I really wish this was satire.  On the other hand, they should pray she isn’t on their death panel when their Medicare review comes up.

    2012 – We own this country vs. We belong to the government 

  • http://bobagard.blogspot.com Bob Agard
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  • SJBill

    Bookie, did you really expect these folks to be Dell users?  I expect some amount of denial from you, but Macs are the first steps leading to control by Liberal thinking – this couple appears to be fully engaged in Left-Thought.

    The child, who is completely frustrated with her parents, is likely a PC user. As I once said to Lex, PCs are for Warriors – the computing platform of the Right! 😉

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    SJBill:  That’s really funny, because I am a die-hard PC user.  I’ve also always preferred WordPerfect to MS Word, because WP gives me more control, while MS Word, while theoretically easier to learn, gives you very limited flexibility — plus, it’s hard to see the codes to correct problems.

    I’ve made my peace with MS Word, because lots of my clients use it, but WordPerfect was/is the thinking person’s word processing program.

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