My mind is a void, so you guys get an Open Thread

Today, you could wade through my deepest thoughts without getting your ankles wet.  I’ve been doing household accounting, working on my own business, and taking care of my mother, and my brain is stuck in checklist mode, with no room for creative thought.

I’m sure some glimmerings of intelligence will soon filter their way through the current murk in my cranium but, until then, it’s open thread time!  Yaaay!

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    Speaking of voids, I came across the link at Wolf Howling.

    Rosa Brooks, a hard line progressive and a severe critic of Bush era foreign and economic policies, served as an Undersecretary for Defense in the Obama administration. She writes today, in Foreign Policy Magazine, a scathing critique of Obama’s foreign policy and the highly dysfunctional foreign policy machinery he has created.   

  • lee

    While I am still terrified the Wun won’t lose on November 6th, I am also quite fearful as to what he will do if he does indeed lose? He is NOT a gracious loser, and we would still have to suffer close to three more months of him, his cronies, his Executive Order abuse, and Harry Reid. What will this sore loser do when he doesn’t have to worry what anyone will do, care, or think? What will Mee-shell do? Can you imagine that pair treating the Romneys the way they were by the Bushes? But that is the least of my concerns: What irreparable harm will the Wun do over the course of those close to eighty days?


    My greatest concern is that he will pardon his entire cabinet and the Gitmo prisoners the same manner.

  • MacG

    When you lose David Letterman it does not look so good
    Letterman Obama lied

  • b.

    As per your discussion a few days ago re: Obama the bad boy who gets you pregnant…  Have you seen the new Obama ad? Yuck, triple yuck.

  • MacG

    We cannot stand another 4 years of an expanding Barackracy :)


    b. – It’s the first X-rated political ad I’ve seen. Beyond disgust and indicative of how filthy the Left plays.