Keith Koffler asks the right question: Is Biden fit to be president?

The Vice President’s primary responsibility is to be in place should something happen to the president.  This is not a far-fetched scenario.  Over America’s long presidential history, several Vice Presidents have ascended to the presidency.  Since WWII, we’ve had three presidents come in that way:  Truman, LBJ, and Ford.  The Veep is an understudy for the big role.

The media and the internet have been abuzz today about Biden’s performance.  True believers enjoyed seeing his raging performance.  Looked at objectively, though, with the eye of someone who wandered in from Mars and turned on the TV, Joe’s behavior was nothing short of rude and demeaning, not just to his obvious target, Paul Ryan, but also to the American people.  Biden intentionally hijacked an opportunity for Americans to hear candidates talk at some length about issues that are important to voters.  By interrupting Ryan at least 82 times, by talking over him, by asserting that every fact was a lie without ever addressing the underlying ideological issues, Biden turned the affair in a pointless exercise, with a nice young man being confronted by a crazy dude.

I won’t be the first one to quote Proverbs 29:9 here, as I’ve received multiple emails about blog posts raising it: “When a wise person debates with a fool, the fool rages and laughs, and there is no peace and quiet.” Or as I sum it up, “Never argue with the crazy person.”

Of course, that assumes that Biden is either crazy or a fool. Perhaps he is a calculating man who covered up a giant vacuum in his party’s platform by raging in Khrushchev style (or lawyer style): When you have the law, argue the law; when you have the facts, argue the facts; and when you have neither law nor facts, pound the table.

Regardless of his motivation, though, Joe was thumbing his nose at our democracy. He was denying us the substance we deserve. He was either unstable, which is a problem; or profoundly dishonest of and disrespectful to democracy, which is also a problem. And so Keith Koffler asks Is Biden Fit To Be President?

Biden’s act last night raises very serious questions about his fitness to serve as president should it ever come to that.

And it was an act. It’s clear to me that the giggling, the sneering, and the occasional indignant outbursts were carefully rehearsed, a calculated attempt both to diminish Ryan and throw some red meat to a dispirited Democratic base. “Yeah, get him, get the little jerk,” you can hear lefties across America snorting as Biden tore into the despised Ryan.

That the vice president of the United States could put together a performance that was just one step short of Nikita Khrushchev pounding his shoe on a desk at the United Nations should be deeply disturbing to average Americans.

Though calculated, Biden’s outlandish behavior and his uncanny ability to pull it off belongs nowhere near the West Wing of the White House. Unless Biden’s debate prep partner was Al Pacino and the practice sessions were rehearsed at the Strasberg school for method acting in New York City, the behavior you saw last night has to be part of who Biden is: A crude, angry bully who may be a borderline lunatic.

Americans need to ask themselves not who won the debate, but whether they want such a man in charge of an office whose occupant steers the the future of the human race and, quite possibly, its fate.

Read the rest here to see what Koffler has to say about Ryan’s performance.

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  • Mike Devx

    I agree, that was the main thing I took away from this debate.  I do not want some sneering, chuckling, grinning, insulting fool a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

    On the other hand, much of the laughing and leering and ultra-wide-mouth grinning seemed fake to me.  Which means they spent time scripting and practicing all of this grinning-fool crap during the Democrat debate prep. Perhaps hoping to rattle Ryan into attacking that behavior, and thus himself coming off poorly.  

    You wouldn’t want to appear that *hot* emotionally on live TV.  Ask Jennifer Granholm.  I’m still thinking that her wildly enthusiastic speech went over *very* weil on the convention floor, but on TV it was somewhat over the top.  Anyway, with more experience Ryan will be able to handle such Biden-level weirdness with more charm and finesse rather than just keeping a sober and serious mein while surviving it.

    The Democrats energized their base, but they paid a small price among everyone else for doing so.  And that could not have been, or should not have been, their goal.  This is all about those undecideds right now, and the Democrats did themselves no favors.


  • Charles Martel

    It does not say much for the Democratic base that it would be inspired or reassured by a fool.

  • Spartacus

    “Though calculated, Biden’s outlandish behavior and his uncanny ability to pull it off belongs nowhere near the West Wing of the White House. Unless Biden’s debate prep partner was Al Pacino and the practice sessions were rehearsed at the Strasberg school for method acting in New York City, the behavior you saw last night has to be part of who Biden is: A crude, angry bully who may be a borderline lunatic.”
    OK, on the subject of theatrical performances, let’s work with this a bit.  Although, as Ryan pointed out, Biden was under a considerable amount of “duress” — fascinating choice of words, and probably correct — I’m going to guess that the smirking and laughing were more the instinctive response of a man driven over the past 39 years in political office to more and more extremely nonsensical positions.  Not the sharpest pencil in the drawer, he nonetheless senses this, but has neither the courage nor the first idea how to change any of it.  He is trapped in a rising tide of BS, and matched against an earnest young guy who… memorizes numbers for fun, like a smart person or something.  And he knows, somewhere deep down, that this young guy is on the right side, and that he himself is on the wrong side.  What is he supposed to do?  Admit that everything he has ever stood for has turned out to be wrong?  Or try to laugh the whole thing off, and get everyone else laughing, as well?
    So, back to theatrical performances.  Last night, right after the debate, there were those who asked, “Was Biden drunk?”  And I was reminded of several similar scenes from the movie Downfall.  In Hitler’s bunker, different people reacted differently to their impending doom.  (And several million very upset and battle-hardened Soviet soldiers whose leader is the Most Magnanimous and Forgiving Josef Stalin, when you have spent the past several years on Hitler’s personal staff, is pretty much the dictionary definition of DOOOOOM.)  In one room of the bunker, there seemed to be a perpetual party going on.  At any hour of the day or night, there seemed to be a half dozen co-sufferers seated around a large table with many times the number of empty wine bottles as there were guests.  But how could you really blame them for that?  What should they have done at that point, convened a quilting bee and knitted up a Peace Quilt to present to the Soviets?  I’m hard-pressed to blame them for wanting a drink at that point.  And similarly, while I certainly don’t think that Biden was literally drunk, I imagined him as a fellow traveller of all the dedicated Nazis in that room, trying to laugh off the hard, cold truth arrayed against them.
    I look forward to a VP who would utterly fail to be in any way interesting as the main character in a psychological drama.  When government is run properly, it is just deadly boring.

  • skullbuster

    This was a completely intended strategy.  The classic “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.”    W. C. Fields

    Obama’s hoax is exactly like I handled things when I was drinking.  (recovering alcholic; last drink 5/1/1988).  Not that he drinks, but the problem is you will always be discovered for the imposter you are.  It’s just a matter of time.

    The next debate there is a possibility he could completely break down on the air. 


    Whether by design, intent, lunacy or all of the above – Biden’s performance antics deflected post debate discussion away from substance. It was the “shiny object” ploy using his over-whitened chops to do it.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Skullbuster, I concur with your prediction.

  • stanley

    With some history behind us now, would you rather have Sarah Palin or Uncle Joe a heartbeat away from the presidency.

    For that matter, with some history behind us, would you rather have Sarah Palin or Barrack Obama as head of state? 

  • Danny Lemieux

    I hope that Romney appoints Sarah Palin as Secretary of Energy. Laundromats would have a run on Democrat and Green underwear for the next four years.

  • Charles Martel

    Uh, Danny, many Democrats do not wear underwear. They prefer their government-subsidized diapers.


    They prefer their government-subsidized diapers.

    The very reason they’re called Depends.  


    The unasked question: Are the nutworks fit to ask any questions. I fully anticipate future debates to have all the animal magnetism of the Jerry Springer Show.

  • benning

    Regarding Biden, I think this post by Jeffrey Lord, at American Spectator, says plenty! :)

  • Gringo

    Is Biden fit to be President?
    No, Biden  is not fit to be President, but neither is Barack Hussein Obama Jr. fit to be President.