Scott Baio making sense

I’ve always been a Scott Baio fan.  He was the only one I liked in Happy Days.  I liked Charles in Charge, in part because it had an old-fashioned morality.  And I like his courage in being an open Republican in Hollywood:

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  • Leah

    My quibbles with this clip. Scott Baio became successful in Hollywood long before he became a Republican in public. So he continues to work, many young people starting out have to stay in the closet, they won’t get hired if they go against the Hollywood lefty hierarchy- not just as actors but in the many support roles in the industry.

    I’m over the ‘let’s all just get along’. I wish he would have called out the people who are bashing Stacey Dash instead of ‘not understanding’ why they are attacking her.

  • MacG

    “So he continues to work, many young people starting out have to stay in the closet, ”

    So if there is anyone who can identify with being ‘closeted’ it is young Republicans trying to get work in Hollywood.  :)  

    Stacey Dash presumably did what Scott Baio did and ‘came out’ after her success.  It seems those who subscribe to the birds of a feather flock together (a sort of will full segregation)  are become a closed minded group that has circled the wagons and will shoot the ‘defectors’.  I did read some tweets by American Africans that supported her free speech and politely disagreed.  The vile ones are allowed to speak as well though what they said could classify as hate speech had a white person tweeted that bile.

    As for young Republicans not speaking up in Hollywood, they are smart enough to realize that they are basically working in a methane bubble and it would be better to keep a gas mask on and not light that match until the air is cleared and they have risen above the base stench of Hollywood where the smell of cash is in the air.  

    Yes it would have been nice for SB to denounce the tweets and I think it was going there. Baio: “I really don’t know why they are treating her that way, I really don’t”  boy Bush: “… she’s African American” “So, so, so what?”, and Bush danced away from the topic and the look on Baio’s face is one of “Do you really want to go there? I’m ready”  Well That is how I read it but MY real problem with this clip is how old Baio is…When did that happen?! 

  • jj

    I don’t even know how Hollywood truly is, these days.  Everybody knows how the fatheads who can’t keep their mouths closed think, of course – but you have to remember: for every Speilberg, every Hanks, every DeVito, every Penn, and every Clooney; there are three hundred people who figure their politics are none of anybody’s business and don’t talk about it in public.  Is Hollywood a nest of idiot liberals?  Yeah, it is – but at the same time I know a bunch of people who aren’t at all, but just don’t find it necessary to yak about it.  Hollywood folks aren’t a separate species; they’re subject to the same economic laws as the rest of us, and they don’t like it a great deal better than we do when the price of every damn thing you have to buy goes up and up and up.  Some of the silence (relatively) is defensive, of course, even in Hollywood the perception is that Hollywood’s liberal to the point you might damage your career by speaking against the (perceived) grain, so a lot don’t, admittedly.  But Hollywood’s a money-making – theoretically – enterprise, and you don’t come out ahead by pissing off half the population.  The money-men, the guys who run things and pay for it all aren’t so goddam stupid they don’t know that.  You talk about the people on the right having to be very secure before they open their mouths – it’s no different for those on the left.  Think about who they are: they’ve already made it, too.  They’re not up-and-comers or from the ranks of the just-starting-to-heat-up any more than the conservatives are.  And there’s a balance for them, too: as long ads Clooney continues to deliver on the screen, he can run his mouth.  The minute he stops filling theaters he becomes quiet, or accepts that the halcyon days are over, and lives off what he has because the big paydays are over.  That’s the balance, for everybody, on both sides.  How much damage can you afford to do to yourself?  If you have enough to be comfy forever – fine, you can run your mouth.
    Then you have the ones nothing can touch.  Clint Eastwood can say whatever he wants from whatever direction he wants on any subject he wants, to anybody he wants.  He’s untouchable.  As a director, producer, and writer he’s won more academy awards than anybody in the history of Hollywood, so he’s untouchable.  He’s so untouchable that even two clowns like Robbins and Penn are willing to work for him, take direction from him, shut up when around him – and collect their own Oscars for doing so. he puts other people inb positions of being nominated for, and winning, awards.  (That’s huge.)  John Wayne, Cary Grant, Paul Newman, and maybe a couple of others were similarly untouchable.  Everybody in that town knew that Wayne’s academy award should have – should have – been his third, and could well have been his fifth.  he lost a couple on account of politics (and general industry prejudice against westerns at the time), so when the time finally came even the people who hated him realized that his performance had earned it, he was owed, and the “academy” vote was almost unanimous.
    But to suppose the town’s solidly liberal is probably a safe bet, but also probably less true than you think it is.