Found it on Facebook: Romney is evil? Really?

One of my old high school classmates, who is gay and Progressive, posted a heartfelt plea today that all of his Facebook friends do whatever is necessary to keep the “evil” Romney out of office.  Evil?  That’s an awfully strong word.  Hitler was evil.  Mao was evil.  Stalin was evil.  Pol Pot was evil.  Saddam Hussein was evil.

But what the heck has Romney ever said or done to earn the appellation evil?  I meant to ask my friend, but my computer is dying and for reasons entirely unclear to me, it will no longer let me post any comments to Facebook.  I’ll have a new computer by next week and, if I remember, I’ll politely ask this guy why Romney is “evil” as opposed to merely being a mainstream politician and member of Lincoln’s party, whose mainstream politics somehow offend this guy.

I’m actually being a bit disingenuous here.  I’ve known for decades that Conservatives think Progressives are misguided; while Progressives think Conservatives are evil.  It’s just that I don’t remember this level of hysteria from before.  People disagreed, but the passion that characterizes the “Leave Britney alone!” video wasn’t as obvious, and the insults weren’t so blatant.

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  • vanderleun

    Your classmate is just another in the endless chain of gay progressive Obama cannon fodder. To these zombies anyone who doesn’t posture as pro-gay is by definition evil. Your classmate is just food for the maw of leftists. In the old Stalinist left realm he’d be in a short line for a bullet in the back of the head.

  • vanderleun

    Or, as I just read on Jerry Pournelle’s page:

    “The political strategy of the two major parties continues and will likely govern what happens in the debates. The Democrats can’t run on their record, and indeed would prefer that you didn’t look at the economic picture. They do not seem to have a program for the future that they want to sell. The attractiveness of Hope and Change carried the last presidential election, but apparently they don’t want to try that one again, nor is “We’re the ones you’ve been waiting for.”
    That leaves scaring the voters away from Romney and Ryan. Don’t elect them, they’re horrible.” 

  • phillips1938

    I believe we are in a civil war.  If we didn’t live so close together we would be killing each other.  I actually expect many to do that too.

    The Left is plain angry.. just getting angrier as their ideology falls apart, globally.  They have created a moral monster.  They believe we are against legalized abortion, gay rights and want religion everywhere.

    We are outraged that the media call us racist and liars… when the truth is the opposite.

  • Bookworm

    I periodically think about de-friending these people, especially since the Facebook friendships are based upon past ties, rather than current affinity.  And then I don’t, precisely because it is so useful to get an insight into how the rank and file think.  It’s one thing to hear Axelrod; it’s another thing entirely to hear those emotions (and they are emotions, rather than rational thought) play out at the marijuana (as opposed to grass) roots level.


    “…but my computer is dying and for reasons entirely unclear to me” I am not a computer expert, but I think it’s the “un” problem – “un”hinged and the “un”glued rantings of progressives. Double check to make sure there are no loose screws or puddles of glue at or near the tower. They often rant in bold, upper case mode to insure that your hear them clearly. Their intent is to damage any discourse in/on or within a computer. N/C for this service call. 😉

  • Charles Martel

    Most leftists I know, even if they claim to be religious, can’t articulate from where or how they derive their concept of evil. If anything, the question throws them into a Robby the Robot-type grand mal seizure. You can see the electrical currents buzzing around their heads, “Does not compute! Does not compute!”
    The more articulate—and honest—ones among them will simply say that good and evil are whatever a particular society says they are. Society in this case is defined as that thing the left adores more than God or even the orgasm: the unchecked power of the state. When the state is powerful enough to define reality (for example, killing the unborn is a manifestation of freedom and liberation; sodomy is equal to the traditional marital act therefore is a legitimate basis for marriage), it can make good and evil anything it wants them to be.
    If somebody—us, the right—opposes the unlimited state, we are, by definition, evil. However, as Orwell pointed out in 1984, under an all-powerful state the definition of good and evil is malleable. If science were to discover the so-called “gay gene,” you can be sure that the totalitarian left would demand some sort of state protection for gay embryos and “fetuses” (unborn children). Maybe the feds could make those fetuses “honorary children” the same way the Nazis made the Japanese “honorary Aryans” to get around their pesky lack of whiteness.
    I gotta stop,. Trying to imagine what depths of ridiculousness our moral and intellectual superiors might twist their way down into is exhausting.

  • Mike Devx

    I’m beginning to wonder if there *will* be rioting if Romney wins.  You are right, Book, when you say ” I don’t remember this level of hysteria from before.”

    What happens to this “level of hysteria” among Obama supporters, and the left, if their side loses?  It’s been common in the past that the losing side goes into a funk for awhile, sure the country’s people – well, somewhat over 50% of them – have just chosen the wrong path.  But this year, given this hysteria on the left, it just might translate into violence instead of a funk.

    And if conservatives lose?  Most of us consider four more years of Obama and a Democrat Senate to be a dreadful proposition.  But the only thing that would lead to riots on our side is if a smoking gun emerged that PROVED that the Democrats had stolen the election.  And even then I don’t know that you’d see riots and violence.  A civil crisis, definitely…

    But on the left, I’m getting more worried about the potential for riots and violence. 

  • Danny Lemieux

    Hammer, let me try to distill what you said: Leftists/Progs have lost the capacity to distinguish between good and evil. Right now I am having to confront this with some of my fellow-Christian parishioners in my 50% Liberal church.

    I am totally with Book on this – I have a number of very Liberal /Progressive friends on Facebook that I keep because a) I like them as individuals, b) it provides insights into their thinking and c) I don’t want to get caught up living in my own ideological bubble the way they do.

    MikeD – the Democrat Party is the party of mobs and demagogues. However, we have the guns, which remain our best guarantee against the fascist State. This won’t be Greece and any violence from the Left will backfire big-time.

  • debiesam

    My friends on the left are completely unhinged these days. I think the hysteria is tied to the fact that they are losing power — not just the presidency (at least I hope so), but also the House and maybe the Senate — and many state Governorships. I think it’s also tied to the rise of conservative media. To liberals, it’s a scary landscape. Just four years ago, liberalism seemed to be on the rise again, conquering and dominating everywhere. With Obama in office, the promise of a liberal utopia seemed very real, very attainable.  Now that dream is broken. Even if Obama is re-elected, liberalism is in disarray. The reality is, it’s hard work to make a republic work, there are no instant remedies. Conservatives have always known this. But liberals are in a state of shock. They don’t know how to react. They are making it up as they go along, and are more irrational and hysterical than ever before. Their opponents are “evil” because they don’t know what else to say. They are flummoxed.

  • Gringo

    it’s another thing entirely to hear those emotions (and they are emotions, rather than rational thought) play out at the marijuana (as opposed to grass) roots level.
    Which goes to show how Sadie’s abuse of the English language has degraded the level of discourse here! :)

  • Danny Lemieux

    Debiesam – I suspect it is because they see their “Age of Aquarius” Utopia inexorably slipping from their grasp. If Romney wins, the future from that November 7th onwards will forever be associated with the Dark Ages, in their minds. Everything from their canker sores, domestic abuse (“…that lyin’ S.O.B Johnson” made them do it!)  to mental illness will be blamed on Republicans.

    What those poor thumb-sucking dears really need is a very big, very loud and very long primal scream.


    First two found at American Digestthe second set directly from yours truly. September, 2010: “This is about the birth of an entire new industry in America — an industry that’s going to be central to the next generation of cars,” Obama said.
    October 2012: A123 Systems Inc. (AONE), a maker of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for electric cars, filed for bankruptcy after failing to make a debt payment that was due yesterday. — Bloomberg News
    Obama 2008: The shiny new car smell, who ran Detroit, industry and country on hope n’ change.
    Obama 2012: Clunker. Car stinks like a old shoe filled with butts and urine from an old-night party held in Zuccotti Park hosted by OWS Leftovers and student unions. Stalled and propped on cinder blocks – parked in a driveway waiting to be towed November 6th.

  • Ymarsakar

    Whatever the Left accuses you of, know this: it was always true of them first.

  • Ymarsakar

    “Trying to imagine what depths of ridiculousness our moral and intellectual superiors might twist their way down into is exhausting.”

    This is why the Left believes themselves born to rule. Every single day of their lives, their genius elites do this kind of double think and contradictory idealism without breaking a sweat. They can do multiply complicated imaginings of the most distorted envisioning, without much fatigue at all. Such is the limit of their genius intellects.

  • Mike Devx

    Ymar said,
    > Such is the limit of their genius intellects.
    I’ve heard something said, and I totally believe it:  Intellectuals are far more capable of rationalizations than “the common man”.

    By “rationalizations” I’m talking about those fake excuses we all can dream up to attempt to explain a behavior, an action, or a belief of ours, on which any reasonable person can immediately call “BS!”  As in: “You are so full of complete BS.”  And in any audience composed of just people, and not just similar ivory tower intellectuals, 90% of the people will immediately nod in complete agreement, that whatever that so=called “intellectual” just spent some number of minuties pontificating, it was all, merely, complete bullshit.

    And this doesn’t apply just to politics.  It applies to damn near everything.  

    That’s because intellectuals are highly skilled at explaining theories without examining the axioms that underly them.  And not just explaining them – defending them, too.  It is akin to stepping up to a podium in a debate class, and being given a topic to defend that is 100% different from your own position on that topic.  Intellectuals can do that with facile grace.  They’re used to it.  They (or should I say, we) are used to engaging in that kind of thinking.  To be generous, it is called “putting yourself in the other person’s shoes”.  When you can EASILY put yourself in the other person’s shoes, not just on everyday activities of life, but on intensely philosophical issues, you run the risk of being able to fool yoourself as well.

    In a sense, you’re imaging alternative explanations for the obvious.  And when the pressure is on, when a particular imagined outcome is far preferable to the obvious explanation, intellectuals will rationalize, and accept internally that alternative explanation.  It’s just easier, because it is less threatening to the belief system, and therefore less painful.

    And paople will *always* avoid pain when a far easier path is readily available.

    So yes, I think what Ymar said is true, and the reaosn I think so is because ivory tower intellectuals are far more at risk of the lie we call “rationalization” than others.  Challenge your axioms, instead.  As often as you can.

  • Ymarsakar

    Some of us have seen Hollywood justify rapist movie directors as “not really being rape rape”. Others have seen what the case of injustice is when “is” isn’t “is” but is “something else”. Still more of us have seen Obama not “really” stealing money from tax payers. We saw them “not really” using corrupt Chicago machine politics and confiscating Republican property to give to Democrat businesses. Not “really”, really. For those “born to rule” and those that have declared themselves as the “I won” team, there is nothing they will not do to destroy you, the citizens of America. Whether you are destroyed immediately or later as slave cannon fodder, matters not in the least to the Religious Salvation called by the Left as Utopia.

     Most people’s critical thinking shuts down to near 0 in brain waves when they listen to “experts” and authorities talk. They become basically sheep, immediately. Skeptics may question, but even skeptics are not immune to propaganda and manipulation. The Left proposes to make you into a “rebel”, a “freedom fighter for the cause”, a guy that speaks “truth to power”, and a “skeptic” of “religious fundamentalism”, but in truth and actual reality, you will become another lemming and brainwashed hypnotized chicken that the Left will eat when they feel hungry. That’s about it.