Sadie points out Harry Reid showing off his class

From Sadie:
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has launched a blistering verbal assault against William Magwood, a Democratic member of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission nominated by President Obama, calling him a “liar,” a “first-class rat,” and a “s**t-stirrer.”
a “tool of the nuclear industry” and says he’s “unethical” and “incompetent.” The rest of the actual story here at The Hill Via E2 Wire
From DQ:  I admit I am ignorant as to this controversy.  I gather from the article it has to do with a planned nuclear waste storage facility.  What is Reid’s alternative proposal?  What do you folks know about Magwood?  What do you make of this story?
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  • jj

    Imagine Harry Reid referring to ANYONE else as a “liar,” “first-class rat,” “unethical,” and “incompetent.”  I never heard of this guy Magwood, but if that’s the way King Dipshit feels about him, I think I like him.

  • Old Buckeye

    Exactly right, jj! I’m inclined to think well of Magwood just because Reid hates him! It seemed as if the previous guy, Jaczko, Reid’s crony, was all set to shut down the nuclear industry. Wonder where he thought the power for all those electric cars was going to come from? Reid has been blocking the Yucca Mountain project for years, yet from all I’ve read, it is a viable, safe idea for disposing of spent fuel.And of course, he offers no alternatives.

  • Ron19

    What is Reid’s alternative proposal?

    Same as it is for many others:  “Anywhere but here!”