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What I always notice when (under protest) I watch Jon Stewart is the fact that his humor is incredibly puerile.  Because actual facts in their proper context are usually inconvenient for him, he latches onto context-free snippets, interlacing them with obscenities and jokes lacking both wit and subtlety.  Jon Stewart would therefore have liked what one of my Progressive friends copied onto her Facebook account from

Unaware that the image came from, which would have tipped me off the that search outcome would be political, I bit.  I thought I’d see something cute like a tiny kitten eating out of a huge food bowl, or a puppy and kitten who are best friends.  Instead, I got this (click on thumbnail to enlarge):

This is a great joke . . . if you’re 8 years old. For anyone with a little more maturity, sophistication, and knowledge — eh. It’s just not that amusing.  I fully expect to see it appear on Jon Stewart’s show in the near future.

Here’s a palette cleanser:

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  • JKB

    Ha, ha, somebody played with Google.  Them Progressives are wicked smart Here something I found today on facebook 

  • MacG

    Sounds more like the paper joke in Jr high “How do you keep an idiot busy? (turn over) with the same message on the other side… I thought that this type of Google bombing was done away with with new algorithms back in Bush’s day but for sophomoric fun type in Obama fail.

  • Ymarsakar

    Doesn’t have to be smart when Google is in bed with the Left.