Thanks to all

Bookworm will be back in town tonight, so my stay here is done.

Thanks to Danny and Sadie and Marica and Bizcor for posts and ideas, and to everyone who took the time to post such informed and civil coments.

Bookworm has done a great job building a blog worth visiting and has been rewarded with a terrific group of visitors.

May America survive through it all.  And may each of you enjoy the lives you desire.

All the best,

Don Quixote

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  • Old Buckeye

    Y’all did a great job of holding down the fort for Book!

  • Mike Devx

    Thank you, Don, for what you’ve done here!  Regularly posting blogs is challenging and time consuming, and that’s why I don’t even try to.  (Easier to be a popinjay in the comments…)  You’re informative, very smart, and very challenging!  Your thoughts always make me think through my positions.  I’m grateful.

  • Danny Lemieux

    DQ, you were awesome! 

  • Marica

    Thank *you* DQ for keeping the Book’s Room open for business!

  • Mike Devx

    A thought I had may be worth another comment:

    What Don does in his blog posts, I think, is that he usually posts challenging thoughts.  He doesn’t play it safe.  He challenges himself, and by that example the rest of us.  Book’s posts usually don’t contain the same *deliberate* challenges.  That’s what I meant by, “Your thoughts always make me think through my positions.”  I think what I meant to say, is that Don challenges my *assumptions*.  I may not always agree (as you may have seen), but by God, when I say “I’m grateful”, I really mean it.  Don’s challenges are EXTREMELY worth it.

  • Don Quixote

    Thank you very much, Mike.  I’m glad you enjoyed the challenges and I certainly enjoyed your rising to meet them.  It’s always a pleasure to sit in for Book, though I must admit it’s also a pleasure to turn it quickly back over to her when she gets home.  I could not keep up the challenges (to you or to me) day in and day out for long, which I suppose is why Book doesn’t try to.