The Democrats’ focus on reproductive rights is ill-timed

You all have probably noticed what I’ve noticed:  while the Democrat party gets support from young voters, it doesn’t have many young politicians.  (And maybe the young voters would like to think about that one for a while.)  Obama, at 51, is one of the youngest of the Democrat leaders.  This may help explain why the upcoming Democrat convention has such a pathetic line-up.  There are no young lions exciting the crowd.  There are only ragged old Lefties — which may explain the Democrats’ decision to use the Akin kerfuffle to make their DNC about reproductive rights.

The Democrats are dragging out one woman after another to demand that the government pay for her, and everyone else’s, birth control, abortions and Gawd knows whatever other stuff they can put under the heading of reproductive rights.  This tactic differs mightily from the RNC approach, which repeated 1992’s successful (for Clinton) mantra:  “It’s the economy, stupid!”

The Republicans are the ones on the correct path.  Reproductive rights are a luxury for flush times.  During poor times, someone who hasn’t worked for two years (and might have been too depressed to have sexual relations in that same time), isn’t going to get excited about seeing government money poured into birth control pills and free sterilization.  It’s simply not a winning point outside the base.


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  • Kevin_B

    I see two main issues at the current time: the economy and jobs, and foreign threats and islam. From what I hear about and from Romney and Ryan, I’m quite qure the Republicans are appropriately addressing the first one, and rightfully making it a central issue. Not as sure on the second one, but seeing the DNC’s embrace of islamic prayers and Romney’s support for Israel, I’m pretty sure the Republicans are on the right side there as well.


    I am trying to look on the bright side of the “reproductive rights” issue – fewer future Democrats.

  • Libby

    It was so pleasant to see women like Susana Martinez, Mia Love, and Condi Rice up there talking about universal issues and American values instead of being confined to just “women’s issues” like abortion and contraceptives. When will the Dems let their women out of the bedroom so they can join the conversation on relevant issues?

  • Bookworm

    Libby, that’s a very interesting question you asked.  If you ever watch shows about the radical youth movements in the 1960s (not the stoned out hippies, but the real radicals), but each show reveals is that the women were used for sex.  That is, they were inveigled into the movement with the promise that they would reshape the world but, once they were caught, they just acted as concubines.  The Left has never viewed women as more than a body part, something perfectly exemplified by the bizarre Code Pink protest in Tampa, which saw them running around dressed as giant pink vaginas. 

  • Earl

    Come on, guys!!
    Let’s just let ’em concentrate on abortion for this election, please…..?
    Pass the popcorn….it’s going to be highly entertaining!

  • Gringo

    For what Book has said about women as sex objects among the New Left, all you have to do is read David Horowitz’s and Peter Collier’s Destructive Generation.

    For all the narrative about the Pubs being all about old white men, there were certainly a lot of younger speakers of both genders and many backgrounds speaking at the Pub Convention.

  • Charles Martel

    Folks, they cannot help themselves (and we should do as Earl recommends and just sit on the sidelines munching popcorn).
    This all comes down to the Democratic fixation on everything that lies between the belly button and mid-thigh. Binkies, wee-wees, poopy things, vajayjays and such are what preoccupy them.
    The truly pathetic aspect of all this is what Book points out: The Dems will be presenting this pathetic collection of withered libertines and sluts in the belief that we will be swayed by their bold, transgressive hipness.
    Hugh Hefner, anyone?

  • Mike Devx

    The Democrats always go way way overboard with their enthusiasm for their causes.  Including abortion.  They just cannot seem to grasp that many Americans are deeply ambivalent about abortion.  They don’t LIKE abortion at all.  But they are equally uncomfortable with laws banning abortions.  Many of them truly are torn.

    Democrats get hold of a talking point, and they think if they just shout a lot LOUDER, grin a bunch WIDER, and bang their drums furiously FASTER – all for a few days – that all of a sudden the American people will fall in line behind them, shouting “YAY! I’M WITH YOU! I GET IT!”

    That’s not going to happen.  So each time, the Democrats go way overboard… and it backfires.  This is a repeated pattern, and I don’t mind it one bit.

    I’ve got my own pet causes, but I’m not blind to the reality of the American people.  I want the government cut in size, scope, and power, by a third, IMMEDIATELY.  But that’s not going to happen.  The American people are far too ambivalent about it.  They recognize we’re out of control.  They sense the looming crisis.  But they also don’t want to see all those benefits – and there are benefits – cut and slashed.  Many people would be hurt and floundering by such a vast and deep cut.  And yes, given the phenomenally HUGE size of government these days, cutting by a third would be massive.  The American people are simply not ready for such a huge, massive step.

    So when I see a poll that seems to say the American people are with me (“Government is too big”: 65%) I get excited, but then I take a deep breath, and return to reality.  And I don’t think, like the Democrats do, that I’m just a fingernail’s width away from winning the day!  No, it’s not going to be that way; that’s not reality.  There’s a lot of work and a lot of realization that has to occur first.



    Mike Devx

    Cutting the budget is like going on a diet, changing eating habits or giving up bread or chocolate. The first step is recognizing that a) you’re overweight; b) drinking colas and eating chocolate hourly will not improve your chronic diabetes; c) the “c” word – commitment and finally d) the ‘d’ word death. How many have been told “if you don’t do this or stop that” you’ll never live to be……Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who rather die doing what they want/desire at the expense of everyone else.