Obama, the un-likable — a continuing series

Given that the media is working overtime to portray Obama as Mr. Nice Guy and Romney as Mr. Heartless, Capitalist Bully, a friend suggested that I start a running post tracking the times when Obama is a jerk. I’ll start with some past history of jerkiness, and then just keep updating and reposting this as I go along.  Incidentally, what I notice about these as I compile them as that, for the most part, they are not studied insults.  Instead, they flow effortlessly from the man, as if meanness is his default setting.

1. Obama sends families of downed SEALS a form letter signed by an electric pen.

2.  A snide Obama telling his then-opponent Hillary that she’s likeable enough:

3. Obama gives his political opponents the finger:

4. Obama, without benefit of many facts, says police behaved stupidly:

5.  Obama talks about finding someone’s “ass to kick” (and calls media opponents “talking heads”):

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  • jj

    I’m endlessly fascinated to find that there are members of my species who find either one of them “likable.”  There’s nothing “likable” about them: she’s no better than he is, “ignorant, screeching harridan” not translating to “likable” in my personal lexicon.  If she had the position that confers the ability to be as underhanded and sleazy as he is, she’d find it an effortless transition.  (It wouldn’t be a transition, she’d just go on being herself.)  Her own husband, himself walking filth, can’t stand her, and spends as little time as he can arrange on the same continent.
    And the idea that there’s some part of Obama’s act that could possibly be described as rendering him “likable,” well – words fail.  Like most narcissists he can occasionally feign likability, but I haven’t even seen much of that from this bird.  Just unbelievable that anyone – even a democrat – could find this little bastard (I use the word with precision, given his daddy’s predilection for marrying often but forgetting the intermediate step of divorcing anybody), “likable.”