There’s something happening here…

I just went to get my (overdue) haircut at the hair salon, deep in that hardcore-Democrat lair that goes by the name of Cook (“Crook”) County, Illinois. The woman who has cut may hair for the past 20+ years works in a working-class hair salon that tends to employ lower-middle class women, many single, and a few (mostly gay) men. I would generally characterize them as pro-labor union, conservative lifestyle-but-religiously Democrat voters who stay marginally aware of political issues. They tend to be very suspicious of business people and wealthy people. The woman who cuts my hair has known me for a very long time and we have kept up with each others families as our kids grew up. So, at this point in time, we have pretty much lost any pretenses in the wide open discussions that we’ve had over the years. Often, we disagree but we always have great discussions. Our standing joke is that, before every election, I tell her that she is a true Republican in her personal and family values but that she just can’t help herself from voting Democrat.

This time, she brought up to me that she had not watched the debate this week but that, the day after, the overwhelming sentiment at the hair salon was that Romney wiped the floor with Obama. I was shocked. But, how many of them would have supported Obama to begin with, I asked. “All of them”. I asked her how many of them would actually vote for Romney now, based on that debate, however. Her reply, “all of them!” She, too, will vote for a Republican President for the first time in her life. I asked her why. Her response, “I would have been willing to give Obama another chance if he had just kept things the same. But he has caused so much damage, I just can’t do that this time.”

Somehow, I suspect that she and her coworkers haven’t shown up yet in the polling statistics, yet.

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  • Charles Martel

    Danny, surely you’re forgetting that these women are the ones Rasmussen and Gallup are studiously tracking and polling? 
    Am I right?
    Danny? Hello?

  • Ymarsakar

    Winning a debate means someone should be President? Completely the wrong view, and one very Democrat in origin.

     Sincere words are not fine; fine words are not sincere. Those
    who are skilled (in the Tao) do not dispute (about it); the
    disputatious are not skilled in it. Those who know (the Tao) are not
    extensively learned; the extensively learned do not know it.

    The sage does not accumulate (for himself). The more that he
    expends for others, the more does he possess of his own; the more that
    he gives to others, the more does he have himself.

    With all the sharpness of the Way of Heaven, it injures not; with
    all the doing in the way of the sage he does not strive.-Tao Te Ching

  • Moose

    Good day Bookworm Room posters. I joined you a few years ago when Rush made a mention of you on his program. I have been a faithful follower since and even posted a few times when I felt I could offer something insightful. Your comments are usually always thought out and delivered very clearly. It is that trust I open this concern to you to get your thoughts and opinions.
    I, to, believe something’s happening here, but it concerns me deeply. I have internalized it and blown it off thinking it is my conspiracy theory personality taking over. But I just recently had a conversation with another entrepreneur who expressed my concerns almost identically.
    1.       Romney wins, but will never be sworn in. Riots in major cities will lead Obama to declare martial law.
    2.       Obama wins and there is never another election
    I understand that the military is being trained to handle civil disobedience. The line of using the military for law enforcement has never been crossed before, but is there writing on the wall?
    If one of the above scenarios takes place, will we have secession? If so will the National Guard, which is controlled by governors be used to protect states from our own military?
    I thought the mid terms were a sign that the nation didn’t like the direction the government was headed, but I beginning to think this administration (regime) has bigger plans.
    OK, I will stop there and hopefully you all can ease my fears, OR prove my point. I hope it’s the former.

  • Charles Martel

    Moose, basically what you’re saying is that no matter who wins the presidency, Obama will manufacture a crisis that allows him to assume dictatorial powers. Let’s say your fears are correct. What would it mean in practical terms?
    Romney wins, Obama stokes urban firestorms as an excuse to impose martial law.

    1.      1. Assuming several metro areas across the country explode, how will Obama direct the already thinly stretched U.S. Army to impose law and order in densely populated areas with heavily built-up infrastructures? (Remember the gruesome fatalities the Russians endured in taking a stone-and-steel city like Berlin.)
    2.      2. Outside the metro areas, how will the army control a 3 million-square-mile hinterland whose residents are heavily armed (see Question No. 7 below)? How will the army commandeer supplies from rural areas to feed now captive city populations?
    3.      3. How will Obama deal with rebellious U.S. Army regiments? Who will be the instrument of punishment and sequestration against them?
    4.      4. How will Obama protect U.S. interests and resources from opportunistic attacks by foreign powers if he uses the army to impose martial law?
    5.      5. If Obama federalizes the state militias, how will he deal with governors who refuse to release them to U.S. control and militia members who refuse his orders? Divert more army troops to arrest and then impress them into service?
    6.      6. If there is urban rioting, a majority of the people that will be doing it will be black and Hispanic. Will Obama dare to kill the necessary numbers of his core constituencies to put down the riots, knowing that it will alienate him from the people he used to climb into power?
    7.      7. How will Obama (and the Pentagon) deal with the tens of millions of armed U.S. citizens, many of them former military, who might resort to guerilla tactics against the army?
    8.      8. How will Obama deal with hackers who can bring down military and government computers? Is he certain that his people have detected and effectively blocked all potential back doors?
    9.      9. How will he deal with massive civil disobedience by the people who really make this country function and have a work ethic (obviously I’m not talking about academics, journalists, “artists,” politicians, students, welfare recipients, etc.) Again, does he have enough soldiers to arrest dissenters? Enough jail cells to hold them all?
    One answer to my questions might be pure ruthlessness, a desire on Obama’s part to crush a rebellion by publicly killing its leaders and promising the same fate to anybody who rises to take their places. Of course this means that the U.S. population is as cowardly and complaisant as Europeans or liberals—not highly likely.
    Obama is re-elected and begins a slow-moving coup.

    I would apply most of the same questions to a stealthier seizure of power by a re-elected Obama. In the event of a slower lead-up to a coup by Obama, I’m sure that the governors of several states would be quietly laying in plans for secession that involve more than just formal declarations of leave taking. I’d pity the federal fools that tried to mess with Texas, Utah, or Alaska.

  • Marica

    Charles– Awesome set of questions! (Although, I wonder if you are talking about New Texas or Old Texas.) One other, who to deal with a military– the populous of the military– that very well may refuse to comply in the first place? 


     Danny, what a brave man you are discussing politics with an Obama voter, who knows how to wield scissors, while you’re sitting. Did you bring your own styptic pencil?  

  • Danny Lemieux

    Ha, ha….SADIE. Believe me, I would be very careful if I didn’t know this person very well.

    Moose, I concur with Charles. I don’t believe there is anything to worry about. The military’s first loyalty is to the Constitution, not the Commander-in-Chief. Besides, I don’t think they really like him very much.

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  • Don Quixote

    Hi Moose. I can’t say what you fear will never happen here, but I do believe that it will not happen soon.  The American people are weakened (and weakening), but no so weakened that such efforts would have a prayer of success.  Yet. 

  • Libby

    I like CM’s line of thinking, but I’ll just throw this question into the mix since you only mentioned the military: why has DHS bought 1.4 billion rounds of ammo over the last 6 months?
    Moose – The amazing thing is that most conservative people I’ve talked to have at some point had the same fleeting suspicion about Obama somehow subverting the election or election results. I spoke to someone today who is scared for Romney’s safety. It’s not that you think it would really ever happen, but…I find the fact that this is so commonly feared interesting.
    Years ago I read Gavin DeBecker’s “The Gift of Fear.” He’s a personal security expert, and the book looks at how one subconsciously picks up on all sorts of minor cues that result in what people in dangerous situations later refer to as a “gut feeling” they acted upon or ignored to their peril. For example, how often  after an employee ‘goes postal’, do we see colleagues or neighbors interviewed saying something like “As soon as I heard the gunshots I knew it was Max.” DeBecker counsels to not talk yourself out of your gut feelings (don’t use logic over instincts) using examples of people being mugged or raped because they didn’t want to appear impolite or racist (e.g., not crossing the street when they see a gang of ethnic teens coming towards them). So taking DeBecker’s gift of fear into consideration, I think people have been picking up cues that Obama craves power, and he and his people are willing to go to great lengths to both assume it & maintain it. I don’t really know where this leads, so I guess I’m just saying that it makes it harder to completely banish these gut fears about the upcoming election.

  • drk


    I log onto Bookworm, read Danny’s post and find myself getting all hopeful, only to start reading the comments.  Now alarm has set in.  Thanks everyone.  

    I would not put it past Obama and many of his operatives to cheat, lie, steal, whatever, in order to ensure he gets re-elected.  But I believe that somewhere in their core, most would be hesitant to put into place what could only result in complete lawlessness and mayhem.  These people and their families and friends would not fair well with even mild to moderate societal breakdown.  And I think they know that.

    Danny – I’m so hoping that similar discussions are happening in millions of businesses and water coolers around the country.



  • Charles Martel

    There is a saving grace here. Keep in mind that Obama and hi supporters are immensely incompetent and dysfunctional people. That’s not to say that a Bill Ayers or Eric Holder wouldn’t relish seizing the means of power and using it to kill or imprison their enemies, but neither one of them is a competent person in practical terms.
    Yes, they could commandeer efficient killers and thugs, but would lack the skills for containing and managing them. Most of the people on the left–certainly not all, but most–are extraordinarily useless people in the sense of having any practical skills and insights.
    Pitted against millions of people who know what they’re doing, these putzes would have a hard time keeping it together. Not saying we shouldn’t take them seriously, but the last mistake I’d ever take is mistaking their passion of their envy and hatred as the sign of some deeper intelligence.

  • Mike Devx

    I am very worried about the government buying up all that ammunition and guns and laying plans for the suppression of civil unrest.

    However, I don’t think it is tied to the 2012 presidential election.  I think these are long range plans.  As such, they worry me extensively.  Couple that with the fact that the TSA is moving aggressively out of the airports into all kinds of venues and even traffic stops, and you have the makings of a vicious police state.  I am very worried about this… long term.

    I’m not at all worried about Obama “coup” tricks with the 2012 election.  For this election, I am more worried about voting fraud.  You’ll only need one or two states – say, Ohio and Florida? – to be very close and then be stolen.


  • Ymarsakar

    The thing is, it is not often that the status quo power brokers do the killing. It’s the ones that are left over after the corrupt Senate over reaches. The Roman Senate decided it was going to stay faithful to the Republic by assassinating Julius Caesar because JC was trying to reform the patriarchy and corruption. However, that just ended up with the Senate getting put into two civil wars and basically torched. 

     What the Left will create is an enormous backlash and vacuum where the people will demand a Dictator, if only to spite the Left and destroy the Left. That dictatorship, having exercised enormous power for the public good, will then continue to exercise it and human desires will corrupt it sooner or later.

    One of the most dangerous things the nations of this world has done, unknowingly, is promote and support Democrats in the US. In doing so, they are accelerating the pace at which the only super power on this Earth, will collapse. What will replace it, won’t be something the Euros and Middle Eastern anti-americans will like. Probably because most of them will be dead.  By allowing Democrats to create pseudo dictator bureaucrats and pseudo dictatorial Presidents and pseudo Union armed militias, this just invites someone to come in and do all that they try to do, except better.

     When people see the incompetence of the Left and its members, and think it isn’t a danger, they are being short sighted. They need to look back historically at how things routinely run. The Left is not the iron hammer. They are just the gate way hand maidens of evil, and evil will come about when the Left has exhausted American vitality and strength, to be replaced by desire for something more efficient, more ruthless, and less “fair”. Whether the Leftists are in power or not, is meaningless. Whether they survive or not is meaningless as well. They make great use of cannon fodder and discard them, but they have yet to comprehend that for all that the evil their alliance does, they will be discarded the moment they will have paved the way for true ruthlessness.

  • bkivey

    ‘There’s something happening here
    What it is, is exactly clear
    There’s a man with a smirk over there
    Tellin’ me, I got to beware
    I think it’s time we stop, Dems, what’s that sound
     You better check what’s goin’ down.’

  • Mike Devx

    with apologies to william mearns,

    Yesterday on an empty chairI met a man who wasn’t thereHe wasn’t there again todayOh, how I wish he’d go away 


    Cheer up. The cover of The New Yorker has a cartoon of Romney speaking to an empty chair and lectern. The Upper West Side of NYC will be throwing clots when it hits the newstands.

    And in other news … while most of the country was asleep, Abu Hamza and his BFFs were flown from the UK to the Metropolitan Corrections Center in NYC. I am sure it’s just another coinky-dink that it’s October, kinda like the unemployment number of 7.8% (the exact level/January 2009). 

  • Libby

    Yeah, despite any lingering fears of foul, there are many encouraging signs of of a coming preference cascade. Jack Welch and Bernie Marcus calling the employment numbers b.s. was refreshing. A chicken vendor talking back to his highness yesterday was outstanding. The media beclowning themselves so effectively following the debate that even the lowest low-information voter realizes that the media is in the bag for Obama has been entertaining.
    As Hugh Hewitt says: They can’t steal the election if it’s not close.

  • Bookworm

    Moose, a friend of mine with over twenty years in the military said that, at least for now, you don’t need to worry about the military becoming an unthinking enforcement branch for the federal government.  Indeed, he got quite heated in his and the military’s defense:

    “The idea America’s military would raise arms against and systematically slaughter it’s citizens is nuts. It implies the armed forces are comprised of the same faceless, soulless, jack booted thugs those on the far left would have everyone believe make up our military already. It’s simply not true. I can’t even begin to quantify the amount of effort we’ve been putting in to ethics training, sexual assault prevention, suicide prevention, etc, etc. We’ve spent so much time educating them on making morally sound decisions it baffles me educated people would believe they could suddenly turn their guns on Americans. It implies troops would suddenly forget about their own families, hometowns, and neighbors. It implies our military doesn’t train its troops to be independent thinkers making decisions at the lowest levels. Unlike other armies, our troops can function without the direct supervision of their officers and are capable of making sound and timely decisions in the absence of other leadership. I find it rather insulting when people view us as mere drones, awaiting our orders to goose step our way into America’s cities. What’s funny is this is exactly what those on the far left believed about us during the Bush years and now those of the far right believe it because of our current President? Seriously? I had no idea I was so schizophrenic, morally corrupt, or indifferent to my oath.”

    So, from the horse’s mouth, of all the things we need to worry about should Obama get reelected, a pro-Obama military coup is not on the list.  I can say without sarcasm that knowing this makes me feel better.

  • Michael Adams

    I also know some of the young men in our armed services, and I most definitely do not fear them. Even if a minority went on a fragging rampage, they would not get far. Remember, the former SEALS in Bengazi were not armed, at least, not at first. Personnel on military bases are unarmed, too.  That is a condition that would not last long. What happened, and what would happen again, would be that the loyal soldiers and Marines quickly take matters in hand. (to hand)
    As with M. Devx, I worry much more about electoral fraud. We have Obamacare because Franken stole the Wisconsin election, through the absentee ballots. One hundred thousand such ballots have already been received in Iowa, all from registered Democrats, compared to thirty five thousand Republican ones. Who’s checking those addresses?  Have they started soon enough to do any good?  
    No fooling, these are totally unscrupulous people, as they have already shown.  No conspiracy theory, just items in the news, remembered as the others items come down the road.  The Left relies upon short memories.

  • Charles Martel

    I agree with Michael Adams. The American way has never been uniformed thugs in the street. Stealing elections, a la Kennedy in 1960, or Franken in 2008, or the Washington State governorship in 2004, has always been much cheaper, stealthier, and more acceptable.

  • Earl

    I’m not at all convinced that Obama will mind losing the election – barring the embarrassment.  He DOESN’T LIKE THE JOB. 
    He’s much more suited to a Bill Clintonish post-presidency, jetting around the world being adulated and collecting pots of money.
    So, I see him (and especially his minions) doing whatever he can to win the election, including stealing as many votes as they can get away with, but if he loses, I suspect he’ll breathe a quiet sigh of relief and jet off to that mansion in Hawaii they’re preparing for him with OPM.

  • Ymarsakar

    The Left knows very well they can’t make the US military do anything. They have bought a few Admirals and Generals, but that is the extent of their influence. That’s what they are creating a civilian security force just as strong as the US military. and if people here say that the US military won’t turn their guns on American civilians, then they won’t shoot the Black Panthers, TSA, or Union thugs that come over and camp your property either, now will they.