A new victim class: bisexuals

Shunned by the LG[B]T community, despite their ostensible inclusion in the LGBT community, bisexuals are finally having their day in Berkeley.  For all of those who thought people who swing both ways have the best of both worlds (i.e., doubling their number of potential partners), how wrong you are.  They suffer in the same way that everyone else suffers in Obama’s victim-defined America:

Bisexuals have complained for years that they’re shunned by the LGBT mainstream, that they’re considered fence-sitters or that they’re not a legitimate part of the gay movement because they may occasionally be in relationships with the opposite sex.

“They think we have ‘straight privilege,’ and we hide in that,” said Martin Rawlings-Fein, a director of the Bay Area Bisexual Network, a nonprofit educational and cultural group. “We get pushed to the side in the LGBT community and told we don’t exist, that we’re actually gay or lesbian and just not totally ‘out.’ “

In other words, bisexuals are  a victim class within a victim class.  Victim classes can be so cruel.


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  • JKB

    “Victim classes can be so cruel.”

    It’s the set theory (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Set_(mathematics)) that makes it hard.  All those subsets, unions, intersections, complements and Cartesian products.  Not to mention the paradoxes such as Cantor’s paradox (It shows that “the set of all sets” cannot exist.)

    Okay, I was just trying to be amusing using this long (and lost for me math concept).  But a quick read over and I can’t help but see that naive set theory in math shares many of the problems victim class theory in social science.  The most amusing being that “the set of all sets” cannot exist which means a society made up of victim classes cannot function.  (well to me, anyway)  I think this is borne out by past experience.  

    By their very nature victim classes are discriminatory needing an other to exclude (a class, not permitted to form a victim class).
    As an example, look simply at the reaction to the proposal of forming a white student union at Towson university.
    UPDATE: Petitions Circulating Against Potential Towson U. White Student Union – Towson, MD Patch 

     I don’t know the intentions of the group seeking to form this white student union but I do find it absurd to argue against a white student union when you have a black student union, an asian student union, etc.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    I try really (Really, REALLY) hard not to take any notice of what my friends, relatives, and acquaintances do in their bedrooms (or anywhere else they engage in sexual activity).
    And I’m highly inclusive in this – it includes bisexuals, too.

  • https://picasaweb.google.com/102427392960537405774 Kevin_B

    I am bisexual, and I could care less about this whole thing. I think this thing just reeks of screaming at the rest of society, bad identity politics and self-victimization. I think they are being seriously ridiculous.
    Really, man, why the need for group think, identity politics and victim-class making? And why all the bitching about things that are actually fairly trivial? Seriously man, you can form a movement if you have to without all this drama.
    I agree with Earl’s approach, basically. The bedroom is the bedroom, and it shouldn’t be the center of your identity and socio-political life. I don’t expect such things to totally stay under the wrapper and I would never call for such things to be kept a total secret. But don’t make it your central characteristic. And your sex life should remain private.
    I personally never mention my bisexuality unless its somehow relevant, and I don’t really plan on being ‘out’ if it doesn’t matter.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Hear, hear, Kevin! I’ve always found it sadly limiting when people define their interests and values by their sexuality — and nothing more.  I made that point 30 years ago to a friend of mine who had just come out of the closet, and I’ve neve changed my mind. He, incidentally, is a lockstep liberal.  He’s very bright, but will always jettison common sense and core values for liberal Progressive solidarity. 

  • MacG

    Unless Kevin’s paradigm should sweep the GLBT mindset (what a wonderful thing that would be), I guess the next victim class or subset will be  the Bisexual Transgender.  I can hear the progressive tune put together for them now “I’m a Victim!, You’re a Victim! Wouldn’t you like to be a Victim too? Be a Victim! Be a Doctored Victim!” 


  • Mike Devx

    I agree: Hear, hear, Kevin!  I find that my sexual identity is rarely relevant in my day to day interactions with people.  What seems far more relevant is how I approach them and treat them as people.

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  • Danny Lemieux

    There’s a whole line of “victims” standing in line for their rights: polygamists, polyamorists, people that like having sex with animals….all who want some type of taxpayer compensation for their proclivities, no doubt.