• Charles Martel

    Book, he may also be out of money. I just opened my daily e-mail appeal from the Obama campaign to find a 25% off offer on all goods I order. They’re calling it a “Summer Sale.”
    I smell desperation.

  • JKB

    It should be pointed out that Obama’s 2008 public agenda was the same agenda as Carter, etc.

    I wrote a quick post before bed last night giving my off-the-cuff reaction to Barack Obama’s nomination acceptance speech, arguing that, despite all the talk of “change,” it was basically a speech that Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, or John Kerry could have given.

    But don’t base your entire campaign on “CHANGE” and give me warmed over ideas from the Carter administration.

    Obama’s Acceptance Speech: The More Things CHANGE, The More They Remain the Same 

    I guess they feel they’ve got a winner.  Or they feel they’ve got enough suckers in the crowd. 

  • Wolf Howling

    Yesterday, Obama said that all of the Republican ideas were so old that you could have first heard them on black and white t.v.  It got a laugh from a crowd.  The reality is that every idea Obama is pushing, with the exception of Keynsian economics, long predates black and white t.v., period.  

    Welfare programs – 1880

    Unions – 1800

    Crony capitalism – 1000 A.D. or futher back

    Demonizing and warring on oil, inusurers, and the rich – 1920 (Lenin’s war on Kulaks)

    Identity politics – 1848

    War on Christianity – 1798

    Contraception for all – 1915

    Compare to . . . . 

    Tax cuts to stimulate the economy – JFK, 1961

    Limiting the power of unions – Thatcher, 1984

    Deregulation – Reagan, 1982

    The only plank the Republicans are pushing that is older than t.v. is market capitalism, and unlike anything Obama is pushing, that is one that has a long history of success.