Re that Veep spot on the Democrat ticket — I have a guess about the dark horse replacement

I’m with American Crossroads, which believes that Joe Biden is just what the Democrat ticket needs:

Gravitas! (Giggle, giggle.)

I’m suspect, though, that the Democrats themselves are becoming disenchanted with Good Old Joe. Apparently they cast around for the Hillary alternative, only to get a resounding “No!” from a woman who neither wanted to be on a winning nor a losing Democrat ticket, because she thought both would be bad for her career.  You can always trust the Clintons to keep their eyes on the main chance.

So who’s next?  I’m voting for a “Draft Elizabeth Warren” movement.

Think about it for a moment:  while the Republican party has more young guns than it can count, who does the Democrat party have?  Jesse Jackson, Jr.?  No.  Poor guy has a bipolar disorder.  I wish him well, but no one wishes him on the ticket.  Rahm Emanuel?  Nope.  You don’t go from Chief of Staff, to Mayor of a corrupt, crime-ridden city, to second on the presidential ticket.  Raddled old Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi?  Big NO there. Debbie What’s-her-name Schlemeil?  I think Baghdad Debbie has had her dishonest day.

Anyone?  Anyone?

I didn’t think so.

The only “young” gun they’ve got is Elizabeth Warren.  She’s struggling to stay above water in Massachusetts, but Democrats might see her as someone who can revive the base if she’s on the presidential ticket.  After all, when it comes to “You didn’t build that,” she and Obama are two minds with but a single thought.  Better an exciting candidate on the presidential ticket than a struggling candidate for a senate seat that’s already filled by a fairly popular, attractive RINO.

My best guess today is that, in a week or so, poor old Joe is going to get very sick and need to retire abruptly.  And stalwart Progressive Elizabeth Warren will valiantly step up to fill Joe’s shoes.

What do you think?

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  • Earl

    Pass the popcorn!!
    I can’t believe this will happen, but it would be a DREAM nomination for the GOP ticket!!
    Run, Lizzie, Run!!

  • Randall Woodman

    If Joe does get out, he will “discover” that he has some medical condition (I’m guessing heart problem) and have to drop out on advise of a medical Dr.  BHO is in a tight spot.  If he gets rid of him he appears weak for having picked such a buffoon the first place and if he keeps him, well, let the gaffes resume.

    Either way, it’s going to be entertaining.   



    I’d be more than surprised if they sent Joe to pasture, he’s Obama’s insurance policy, because not even the craziest far far far LEft would sleep if Joe was in the WH. Replacing Joe would be perfect cannon fodder for us. I can see the ad now….Joe in a wheel chair being rolled off a cliff with the message  “This is exactly what Obamacare looks like”.

    Who else on the planet would describe their boss …… “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”   

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  • Libby

    Well, that would certainly be doubling down on “you didn’t build that!” Also, it would be a pleasure to see Warren debate Ryan.

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  • Charles Martel

    “Dark horse” is a racist term. It implies that a Native American like Elizabeth Warren is a dusky-complected steed—an allusion that is blatantly racist.
    The historian Doris Kearns Goodwin conclusively proved in one of her exhaustively footnoted and peer-reviewed essays that Native Americans like Warren have always fancied Palominos and horses of lighter color.
    Therefore, the proper term for Warren is “horse of pallor” or “semi-white nag.”

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  • Robert Arvanitis

    Joe Biden is too much of a loose cannon, even “ill.”  I’m thinking “Wag the Dog” you know, where Dustin Hoffman has a heart attack?
    And for Warren, they’ll play the racist/Native American PLUS feminist cards, to no avail.
    Obama is cooked.  And there is a God in heaven.

  • jj

    Barring a medical emergency Joe isn’t going anywhere – it’s too late.   And Jugears is much too much of a narcissist to allow anyone of real intelligence or ability anywhere near a ticket of which he’s the head – even if there did happen to be a democrat of real intelligence or ability.

  • Mike Devx

    If Obama thought it would be worthwhile to throw Joe Biden under the bus, Joe Biden would be roadkill.

    Obama is the most narcissistic, ego-driven, amoral, cutthroat Chicago style politician to occupy the White House.   He’s also incompetent, and just plain mean-spirited.  When he is put under any pressure of any sort, he gets real nasty, real quick – in EVERY way.  He is amoral to the core.  This is not a man you want your daughter to date.  You wouldn’t want your daughter anywhere NEAR him, ever.

    Yet somehow about half of the American people continue to view him, personally, favorably.  Is it because, when you look at a picture of him, he looks reasonably nice?  Is that half of the American People really that completely shallow?  After four years of “getting to know him”, they are still completely fooled by image?



    Is that half of the American People really that completely shallow?

    The half that watched the Kardashians or the half that watched the Jersey Shore.

  • Robert Arvanitis

    It’s the half that don’t pay taxes.

  • Mike Devx

    I know this may be silly, but I still want to look at this long term.

    This is probably going to be a very close election – I don’t know why.  Romney should win easily, but it’s just not looking that way.

    Hillary Clinton is readying her 2016 run, which will happen regardless of who wins 2012.  She has more heft within Democrat circles than Obama, but her ideas are *almost* as far left as his.  She’ll run to the center, but it will be fake.  Where are the rest of the “centrist” Democrats to challenge her?  It’s a dead zone – there AREN’T any.  Where are they going to come from in time for 2016?  She’ll be challenged on the left.  My thought is: The Democrats will be almost as far left in 2016 as they are right now in 2012.

    Hillary is a 20th Century dinosaur, full of 20th Century far left liberal ideas.  But her strength within the Democrat Party will likely make 2016 another very close election.

    Republicans – meaning conservatism – should win both Presidential elections.  If I’m reading the American People correctly, barely.  But if the MOVE happens – the conservative fiscal shift – one or both could be blowouts.

    Hillary sucks the air of the Democrat Center, what little of it remains.  There’s simply no one of any gravitas, history and depth in the center to challenge her.

    It gets interesting in 2020.  That is enough time for a movement to grow within Democrats – a move back toward the center.  With Hillary out of the way – finally! – the Democrats could develop centrists.  We’ll know that the fiscal conservative shift in America is truly ON, when the Democrats abandon the far left and move to the center fiscally.  When people like Obama and Crazy Horse Elizabeth Warren have all the relevance of a Lynn Woolsey, and make the same muttering back-bench noises that she makes.

    Our crises are real and they transcend any one election.  It will be important and wonderful to get the far-left Obama out of there, but one election won’t tell the whole story.  There will always be an opposition party.  When the Democrats – in the role of opposition Party – move to the Center, that’s when you know that the times they are a’changin.  When the Democrat Party moves to the center, that’s when you know America will have regained hope for the future.  Not before.

  • BMR

    Obama doesn’t need anymore frauds near him.  He’d better stick with the gaff-machine

  • Ymarsakar

    Democrats know that if they take 10 steps to the Left, and take 5 steps to the center, it’ll convince people they are ignoring the Left. But that’s not so… 1000 steps into the future.

  • Mike Devx

    Ymar, the American people are generally optimists.  But give them ten more years of not-solving-the-problems, and the problems will only become worse, and more obvious.  More and more people will see the writing on the wall.

    When the people MOVE, parties must follow, or die.

    People aren’t ready to see the government slashed by 25%.  Slashed in money, yes, slashed in size, but most importantly, slashed in POWER.  IN POWER.  I can’t repeat that enough: Slashed in POWER.  When the people are ready to move, it will happen.

    Do you think the current slate of Democrats would stand for that.  Not for a moment.  It is impossible, absolutely 100% completely impossible for them to contemplate.  They can’t even contemplate slowing down the INCREASE in government size and POWER.  They will not allow, not for a moment, a reduction of even 1% of the size, scope and power of the government.  It would be like breathing ammonia to them.

    But when the people move, the parties must also move.  So all of these current die-hard, hard-core leftists, who refuse, absolutely refuse to move, will disappear.  They will be voted out.  (All except Nancy Pelosi and a few like her who live in districts whose people also wish to commit suicide.)

    How dire do things have to become before the people are ready to move?  Americans like to believe problems solve themselves.  Our people will try to wait it out and hope things just naturally get better.  But we’ve all been digging this hole for fifty years.  It won’t get better by itself.  So it will be a while before critical mass and momentum build; before the Move occurs.


    More and more people will see the writing on the wall.
    Maybe. As long as the “writing” continues to be in “Progressivese” the Democrats, undecideds, independents whatever they’re calling themselves will stay connected to the government IV drip. The addiction is inherited from one generation to the next. Crap, there’s been some talk that Hillary Jr. (Chelsea) may want to dip her toes in the political pond. Everyone of them have children, grandchildren and they’re not going away. The print media is on life-support, CNN is imploding and unless and until the other alphabet nutworks offer more than a TMZ style of reporting, the non-conservatives will continue to be “un”, “ill-” and “misinformed”. Fifty years of the “Great Society” and another fifty years to either solidify it, if the vermin have their way or we’re in a battle for the next fifty.


  • Mike Devx

    Yes we are in a battle for the next fifty.  The impulse towards Statism will always exist.  And when public school teachers K-6 are overwhelmingly liberal and are indoctrinating the kiddos with their philosophy daily, and when those same kiddos are then immersed in a media culture that is just as liberal – and then there are the college years, which are always liberal years for most people – conservatives can generally only start breaking through the message wall once people turn 22.

    How many of you formed your conservative philosophy between the ages 5-22?  If you did, where did you get it from?  Your parents?  Books?  The internet?  For the rest of us, a conservative philosophy was formed only slowly, and over years.

    Most people just go with what they see and hear around them, and what they grew up with.  The liberals control your children at their most impressionable ages, and they control the media culture.  But there’s always hope.  Hey, let’s get a movement to get teachers’ aides installed in all those K-6 public school classrooms, to help out with tasks, but also to observe and report.  It wouldn’t matter who those aides are; half would be liberal, half conservative, but that would be enough to find out what’s REALLY going on in those classrooms.  I suspect people would not be pleased.

  • bizcor

    I really hope that Joe stays on the ticket however suggesting Liz “Cherokee” Warren as a replacement is interesting. She isn’t exactly young (61) she is decidedly a nauseating academic liberal, and I would love to share with all of you nationally what we here are subjected to and that is the “Cherokee’s” political commercials. Pepto Bismol would like it too as it would increase their sales.