Best fact check ever — fact-checking Clint Eastwood

Ned Rice has taken it upon himself to fact-check Clint Eastwood’s RNC presentation.  This may well be the best and most honest fact-check every done.  Here’s just a sample, but you will be denying yourself one of life’s great pleasures if you don’t read the whole thing:

“You’re getting as bad as Biden. Of course we all know Biden is the intellect of the Democratic party.”

Joe Biden is not the intellect of the Democratic party, he is the Vice President of the United States.

“Kind of a grin with a body behind it.”

Joe Biden is clearly more than just a grin with a body behind it. He also has hair plugs.


“You are an — an ecological man.”

President Obama’s credentials as an “ecological man” are a matter of opinion. Critics note that since 2008 ocean levels have continued to rise and the Earth has yet to begin healing itself.


“We own this country.”

Even a cursory audit of the federal government’s books would suggest that China owns this country.

If you haven’t yet seen Eastwood’s shtick, you should.  Here:

My first take on it was “wow, this is kind of embarrassing.”  My second take was, “wow, this is kind of brilliant.”

Eastwood represents an elderly demographic (he’s 82).  That demographic theoretically consists of people the Obama Camp is claiming should hate Romney/Ryan.  But these same people like Eastwood . . . and he likes Romney/Ryan.  Also, when the talking heads attack Eastwood’s stuttering delivery, they’re generally attacking old folks who have slowed down, but definitely haven’t gotten stupid.

Eastwood is also one of the rare people who has the stature to poke fun at Obama.  I especially liked the “don’t tell me to shut up,” although I don’t know how well that will play ultimately.  As I point out periodically, Obama is not a nice man.  The media tells us he is, but he isn’t.  Now Eastwood also said he’s not nice.  The question is whether people believe Eastwood or the media.

The whole thing was pleasantly unscripted.  That was a little bizarre, but it was a refreshing change from the plasticity that characterizes conventions — especially, per the media, Republican conventions, which the media claims are made up entirely of racist Stepford men and women.

This will also get tons of play as people tune in to see Eastwood either be brilliant or make a fool of himself.  As to the latter, those people might come away having learned something that exists outside of their sterile little bubble.

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  • Earl

    The first thing that struck me was his HAIR!!  In fact, I shared with URL with family, entitled something like “Clint Eastwood an advertisement for my haircut!”  (I give myself “haircuts” with a set of electric clippers.)
    But, about 1/2-way through it struck me that this was Clint’s ACT, not really “Clint”…..and as he stuck one stiletto after another into Obama, sitting there in that chair, I was falling down laughing.
    I’m not sure who it was aimed at, really….although I suspect it was another in the “picador strategy” that recognizes one of the President’s faults — he’s not very good at laughing at himself. 
    His defensive tweet “This chair is occupied” has now spawned a flurry of Photo-shops that will carry Clint’s message to many more.

  • Gringo

    It was fortunate I wasn’t drinking anything at the keyboard when  I heard  “shut up” and “He can’t do that to himself.” 
    The ∅bama campaign has been the meanest, nastiest, most mendacious campaign that I can remember. Perhaps Tricky was worse, against Helen Gahagan Douglas in his 1950 Senate campaign, but I doubt it.While ∅bama has tried at times to distance himself from his campaign’s nasty streak, it doesn’t work, as the nastiness is done in his name, in support of him.
    This was Clint Eastwood’s way of saying that a mean,nasty campaign reflects on ∅bama. The meaner and nastier and more mendacious the campaign that ∅bama runs, the more ∅bama shows himself to be mean, nasty, and mendacious.
    Granted, those of us who had studied ∅bama in depth knew well before the 2012 campaign that ∅bama was mean, nasty, and mendacious. But the more ∅bama campaigns that way, the more mainstream this view of him becomes.
    Clint Eastwood simply mirrored reality.
    Yes, Clint Eastwood’s speech was “degrading” to the President, but only to the extent that it accurately described the President. The POTUS IS mean, nasty , and mendacious.
    Who wrote Clint Eastwood’s speech? Or skit…

  • Mike Devx

    I caught Clint Eastwood’s act on video today.  Didn’t see it live.  And yes, it was an ACT.  All or most of the lines were written in advance (there may have been some ad-libbing.)

    I was never for a moment embarrassed for him.  I thought it was relatively un-rehearsed.  But for me, when I got into the swing of it: unrehearsed speech at a Convention, unheard of! – I really enjoyed it.  It was a far better speech mostly unrehearsed than it would have been, had it been too smoothly rehearsed.  I got the giggled at many points, and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.

    And the physical joke – not much makeup, the unkempt hair – of course that was all on purpose.  I’m still trying to figure out all the levels at which he tried to make this work.  I don’t know if EVERYTHING succeeded, but I sure enjoyed it.

  • Mike Devx

    Earl #1: His defensive tweet “This chair is occupied” has now spawned a flurry of Photo-shops that will carry Clint’s message to many more.

    I agree. Have you seen the photoshop of Obama lounging in his golf cart? Was that golf trip #164 or was that golf trip #217? He’s lounging behind the cart wheel, flashing a grin at the camera, and someone has photoshopped beneath him: “This chair is occupied.”


  • JKB

    First I was surprised by Clint Eastwood doing a comedy skit.  Then it did draw you in with his bit of doddering but I came to realize that was a fake to draw people in when he hit hard, repeatedly.  

    I did just see a Daily Show clip of Clint and I now see the Bob Newhart impression.  In any case, the skit worked wonders.  It brought up issues that really couldn’t be brought in through a normal speech.  It put a great line in play.  And it totally gave the MSM something to chew on rather than their prepped journolist memes.  And now, with the Daily show more and more people will see the clip as they’ll want to see the whole thing.

    BTW, the Daily Show has been total Obama this week.  I wonder if that violates the donation in kind rules. 

  • Mike Devx

    One more note.  I watched Book’s embed of the speech above, so now I’ve seen it twice.  Wow.

    I hear the Democrats are *furiously* unloading on Clint.  That means only one thing: They know how incredibly effective this was – and will be – for a large number of people.  And they need to desperately change THAT as soon as they possibly can.

    There’s no hesitation, no fumbling or bumbling not for one moment, on a single one of the key lines.  And they’re set up just brilliantly.  I think for the people who identify with Clint, and came of age watching his movies (and are somewhat elderly now), they will come away from this with a gestalt of *agreement*.  They won’t necessarily be able to recall each zinger, but the overall impression will stick very well.  This one goes DEEP.  And that’s what has the Democrats desperately scrambling and desperately frantic.  Because it goes deep.

  • JKB

    You know, we don’t see much argument that Clint’s representation of Obama was unfair.  No one seems to want to argue that Obama wouldn’t tell Clint to “shut up” or tell him and Romney to do the anatomically impossible act.

    Things that make you say, “hmmm” 

  • JKB

    One more thing, i put it here.  Did you see the flood of kids onto the stage after the speech.  They opened the doors and the whole stage filled up with many flowing down the steps to grab a balloon.  

    I know the Secret Service said, “We’re going to need to do some hiring.” 

  • Oldflyer

    I listened to Pundits, or yapping fools, critiquing Eastwood all day.  Many,  including some respected Conservative voices, opined that it was a mistake to put him up there.  If they really believe what they are saying, it may not be safe to trust them to find the correct restroom.
    Clint Eastwood held our attention like no one else.  I started out watching  as though witnessing an impending train wreck.  After a time I realized that out of all that seemingly doddering confusion, guided missiles were periodically launching and  unerringly striking the target.
    Of course the Pundits who criticized Eastwood, and the RNC (or Romney campaign) for giving him the podium, all repeated the line that may become the signature line for the campaign: “And when somebody does not do the job, we got to let them go.” 
    If they keep up the criticism I expect that about 10 times as many people as saw the original, will hear that sensible opinion.  Thanks.

  • Indigo Red

    The immediate story was that Clint had a speech in his hands just before he was to go on stage, but he tossed it in a trash can and asked a backstage hand to get him a chair. The stagehand thought Eastwood was going to sit while giving the speech he had been handed. Apparently, Clint didn’t like the speech and went off on his own.

    It was confusing to the Republican audience, but the joke and satire was realized. The Left have yet to catch on and those that have are going apeshit trying to convince everyone Clint is senile just as they did recently when Bill Clinton went of the reservation saying Romney was well qualified to be president. The Left must, MUST, control the narrative and then go all psycho when they don’t.

  • roylofquist

    “What’s a movie tradesman doing here?”.
    Eastwood is a tradesman supreme. 
    Bob Newhart tweet:  “I heard that Clint Eastwood is channeling me at the RNC . My lawyers and I are drafting our lawsuit.”
    Here’s what he means: 
    Of course Newhart stole his shtick from a master: 

  • JKB

    Do you think Eastwood could be Brietbarting the media?  Are we going to see in a day or so, perhaps Monday, an interview with Clint Eastwood devoid of the persona he presented in the skit?  Lure them in, let them do all the work of making themselves look foolish, then reveal the truth.

    Now that would be high comedy. 

  • Danny Lemieux

    I had much of the same reaction, beginning with a “What the h**?” and then it started sinking in as to what Clint Eastwood /Jimmy Stewart was doing. Eastwood basically stripped the emperor of any possible shred of clothing that may have been left dangling on his (lead from) behind. 

    People for the next 2-1/2 months will remember the empty chair with the teleprompter as emblematic of this administration. The punch lines “we own this country” and “when someone doesn’t do the job, we have to let them go” (just to name two) offer the perfect summation of this administration.

    Finally, Clint Eastwood got into the heads of Obama, Axelrod and that whole crowd the way no other could have done it. The desperate response by Obama himself (“this chair is occupied”) shows that Eastwood is going to be rolling around in their brains playing mind games for the rest of this campaign. It is even conceivable to me that this administration will find itself mocked out of power…something that Democrats have always tried to do to Republicans.

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. 

  • Rich0116

    The bit that I thought was the most devastating was when he turned to the chair and said “What…I can’t tell Romney to do that….he can’t do that to himself.”  Everyone knows what ‘Obama’ was supposed to have said but the reason it works so well is that we can all imagine Obama saying that.  Even if you like the man, you can see it.  And that is the killer for those people who still think they like Obama as a person.  Try to imagine that same gag with Reagan, or even W., and it falls flat because it’s just not believable that they’d say something like that.  But with Obama, it is.  And even if it’s a subliminal thing for most people, it matters. 
    I watched Clint live and as soon as I saw the empty chair I started laughing.  Pure genius that gets better with each subsequent viewing.

  • Libby

    It took me a moment to catch on to what Clint was doing, but it was brilliant. It was effective because it was so different. Unlike previous speakers, he criticized Obama for not meeting his promises to the Left, such as closing Gitmo, not being properly “ecological”, and for not being the nice guy he’d claimed to be.
    By using a comedy schtick to mock Obama, instead of peppering a political speech with a few jabs, he provided the first stand-up act mocking the president most have ever seen (a single joke by Leno doesn’t count). It met Alinsky rule #5, but also #3 – Wherever possible go outside the experience of the enemy, and #6 – A good tactic is one that your people enjoy,


    Eastwood hit a home-run.

    Empty chair.

    Empty suit.

    Empty promises.       

  • Gringo

    Rich0116 @ #14:
    The bit that I thought was the most devastating was when he turned to the chair and said “What…I can’t tell Romney to do that….he can’t do that to himself.”  Everyone knows what ‘Obama’ was supposed to have said but the reason it works so well is that we can all imagine Obama saying that.  Even if you like the man, you can see it.
    Yes, we can. :)
    According to a new e-book, President Barack Obama has probably the strongest contempt for Republican Nominee Mitt Romney than he’s had for ANYONE he’s faced-off against. The book, “Obama’s Last Stand”, which is being published electronically and is written by Glenn Thrush, quotes a source close to POTUS, who says the President originally had no real feelings either way about Mitt, but “quickly developed a genuine disdain” for him. In fact, the source claims that POTUS’ feelings about Mitt are stronger than his ones about House Majority Leader Eric Cantor — the congressional Republican he dislikes the most — because “at least Cantor stood for something.” The President even abhors Mitt more than John McCain, for whom he had a “baseline respect.”
    I would not be surprised to see  ∅bama blow up during the debate[s]. The ∅bama campaign has vilified, demonized and lied about Romney for months. Romney smiles and shoots it right back. The efforts to demonize Romney haven’t worked. To the extent they have increased Romney’s negatives, they have also increased ∅bama’s negatives.
    ∅bama has never had such a difficult campaign. In his initial foray into politics, in the Democratic primary for a state legislative seat, he kept all opponents off the ballot. In his campaign for the US Senate seat, opponents’ sealed divorce records mysteriously got unsealed. In the 2008 campaign, he rode the Magic Negro horse into the White House, with very little hard hitting from McCain.
    A short skit by an octogenarian actor with an empty chair got on ∅bama’a nerves. The pressure will keep mounting. Yes, ∅bama may well blow up during the debate[s].

  • Ari Tai

    Re: the (empty) chair.    It struck me as the type of prop (method) actors use to get into the proper frame of mind.  In this case, a certain Mr. O, a poorly performing, arrogant and sullen employee is about to get a dressing down from his boss, Mr. E in the role of we-the-people.  Which (after disrespecting his employer with language and an attitude Mr. O is known to use) is going to end with “your measure has been taken and you’ve been found wanting, you’re fired, now get out of my sight.” . Mr. E even asks him to step aside to let Mr. R begin cleaning up the mess he’s created.  Hmm.. Remember the clamor in the MSM in 2008 asking that Mr. B remove himself in November so Mr. O could begin to save the earth and earn his Nobel immediately?  Certainly seems more deserved in this case. . Well done.  I hope I am half as able when I’m 80.  I suspect the leftists have yet to appreciate how Mr. E’s skit has exposed their emperor, and is inexorably destroying the facades of their entire Potemkin village. . Even better every response by the Left will expose how they really think about and treat the elderly.  Remember Mr. O’s treatment of his grandmother?  His family, brother in Africa?  So they’ve hit into a triple play – a clear war on the elderly, women and family.

  • JKB

    It occurs to me, empty seats at the DNC are going to have whole new meaning now.

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  • Ymarsakar

    After visiting a convention full of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the atmosphere and what they were talking about were 1. very out of the mainstream and 2. very old fashioned in terms of morality and ethics. It had a very different atmosphere to it.

    I wouldn’t be able to make decent warriors out of any of them, due to their pacifism, but it does go to show that even though some people aren’t participating in the political fight against the Left, neutrals still exist out there. Trade can still be utilized with neutrals to bolster the logistics of our own war front, without calling them to arms.

  • Ymarsakar

    stop using youtube links that are so quickly removed by enemy Leftist propagandists!

    By mainstream of course I mean Obama=mainstream and Hollywood defending rapist directors and actors=mainstream. Just so there’s no misunderstanding.