Found it Facebook: Obama, Romney, and the hired help *UPDATED*

A picture is making the rounds amongst my liberal Facebook friends, complete with the caption that “This says it all to me.”

I’m actually not sure what “all” the picture says. That Romney smiles at people performing a service for him while Obama gives them a fist bump?

If the Obama picture had shown him grabbing the mop from the janitor and himself scrubbing the floors, I might have been more impressed.  But the fact that he fist bumps for the camera really doesn’t tell me anything at all.  Likewise, I’d be interested in know what the tip and salary the tarmac guy helping Romney received versus what the custodian greeting Obama earns.  That information might actually tell us something . . . or not.

The one thing I can assure you is that pairing those two pictures tells me nothing about Obama’s and Romney’s individual merit or their ability to govern the United States of America.  It does, however, tell me a lot about Progressives that they can look at these two out-of-context pictures and seem to find some deep meaning — and what it tells me is that, if these voters prevail again in November — we’re in serious trouble.

UPDATE:  Thanks to Plain ol’ Charles, we now know that Romney wasn’t the effete rich guy having his shoes cleaned, he was getting a pre-flight security check.

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  • Caped Crusader

    TSK! TSK! You are much too bright not to know exactly what you “friends” mean. In their warped and self defined little world, Romney is a patrician money bags, a person to be served by those beneath his exalted position. Obama, being a down to earth, self effacing, hard working guy who in a flash get down on his knees in a business suit and help the “little guy” clean the floors or shine shoes, just as he has always done. Classic cases of feel good projection for they know down deep it is the exact opposite. Remember the Obama brother living in a tin hut on $25/month and how Obama has lifted him from poverty by sending him a nice plump check monthly from his own stash —NOT.

  • kitty

    What I see is Romney holding his foot up so the guy doesn’t have to get on his knees to shine the future president’s shoes.

  • plain ol’ charles
  • kitty

    Good catch, plain ol’ charles!

  • JKB

    Aw, your update ruined it.  

    Before I read the update, I saw Romney taking advantage of the services offered by a small businessman.  The guy is well dressed and providing a personalize service.  

    Obama, on the other hand, was doing a fist bump, probably with a low wage employee who was forced to duck behind a column with the important people walked by.  So not bad as to ignore the help, but then there was this camera.

    However, if you were a small businessman, would you rather a presidential candidate give you a fist bump or you know, a little business? 

  • Charles Martel

    Oh, Envy, thy name is Progressive.

  • Libby

    How about side-by-side photos of the candidates with their brothers?
    Or maybe with our troops so you can see the crowd reactions – remember the comparisons between Obama & Bush? 
    We’ve already seen the candidates with their spouses and families after each debate, and the Romney family looks delightfully friendly. I’m sorry the Obama kids, Marion Robinson or Obama’s sister haven’t attended – why is that?

  • Dagwood

    Or check out the side-by-side courtesy of the Des Moines Register today.  Drudge, others have links.

  • Libby

    Side by side of each candidate with their pastor.


    Side by side college transcripts and passports.