The things that REALLY anger our president

People of ordinary sensibility and ordinary patriotism are outraged that mobs in the Middle East and Europe have attacked sovereign American territory (for that is what an embassy is) and have murdered and desecrated Americans serving this country.  Obama is not outraged.  If anything, he seems irritated that these people would interrupt what is, for him, the more important business of running a campaign.  So it was that, despite these attacks against America, he jetted off to Vegas to party and raise money.  Even his single public statement was muted:

I strongly condemn the outrageous attack on our diplomatic facility in Benghazi, which took the lives of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Gosh, he “strongly condemns” an attack against Americans.  Next thing you know, he’ll send the perpetrators to the corner, after first having them write 500 times on the chalkboard “I will not attack American diplomatic facilities.”

Is this just “No Drama Obama” in action? Is his emotional temperature lower than every else’s, much so that he never loses a preternatural calm that makes him incapable of reacting strongly when the country he leads comes under attack?  The evidence shows that the opposite is true.  Obama is as capable of anger as anyone else.  It’s just that murderous attacks on sovereign American soil aren’t what get his blood boiling. Other things do, though.

Obama gets mad when things don’t go his way:

The president called three times to speak with Boehner about his latest offer, according to Woodward. But the speaker didn’t return the president’s phone call for most of an agonizing day, in what Woodward calls a “monumental communications lapse” between two of the most powerful men in the country.

When Boehner finally did call back, he jettisoned the entire deal. Obama lost his famous cool, according to Woodward, with a “flash of pure fury” coming from the president; one staffer in the room said Obama gripped the phone so tightly he thought he would break it.

“He was spewing coals,” Boehner told Woodward, in what is described as a borderline “presidential tirade.”

“He was pissed…. He wasn’t going to get a damn dime more out of me. He knew how far out on a limb I was. But he was hot. It was clear to me that coming to an agreement with him was not going to happen, and that I had to go to Plan B.”

Our first half-black president gets upset when he thinks American police were racist:

President Barack Obama was last night embroiled in a growing row after accusing police of “acting stupidly” when they arrested America’s most prominent black scholar at his own home.

He made the comments at a press conference on Wednesday night despite admitting he did not know all the facts surrounding the incident involving Harvard Professor Henry Gates Jr.

Admitting that Prof Gates, 58, was a friend of his, Mr Obama made it clear he considered the police were at fault.

“I think it’s fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry. Number two, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home,” he said.

Barack Obama gets angry when one-time supporters loudly challenge his presidency:

The famously-cool President lost his temper in Connecticut yesterday [October 30, 2010] after hecklers interrupted a speech he was giving at a rally.

Astonished attendees watched as Mr Obama interrupted his own speech as the hecklers – believed to be activists seeking more global Aids funding – began chanting at him.

‘Excuse me, excuse me,’ he said repeatedly, trying to speak over the hecklers. When they kept chanting, he fell silent for several seconds, looking visibly angry and raising one hand in frustration as the crowd began to boo around him.

He gets angry when an American governor tries desperately to get the federal government to enforce its own laws in order to stem the flow of criminals into her state:

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer came to greet President Barack Obama upon his arrival outside Phoenix Wednesday. What she got was a critique. Of her book.

The two leaders could be seen engaged in an intense conversation at the base of Air Force One’s steps. Both could be seen smiling, but speaking at the same time.

Asked moments later what the conversation was about, Brewer, a Republican, said: “He was a little disturbed about my book.”

The mere sight of Netanyahu seems to affect Obama’s temper.  He stormed out on Netanyahu during one meeting and glared at him while he talked at a joint press conference.

The common thread, of course, in all these different examples of Obama being roused to anger is Obama himself.  Each episode involved a direct attack against him or, in the case of Henry Louis Gates, his racial proxy.  That’s what makes Obama angry.

America, however, is not Obama’s proxy.  He has no emotional investment in his own country.  For him, it is merely a vehicle for his Progressive policies.  The emotional attachment that ordinary Americans, including many Democrats, feel for their country — the one that has them say “an attack against America, is an attack on me” — doesn’t exist in Obama’s emotional universe.  The only thing that exists in Obama’s emotional universe is Obama.

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    Obama Tells Rabbis: ‘No Leader Wants to Tie His Hands’ by Setting Red Lines, Deadlines
    Speaking on a pre-Rosh Hashanah conference call with 1,200 rabbis on Sept. 14, U.S. President Barack Obama echoed what other administration officials have been saying of late: America will not set deadlines or red lines for taking military action against Iran’s nuclear program.
    Obama told rabbis from across the denominational spectrum that “no leader wants to tie his hands” by setting such conditions. His statement comes after both Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland made similar comments earlier the same week.
    Obama Exception Rule…setting dates and announcements of withdrawals or troops surge, pulling out by such n’ such date doesn’t “really” qualify as a Red Line under OER.

  • pst314

    “The mere sight of Netanyahu seems to affect Obama’s temper.”
    I.e., “D*mned uppity Jew, doesn’t know his place.”

  • pst314

    Or maybe that should be “D*mned cracker Jew”.


    He’s simply has worn out his welcome. Period.  Facts are tossed like empty candy wrappers by the administration.
    I came across this rather brief, but to my point article, What to do with House Guests that wear out their welcome.

    There’s a good way to signal the end of a house guest stay, and there’s a bad way (“get the hell out” would be considered bad). WikiHow has an excellent feature on how to kick people out-er, I mean let your house guests know that perhaps it’s time to go home. A few suggestions include setting boundaries, holding your ground, and keeping your sense of humor. 

    Clint Eastwood did it with improvisational humor. It really was brilliant. The “chair” continues. I noted that Obama really said little to nothing about Eastwood and the parody. Obama is a thin-skinned narcissist and it’s easy to pierce his ego. I wish I had the talent to produce/edit/write a few sketches. The first one would have Hillary and Obama diving for the 3 a.m. call, fumbling in the dark (background noise ring, ring, ring). After the 7th or 8th ring, Joe Biden comes rushing into the room yelling “somebody get the front door, I ordered pizza”.   You get the idea, keep your sense of humor and use it as an ego-piercing weapon.       

  • bkivey

    “He has no emotional investment in his own country.”
    Nail, meet hammer. I think he also gets angry when the White House kitchen runs out of dog.

  • David Foster

    “America, however, is not Obama’s proxy.  He has no emotional investment in his own country.”

    I think this is correct.  In a 2009 post, I suggested two metaphors for understanding Obama’s attitude toward America: the fortune-hunter marrying the heiress, and the hostile new CEO of a corporation. He’s just not that into us.

  • Danny Lemieux

    By all means, read Mark Steyn’s slam on the Obama administration, plus his spot-on-the-mark quote from Bernard Lewis, perhaps the greatest Middle East historian ever, that America finds itself in the position of “harmless as an enemy and treacherous as a friend”.

    If there is a silver lining to this, it is that no matter how the media spins this, Hilary Clinton will never become president. 

  • Mike Devx

    Book says, and bkivey and Mr. Foster repeat: America, however, is not Obama’s proxy.  He has no emotional investment in his own country. 

    And I agree completely with all of you.

    Book continues in her concluding paragraph: For him , it [America] is merely a vehicle for his Progressive policies.  The emotional attachment that ordinary Americans, including many Democrats, feel for their country — the one that has them say “an attack against America, is an attack on me” — doesn’t exist in Obama’s emotional universe.  The only thing that exists in Obama’s emotional universe is Obama.

    I believe it is worse than that, Book.  I believe Obama thinks that America and Israel are the two evil-doers on the face of this earth.  That he cares little about the actions of other countries, but that Israel and America deserve to be singled out and  uniquely condemned for their actions upon the world stage.

    Other countries are merely engaged in activities he dispassionately observes as being in their own self-interest, and that they are blameless.  But that America and Israel deserve blame and repudiation.  “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country,” declared Michelle Obama after Barack took the Presidency, and I am sure Barack agrees with her in every way.

    Consider that every time Obama leaves the geographic boundaries of the U.S.A. and steps foot into other countries, he immediately begins apologizing for the U.S.A.   Every world trip is an “Apology Tour” for Obama.   Is it merely his Progressive policies?  Progressive policies would have him opposing oil drilling for all countries.  But that is not the case.  Obama actively promotes the oil drilling activities of other, less-developed countries such as Brazil, while at the same time, and in exactly the same geographic regions (of drilling) he deliberately thwarts the efforts of the U.S.A.   That is not mere progressive politics.

    This is only one example of the way in which Obama promotes the interests of other countries and deliberately harms the interests of the U.S.A., the country he leads.  We have a quisling dedicated to the reduction of the United States of America as our President.  That is frightening.  What if his mammoth yearly deficits, spiraling madly out of control, are not merely irritants to him, but are deliberate steps along the strategic plan of weakening our country?  What does he have planned for the next four years?  

    “After the elections, I will have more flexibility”, he assured Medvedev, Putin’s puppet, who promised to pass along that strategic nugget to Putin.  More flexibility for what purposes?  We have never received an answer to this question, and we should be DEMANDING an answer that satisfies us?  Why aren’t we more concerned about Obama’s need for this amorphous flexibility?  We should all be up in arms in total outrage, demanding to know WHAT he needs this flexibility for?  What secret is he hiding?  What secret plan is he concealing?  He clearly has  plans he is hiding from us, for the purpose of getting re-elected first.
    So this is not merely about Obama’s progressive politics; nor is it merely about the fact that Obama’s universe centers around Obama and little else.  We’ve had many a progressive president in the past; and nearly every president has had an ego larger than the national debt.   There is something far worse going on with Obama.  We just haven’t clearly perceived it yet.

  • Ymarsakar

    The only thing that exists in the Left’s universe is the Leftist total domination of their Utopia and the slaves they will need to work that Utopia. Nothing else is important to them.