Random thoughts

If this election was a romance novel, Barack Obama would be the bad boy who promises that, if you just let him have his way with you, you won’t get pregnant (honest!).  He then tells you that his friend Eddie will pay for your birth control.  Eddie doesn’t follow through, but Barry’s persuasive.  After Bad Barry has abandoned you and your baby, the manly, square-jawed Mitt comes along and helps you straighten your life out.  You fall in love with him and elect him president.

Have you ever noticed that Obama clips off the end of his words, as if he regrets having given them to you.  That’s why I don’t hear a great orator; I hear a guy with a poker up his . . . orifice.

If the October surprise is that Obama’s having talks with Iran, I don’t think that’s a good thing (“keep him in the White House so that the channels of communication open”), I think it’s a dreadful thing.  It’s scary thinking of what Obama will give away in such talks.

Romney had better find his inner aggressive guy tonight during the debate.  In the wake of the Benghazi debacle, Obama needs to be pushed against the wall, and Bob Schieffer won’t do it.  I fear, though, that Romney will sound more than usually tongue-tied, since foreign policy is something he knows in his head, but doesn’t feel in his gut.  I’m definitely a bit worried about tonight.  If Obama tells the truth, he’ll be in trouble, so he’ll lie — and I just hope Romney can handle that.


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  • JKB

    We are in the middle of that movie.  Square-jawed Mitt will come to the rescue and hopefully America will accept that help.  But I fear, once healed up, America will go right back to the bad boy.

    Not unlike the ’80s movie Last American Virgin:

    As for Benghazi, the question just now arising is why America couldn’t send help to the living during a 7 hour assault?  How could our entire National Command Authority listen to the radio, yet no one could get the President to release one jet to go to the aid of Americans, direct representatives of the sovereignty of America who were under attack by enemy forces in a dysfunctional country?

  • Charles Martel

    I have yet to meet a conservative woman of any age who would put up with the puerile come-ons and manipulations of Obama-type men. Yet it is “progressive” women who fall for his bilge, and open themselves to repeated exploitation and being seen merely as vulvae in the service of a perfect society.
    Kinda reminds me of Muslim heaven, where the houris get screwed over and over again. Such is life as a perpetual genital.

  • Zhombre

    What a wonderfully wicked phrase, Charles: “vulvae in the service of a perfect society.”  I can see its ramifications. Democratic Socialist Vulvae of America (DSVA).  Or VUFRR (pronounced Voofer): Vulvae United for Reproductive Rights.  And National Association of Informed Vulvae, or NAIV.

  • b.

    I think yes, Barry is the “bad boy”, but it’s Uncle Joe who is the guy who will pay for your abortion, now, right away, and you are about to go through with it when you realize maybe they don’t really love YOU after all, or the baby, it’s all about Barry, then (suddenly!) you meet a nice guy you’ve never met before, who doesn’t treat you like dirt.  His name is Mitt.  

    You keep the baby.

  • b.

    I should add, His name is Mitt. He already has a girlfriend, Ann.  Mitt is not trying to sleep with you. But he holds the door for you. You keep the baby. Do we have time to add a small part for Cecile, a good friend of Barry? or Uncle Joe’s sister, Simone? 

  • Charles Martel

    Zhombre, LOL! I’ll see your Voofer and raise you one NAIV!