, even though the MSM is trying.

  • http://ruminationsroom.wordpress.com Don Quixote

    Oldflyer, the problem in my mind is not that he said what he said.  It was true after all and, to use your word, innocuous.  The problem is that on a trip that is supposed to polish his image as capable on the international stage, he did not have the good sense and diplomatic savvy to refrain from saying it.

    I don’t think saying he is too honest to be diplomatic solves that problem.   

  • Cheesestick

    “The problem is that on a trip that is supposed to polish his image as capable on the international stage, he did not have the good sense and diplomatic savvy to refrain from saying it.”

    The problem is thinking this is a situation where he actually could have demonstrated diplomatic prowess.  Romney will do whatever he does and then the media and the left will go into over-overdrive to present what happened as something way out of bounds or severely injurious to our closest and most beloved ally.  (Never mind they couldn’t give a rat’s rear-end what the Brits think of us when Obooba is intentionally insulting them.)  They are going to squeal like crazy at everything Mitt does or doesn’t do.  Because like Oldflyer said, it’s what they do.  

  • BrianE

    During his time at Bain, I would assume he, or those working for him, offered advice as to the shortcomings of various companies they were assoicated with.
    We can only hope that is the same man we elect President, and not some wussy conciliator. After all, isn’t that why we have a State Department?

  • expat

    Compared with the way Obama handled the Poles regarding his missile defense policy, Romney is a foreign policy genius.  And how about Honduras? Obama had a big staff of local specialists to advise, and he still screwed up.