About Prince Harry — it’s his nature (but I actually don’t mean that in a bad way)

My sister asked me “What do you think about Prince Harry?”

For starters, I don’t think about Prince Harry too much, but right now, the front page coverage is making one forcibly aware of him.  Frankly, this is how I think of Prince Harry:  He’s an Australian sheep dog, and perhaps with the same level of narrow intelligence:

Australian sheep dogs are wonderful animals, provided that you keep them busy doing the task for which they are born.  If you do not keep an Australian sheep dog busy, it becomes destructive, both to itself and to its environment.  It will chew up a house, break its teeth on the cages meant to control it, worry its skin to death (truly), etc.  Give the dog a job, though, and it just chugs along cheerily.

Prince Harry is exactly the same.  He loves the military and, from everything I’ve heard, when he’s on duty, he’s good at his job.  Keep him busy, and he’s happy and productive.  Once the down time starts, though, Katy bar the door.  That’s a boy who’s going to get himself in trouble — especially because trouble, in the form of wine, women, and song, finds him so easily.

I have no doubt that there are Las Vegas videos being circulated right now that show Harry engaging in carnal relationships with various women, either seriatim or simultaneously.  Take a physical animal, and then throw in booze, lots of women, and a morality-free environment, and it’s inevitable.  Nor would I be surprised if drugs were involved.

Under the circumstances, the worst thing to do would be do sack Harry from the military.  He should be punished by being given massive amounts of extra work.  Then, once the punishment period is over, they should continue to give him more and more work and responsibility.  This is a sheep dog that needs to be kept out of trouble, because he’ll just harm himself if allowed to roam free.  (In this regard, I seriously fault his minders for giving him free rein.  What were they thinking?)

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     (In this regard, I seriously fault his minders for giving him free rein. What were they thinking?)

    A. Pretty much what they were thinking when Harry was photographed wearing a German desert uniform and a swastika armband.      

  • jj

    I’m always willing to cut them some slack.  Yep – all the money in the world, cars, clothes, castles, wine, women, song, etc., etc., etc., blah-blah-blah.  Stipulate all of it.  And you have no idea how impossible their lives really are.

  • Old Buckeye

    Book, I think you’ve made a very apt analogy of him. And putting him to work or keeping him on a leash seem to be the two best options.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    I hadn’t thought of this angle, BW….just chalked him up as an over-indulged and entitled adult adolescent.
    However, your explanation makes more sense, and I hope someone over in the Old Country is reading your recommendation.
    By the way, I had an Aussie that was really laid-back…none of what you describe.  He WAS prone to dig out of the (largish) backyard now and then.  He always came back in a couple of days….until he got older (and I’d gone to college) and never reappeared.  I’ve always figured he was out herding some rancher’s sheep and got shot.  There are worse fates.  He was “my” dog….I loved him dearly.

  • Simplemind

    Once again, your take is absolutely dead on accurate.  Lots of guys his age are basically like this. Must be given productive challenge, or will find one on their own that is destructive.