Biden explains when it’s okay to impose his religious views on others

Nobody ever accused Joe Biden of being coherent.  Peter Heck, however, realized more quickly than I did that Biden was being exceptionally incoherent — or hypocritical or held tightly in the grip of cognitive dissonance — when he was asked to explain the relationship between his faith and his politics.  I’ll give you Heck’s summary, but you should read the whole thing to find out how he got there:

It’s an interesting worldview, isn’t it?  Government-sponsored theft is legitimate on moral grounds, but government protection of innocent, defenseless life is unreasonable.  That’s the modern Democrat Party.

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  • MacG

    One thing that Ryan could have said better was when he mentioned that the Dem platform used to say “Safe, legal AND rare” rather than using unilateral language he should have said that the Dems VOTED to REMOVE the conditional term RARE making this a normative thing versus a difficult choice between lives.

    Biden seems to have no qualms imposing his religious view on the American people because his are right.   At least the next time he mentions the separation of Church and State he will have hollowed out his foundation upon which he stands.

  • Charles Martel

    Benedict XVI knew coming into the papacy that he would have only a short time before he dies. So he has quietly, steadily, and without fanfare moved to name cardinals and archbishops who are braver and more morally coherent than the core of moronic milquetoasts like Bernardin, Mahony, and Weakland that started afflicting the Catholic Church under the reigns of John XXIII and Paul VI.  
    Because the Church realizes it is under direct attack from the Democratic Party, including “Catholic” politicians like Pelosi, Biden, and Sebelius, she is getting ready to duke it out with Caesar. One of the heaviest blows she will land—and it’s coming—will be the excommunication of the likes of Biden. Playing nice and pretending that these vile poseurs have any allegiance to fundamental Christian teachings are just about at an end.

  • MacG

    Excommunication?  That would be interesting.


    Excommunication? That would be interesting.

    By means of a spaceship to the outer limits would be satisfying.